Two twins who do everything together get in a terrible accident. what happens when one finds out she's permanently blind. will her sister stick by her?


6. Chapter 6 Awake- Mia's pov


            I hear footsteps and look towards the door, a young man walks in holding a clipboard. "Mia?" he asks. "yep!" i say trying to sound cheery. " good to see your awake, as soon as you're ready to go you can, weve checked and nothing seems to be wrong with you, you just fainted, out of shock I'm guessing." Mmhmm, what about My...." Mya, I'm sorry to say will not able to leave for another 2 weeks," "oh" I reply looking at the floor, I don't want him to see the tears threatening to leak onto my cheeks. i look around the room trying to find something to look at so I don't have to look at the doctor. My eyes finally settle on the tv again, the man notices me staring at it and laughs a little. "So i see you're enjoying some good old dora." "Ha ha very funny" I snap at him, " the only other thing on is the news about the crash, you guys should get some better channels." "Oh, I'm sorry i didn't realize, do you need anything before I leave?" I shake my head no but just as he's about to leave I realize something, I need to see Maya, maybe i'll be able to get some rest then."umm actually i do want one thing," "oh? and what is that?" "umm, i was wondering, can I see maya?"

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