Famous (Ryan Carter and TJ&Tyler Donahue Fanfiction)

Sirena is in New Jersey and she really wants to meet Ryan and TJ And Tyler from Broke Losers. She never met a celebrity before besides After Romeo. She just wants to meet people that mean a lot to her.
She than found out that they were in New Jersey and going around Garfield looking for Pokémon lol. She just wants to meet them already.

What will happen??
Will Sirena meet them or not?


3. Stuff with Tyler💞👅

Me and Tyler went to go into the kitchen to start making the batter for the cookies and since I made them before I showed Tyler how to do it and he was struggling. I hope that when we make these we have a flour fight just like a tumblr couple. So I texted Ashley and told her that Ryan's coming to pick her up to sleep over and take pictures of me styler doing s flour fight oh ether for tumblr. She just texted back heart eyes and was like ok I'm packing for how many days. I said for a week!

"Ok. Is he coming now?" She asked.

"He's on his way in 20 minutes!" I answered.

"Ok I'll pack my clothes and charged rand laptop too. I'm almost done!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Ok well Ryans almost at your house!" I said.

"Ok I'm going outside now with my mom!" She said.

"Ok bestie see u in 2 hours!" I answered.

"He's here yay! I can't wait!" Ashley said and we hung up.

"Tyler we have to wait 2 hours because Ryan went to get Ashley and she wants to get pictures of us doing our flour fight.tyler where r u?" I said.

Then I heard in our room. So I walked into our room and he shut the door. He than pushes me onto the bed and started to make out with me and I was so ready for this to happen. I was just so prepared but didn't know it was happening right now. So we have two hours.

"We have two hours right?" Tyler asked looking me up and down.

"Yes why?" I asked smiling.

"Because we are going to do this!" Tyler said. Then pulled out cards and we were gonna play bs until we were in our underwear. He's gonna lose first.

I went and he lost clothing. I won and then we started to make out. Anyways me and Tyler then got changed and we went and sat on the couch and Netflix and chilled I guess lol. I mean we only watched bobs burgers and cuddled. It was around 11 in the morning so I started to broadcast and me and Tyler just laughed as we watched the show. We love this show and we would watch it everyday if we could lol. Now we were on the broadcast until 3 in the morning. But me and Tyler passed out as we broadcasted on mine and I set my phone up so u could see us as we slept and we just fell asleep. Well I fell asleep in TYLERS arms and I was really happy about that. But RYAN and Ashley got home at like 4 in the morning and we were still up.

Next chapter for makin. Cookies.

Let's find out more!

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