Famous (Ryan Carter and TJ&Tyler Donahue Fanfiction)

Sirena is in New Jersey and she really wants to meet Ryan and TJ And Tyler from Broke Losers. She never met a celebrity before besides After Romeo. She just wants to meet people that mean a lot to her.
She than found out that they were in New Jersey and going around Garfield looking for Pokémon lol. She just wants to meet them already.

What will happen??
Will Sirena meet them or not?


2. It Happens

As Tyler had me pushed up against the fridge he whispered and I whispered back. Then he smashed his soft pink lips right into mine. He didn't care what age I was he wanted to kiss me. And I enjoyed it plus Ryan and TJ were upstairs so we were all good and TJ then was walking in and we stopped kissing and as TJ said hey guys and kept walking Tyler was grabbing my ass. It felt good but awkward cause he's my favorite.

But then so saw Ryan walk in and he said so guys what are we making and I said to the broadcast

"We're making sugar cookies! Me and Tyler. Hey Sara and Ashley if you are on hi i love you guys so much." I said.

"I love you guys too. You'll probably see me on Sirena's broadcast later to takeover questions and Skyping people." Tyler said and smiled at me.

Then Ryan said

"Ok Ashley there's Sirena what do you want to say." Ashley was on beam so.

"Sirena you got it and now you just have to go for it like I have to if I get to meet you. And they don't even know what we're talking about."

I heard Tyler and Ryan giggling and Tyler did this and him and Ryan planned it.

"Oh yeah I know I will bad hopefully it's soon................." I was caught off my Tyler kissing my lips right in front of Ashley.

"Damn Best friend get em. I love you and to be honest with you Ryan Tyler rand Sirena's heard this a lot already but y'all are couple goals I love you all. Tyler take care of my best friend if you actually dating and Ryan you better stay looking sexy asf!' Ashley said and smiled so much.

"Bye best friend love you gonna make some cookies with Tyler."

"Not yet it's to early. Lol JK love u."

"Gosh Ashley not those kind of cookies"

"Ashley that's for later!!" Tyler but his lip laugh and grabbed my ass as he smiled and exclaimed.

"Oh damn I'm gonna leave before it gets more into it lol. BYE RYAN ILYSM!!!SIRENA TEXT ME AAND SKYPE ME LATER LOVE YOU!!""

"Bye Ashley and I will with Tyler love you bye!!"

I was so happy right now.

What will Tyler do next while we make cookies?

What will happen if we get caught doing anything??

Keep reading to find out!!!

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