Two twins who do everything together get in a terrible accident. what happens when one finds out she's permanently blind. will her sister stick by her?


12. Chapter 11 Worry- Mia's pov

              A coma?????? I looked at the secretary and she nodded. I ran out of the office and out of the school as fast as I could, leaving all my stuff behind although I had my purse with me. I saw a bus coming down the road and got in. When it stopped it was right outside the hospital and so I ran to the front desk. ''Hello miss, what can I do for you?" The lady asked. ''Maya, my sister, where is she? Maya Green?'' ''She has been moved rooms because of a recent coma. She is now in room 314 A, you go in that elevator there,'' she pointed to an elevator across the lobby,''and then up to floor 2 and then take a right until you reach her room.'' ''Thank you.'' I yelled, rushing to the elevator. I was the only one in the elevator, thank god. I hated when the elevators were all squished up. I punched in 2 on the number pad thing and watched as the doors closed. Very slowly. It took about 3 minutes to go up one floor, I should of just taken the stairs. I remembered the lady's instruction band went to the right. ''Maya! Maya! Where is my sister?'' I called out, hoping someone would help me, there were just too many doors, I couldn't find 314. I looked at the door beside me. 350, hmm I must of passed it already. I turned back looking for her door. There it was! I quietly pushed it open scared of what I might see. But when I looked at Maya she only looked as if to be asleep. I walked over to her and picked up her hand. ''Maya, please wake up. I need you, mom needs you,  Carry needs you, Ethan needs you,'' I said hoping she'd wake up at the mention of her boyfriend. ''Gosh even Tyler misses you.'' I said. Her and my boyfriend didn't tend to get along that well, they were always arguing over something. The other day she'd accused him of being an ''Eye rapper'' at the party we had went to while she was drunk. Which was hilarious because He hadn't taken his eyes off me since we started dancing. So to get her back, Tyler had pushed her into the big pool in the guy whose party it was back yard. Maya didn't like that very much an the next day Tyler ended up driving to school in his newly painted hot pink car with 'Eye rapper' in giant bubble letters on the side. Courtesy of Maya of course. I had to pinch myself to keep from laughing when Ty got out of the car.

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