Journey for hope


4. chapter 4

I open my eyes and see a bright light above my head…...and bodyguards of course im not in a regular hospital a more apparently needed hospital for, “ people that are EXTREMELY gifted” seriously big bold letter for extremely probable meaning people with POWERS oh really is it that bad that you need it bolded and capitalized.  I am now trying to stand but find i can't and i see i am in a cat. Oh of course the bomb. OH my it's mom. I say “mom you're here” and she gets up quickly and starts to hug me and stroke my hair.  She says softly” How you feeling sweetie” :good i guess,considering my leg which i'm guessing is broken’ i sigh. she says “ Yes but, the kids who hurt you are arrested”. I say quietly” that's not what i'm worried about it's my powers, i want them gone” “ sorry i tried that but, they can't unless they have a cure but they can help you control it until they make a cure” She says boldly, ‘ Thanks for trying but i guess can try and control them” i say boldly but then i fall down to my pillow and hear her yell for the doctors but then nothing, just nothing. i must have completely blacked again. But all i see is blackness. so i start running and running then i see a light, a door, and a hallway with an open doorway leading to the operating room with my heart rate dropping and mom crying and sobbing, oh my gods. im pretty sure leads to death but i can't leave mom  behind so i run state for the open doorway and my eyes flutter open and i'm alive. the doctors are saying it's a miracle i'm live and tell mom that i will be fine. im sure she heard them but she does not care and neither do i we just keep on hugging .  So this is what Hope is and love and happiness feels like. I'm never letting go of any of this, eve,r I love my mom. I guess i will never know which one of the other things lead to death but i don’t care!  

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