Painted Heart (5SOS Fanfic)

"Dylan you know Calum's Heart is painted so why are you in love?". Dylan is a 19 year old boy who just moved to Sydney to fulfill his dream of tattooing why he moved to Australianyou never know but we do know is he met a boy named Calum and his friend met a boy named Ashton but there is one problem Calum and Ashton have painted hearts which means they are players but Dylan and Sam might just turn those painted hearts good (Cover Credit goes to Gabby)


1. Moving In

Dylan's POV



I was unloading the last box from the truck and I realized my friend was moving in also so it took me Atleast 6 hours to unpack and put everything in the right place and I was finishing up my bed when my friend arrived with his stuff and we got his stuff together so it took us all day to get the house situated and I have a guy I just met while moving in come over for a date so that's good



(I will mumble what Dylan and Sam's Rooms look like)

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