Two twins who do everything together get in a terrible accident. what happens when one finds out she's permanently blind. will her sister stick by her?


10. Chapter 10 Coma-Mia's pov

            It's been four days since I left the hospital and I've gone to check on Maya everyday after school but she's always sleeping. I wanted to stay with her but my mom wouldn't let me. I drag myself out of bed and into the shower to get ready for another tiring day of pitying stares. I don't need anyone's pity, it's not me who is half dead and in a hospital right now! I think angrily my eyes starting to water at the thought of losing my twin. I wipe my face quickly and get out of the shower. I go over to my bed to check the time on my phone and realize I'm late, not that anyone would care. Everyone at school talks to me as if I might crack at any moment which is really stupid because the doctors already said Maya is fine. Even my boyfriend seems to think I'm fragile. Thank God for Carry mine and Maya's BFF since kindergarten. She's the only one who is acting normal! Speak of the devil there's a knock on my door telling me she's here to drive me to school. We (Maya,Carry and I) all have our own cars but we take turns driving. Carpooling helps the environment and saves money on gas! I pull on my clothes and swipe some mascara on my eyelashes grabbing a hair tie for my ponytail on the way out of my room. I rush down stairs picking up my back pack and stuffing my mouth with pancakes at the same time. Slipping on my shoes I run out the door to Carry's Toyota handed down from her mom. I hardly have time to pull my door closed and buckle my seat belt before we're rushing down the street. ''Whoa, Carry!'' I yelled. ''The cops are gonna pull us over!'' ''Well It's not my fault you can't get ready on time!'' she yelled back. ''You love me though,'' I said. In return she put the radio on the rock and roll station and turned up as high as it'd go. And if you know me at all you'll know I HATE rock and roll music! '' Who peed in your cornflakes?'' I muttered. ''Mph,'' Carry growled,''shut up will ya?'' She then turned to look at me for the first time that morning.''You look like shit'' she declared. ''Screw you Carry,'' I whined and then looked in my side mirror. We pulled into the parking lot and I climbed out now fully aware that in fact, I did look like shit. My complexion rivaled that of a sick ghosts and you could probably buy a years worth of groceries with the bags under my eyes. And lets not even talk about my hair, apparently I forgot to dry it this morning. I stumbled through my first two classes waiting very impatiently for the bell to ring so I could have lunch. Then the intercom crackled to life ''...crrkkkk...could um..miss Mia Green please come to the...crrkkkk... office.. that would be miss Mia Green...crrkkkk'' Everyone swiveled their heads to look at me and I could feel my face growing red. i grabbed my stuff and hurried down to the office. Darn it! I thought. I'm gonna miss lunch! This better be good. I walked into the office to see the secretary hold out the phone to me. I grabbed it, ''What?!'' i said angrily, the person on the other side cleared their throat anxiously,'' this Mia Green?'' ''Yes'' I snapped. I could hear my stomach growling. ''Um... I am Calling from Steven-field hospital on behalf of Maya Green, she's your sister if I'm not mistaken?'' ''Yes'' I said again, a not of worry settling in my stomach brushing away any past feeling of hunger, now I felt as if I might puke. ''Well I'm sorry to say this but...she has fallen into a coma.''

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