Two twins who do everything together get in a terrible accident. what happens when one finds out she's permanently blind. will her sister stick by her?


4. Chapter 4 The hospital- Mia's pov


          I awoke suddenly, the starch white cleanness and the stench of disinfectant hinting that I was in a hospital room. I looked at my arm to see an i.v attached to it. I wonder why that's there I thought. I went to lay down but stopped my head hurt like crazy and suddenly it all came back to me. The horrible incident, I wonder if Maya's OK it's all my fault. If I hadn't told her... never mind it's to painful to think about. I turn on the TV with the remote I find beside my bed with some chocolates I immediately start snacking on. I flip through the channels but on all the channels -but the really little kid ones- is the same news reporter talking about the same accident, Maya's accident, the one I caused. I start watching Dora trying to take my mind of the guilty feeling that's building up inside of me. I look up at the ceiling and though I'm not a religious person I pray, pray Maya's alright, that she's not in a coma, or worse.Then I think about mom, I hope she's alright, she's got to be really stressed, dad died in a car crash 4 years ago and she's still in the "grieving" stage as the doctors call it. I feel bad for her but she needs to suck it up. Maya and I went through the same thing, he was our dad. But in the last 3 years after being looked after by grandma who came to live with us for a year, now that she left back to her house in Florida Maya and I have acted more like an adult than mom ; well till now.

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