The Children Killers

Tried something different.


2. The Search

In my city you'd either be good or bad. It was a bit odd, but people were odd here. Some people had hobbies, and not hobbies like drawing or iceskating.

People died around here a lot, and there were always the weirdest explanations for it, but everyone knew that it was the people with the hobby of killing, who killed them. The people with these hobbies were called different things, but no one knew exactly, what they were called, and those who did, were too scared to say it out loud, because they were everywhere, and nowhere. You could never find them if you went looking for them, they would come to you. They had ears and eyes everywhere. You were never safe.

I wanted to be like them, so I began to find out ways to summon them, but most of them would involve you dying or disappearing. I didn't want any of those things. I just wanted in. It was suicide to get in contact with them, if they didn't think, that you were worthy, they'd kill you on the spot. 

I went looking for them in the places where the rumors said they'd be. I found nothing. They were invisible.

I'd walk into the forrest in the middle of the night with my black knee-length leather boots. I listened carefully to the trees, but all I could hear was the sound of my heals hitting the ground. I went to the old abandoned train station. Everything was empty. 

I knew, that if I asked around about them, they'd find me in 2mins. They killed those who asked around about them, so then they'd just be angry with me, and I'd be dead.

I had to think this through. 

I began to follow the dead bodies, they had left around the town, but then they stopped killing people. For a week there were nothing. No kills at all. Everyone were scared of who they were gonna kill next. People even got scared in school of sitting next to people who looked suspicious - also known as me. People avoided me all week, and some of my friends too. 

I was slowly giving up..

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