The Children Killers

Tried something different.


6. Fright Night

As I took the meat out of the oven, the doorbell rang.

I didn't know why exactly, I had made this meal. I never cooked, but somehow I just wanted to cook - for him. 

"Hey", I said as I opened the door. Jax hugged me, and said hey too. He had dressed up in a really nice shirt and normal jeans not those ripped jeans as he normally wore everyday.

I smiled while checking him out. I had also thrown on a nice tight black dress, and it seemed like he really liked it. I caught him checking me out several times, which I somehow found nice.

"You didn't lie, when you said, that you're good at cooking. This is amazing!", Jax said with big eyes.

"I used to cook with my mom, but we don't really do that anymore", I looked down at the food, and then up at Jax. 

"How come?", Jax asked, kindly. 

"My mom got sick, and started taking all of these drugs. Slowly she just disappeared, and this new person showed up in my mom. She's living with this healer in Spain now", I said, shocked by my sharing of private shit, which I never shared with anyone. He took my hand, and looked at me with those "I'm sorry"-eyes. I hated when people looked at me with those eyes, that was why I hated telling people stuff like that about me.

When we finished the dinner, we sat at our rooftop balcony, and just looked out at the sunset. In a moment everything just felt so perfect, and I had totally forgotten about my plan. We just sat their on the balcony in silence, when I realized. 

"How come you moved here?", I asked him, carefully.

"My dad just got us this house here. I don't really know why. Our family moves around a lot you know"

"But I thought, that you didn't talk to your dad", I asked curiously. It seemed weird, and suddenly he started to act weird and more shut down. I looked at him, changing his attitude. An awkward silence spread. 

"So do you wanna go inside? I'm starting to feel cold", I asked, trying to get him inside my room, so he could see the articles about The Killers. 

As we just had sat down on my bed, I offered to make some tea.

While I was making tea, I had put some articles about death falls, down under some of my drawings. So when he went over to see the drawings out of curiosity, laying on my desk, he'd be forced to go through them, and find the articles.

When I got up I found him looking through my drawings, and standing with the articles in his hand. I was pleased with my self and proud, that I'd actually managed to make him see them, discretely. 

After reading the articles, he suddenly got an urge to run home, so he left just like that, and I was left alone. 

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