My sad love life...

This is some stuff i need to get off my chest. The is more a secret message to my ex then anything else, but i just feel like i need to say something. This might seem obsessive to some people, but i dont care. If you have any advice on getting over your first love, please feel free to comment.


1. My Love.

My Love.

I am aware that this is a waist of both yours and my time, but i feel like i need to get this off me chest. Its been a little over two months since we officialy broke up, so i have no idea why i still feel like i have to tell you this. 
This last week i have been dreaming about you. Not dreams where you appeared in the bagground, and not dreams where you dumped me either. No these dreams are alot worse then that. 
I dreamt that you where here. 
With me.
Like nothing ever happend between us.
It all felt so real. But thats not even the worst part. The worst part is those 5 or 10 seconds after i wake up. Those few seconds where i still feel.
I still think.
I still wish that those dreams where real.

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