Journey for hope


2. chapter 2

Today a new day two men walk in and go to the front desk  show their badges, say there is a very important visitor for…….. me, me, Carla. They are let in and the have me come with them but instead of going to the meeting area they take me to a large van and put me in the back and lock the doors, i fought but i did nothing against them and the bonds that had been tied around me.  They leave panick stirs in me and i don’t know what do but keep trying to escape the bonds and van but when they come back they are in no uniform. They explain politely (but unconvincingly politely)  and say they need me for some power source and i am the only one powerful enough to get the power( this does not make sense since i have no power) but then panic surges even more powerful when they say i will get my powers in an hour and they have to get to the hiding place in ten minutes. by the time they are done my nuckles, feet and hands are bleeding and they get up and strap me down to the waiting straps attached to the van's floor. unable to move i see them put a shot in my arm and i go blank.

I am now in a huge warehouse and my veins are pulsing. I see the only strange visitor i had and i also see i am strapped to a huge containment chamber and it looks like i only have five minutes before i am drained of power that wills soon show up and it also looks like this is going to kill me. I scream in terror then again i realize this is pointless one because no one can here me and two because i now know i must save myself. Okay so i now have thre-....... no tw-...... no one minute and i dont know how to use my powers. Then my mind goes blank yet again i have flash back to me on the play ground….. it looks like i am in philadelphia because i lived there when i was five and light is surging through me, no one is there but my mom, my dad and the stranger that said it was my fault and he has my mom and dad tied to a tree with me and he is flying through the air from my five year old self blasting through the air, and i have a scared but determined look about me. suddenly he is gone and it  looks like its just me and my parents with notion about what just happened. My mind goes blank again and i realize  i made us forget that moment and mad that guy disappear, i guess i'll never know who he is unless i survive this, but i don't care because i know what to do because (I remember what to do) i have defeated him before.

I open my  eyes and i make the light surge through me ten seconds before the deadline and throw this guy land myself  a block away from the police station with him in bonds and see the missing posters in town. It looks like they noticed i was missing. I also find out by getting information from this now quit frightened guy that the same thing that happened to my mom happened to my dad.  My parents are dead! no! looks like it's back to the shelter for homeless kids. But that's ok because i have HOPE that i will get a home. so i drag is quit small body to the station and explain the situation. where i was  but leaving out the parts with magic no one will know. They put him in jail and wil not have a trile except the loss trial were you explain how hert yoou are but i say i think this guy knows.So i am sent back to the shelter whith many thanks and Hope from them i wil find a family. But back at the shelter once my teacher Mrs. Weller herd i was back she immediately adopted me.

There are many things i am not sure of but i know my parents loved me and i will have a family including my new mother Mrs.Weller, This is not the end of my journey for Hope because this hope is long lasting. It turns out Mrs.Weller knows all about my powers and everything else, i’m glad  she’s my new mom.  

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