The Children Killers

Tried something different.


7. Exploring the darkness

In three days Jax stayed away from school, and when he got back, he started carefully asking around about The Killers.

My plan was working.

All I had to do from there, was to just sit back, and see where he led me and to whom. 

I followed him around like some puppy all day in the school, and when we finished school, I followed him home - in the shadows. I felt like some stalker with no life, but I had to find them. I followed him home to his house, where I sat outside his house for five hours until he had to walk his dog. They went into the forrest, and I followed again. I was with him everywhere, but he didn't see or notice. 

A lot of men and women in dark hoodies appeared in the shadows. They slowly surrounded him, without him noticing. They were coming closer and closer, but he was too caught up in his music, until they at last cornered him. He looked up and saw them. He tried to run, but they had him, and they were like twelve people. Jax didn't stand a chance. 

It was now or never. So I just walked up to them and was like: "Hey, can I become a member of your gang?". They all looked at me at the exact same time. All of their heads just turned right over at me, and I was just standing there feeling really uncomfortable. I took a deep breathe, and looked at Jax, who was all pale. He was scared, but I wasn't. 

"Kill him", they said all at once, and pointed at Jax. I walked over towards Jax. He looked at me like I wouldn't do it. I pulled my knife out of my sleve, and looked down at the knife. Was I gonna do this? But before I could think more about it, Jax kissed me, and I had shoved the knife into his stomach. 

I watched him slowly fall to the ground, but even though I saw him laying on the ground, I felt as if I was standing without any ground beneath me. My stomach suddenly felt empty and everything was spinning around me.

I tried to remain cool or at least look like it, and The Killers looked up at me again at the same time.

"You are accepted, we will contact you", they said, and walked away.

I looked down at Jax's body, as they left. I sat down on my knees next to him, and pulled my knife out of him again. He was so beautiful, even when he was laying dead in front of me. I wanted to look into his deep blue eyes again, but they were closed. The last thing he did in his life, was to kiss me.

"I'm sorry", I said, while I wiped the blood of the knife off in his jacket. I kissed him on the cheek, and left again.


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