Famous (Ryan Carter and TJ&Tyler Donahue Fanfiction)

Sirena is in New Jersey and she really wants to meet Ryan and TJ And Tyler from Broke Losers. She never met a celebrity before besides After Romeo. She just wants to meet people that mean a lot to her.
She than found out that they were in New Jersey and going around Garfield looking for Pokémon lol. She just wants to meet them already.

What will happen??
Will Sirena meet them or not?


1. Introduction

                        My name is Sirena Brooks. I'm from New Jersey and I am a huge fan of Broke Losers on YouTube. I just need to meet them already. I just wish that I could meet them already I have loved them since the beginning. I just have to have the same reason to have them as mine besides youtube. I just don't know what to do.


But then  I got a call from somebody saying that Ryan TJ and Tyler were here in New Jersey in Pennsylvania. I had to go. so, I ran downstairs to my mom and she said ok ok sirena calm down. What do u want?

"I have to go to Pennsylvania!!"


"Ryan TJ and Tyler are there live broadcasting and I need to meet them already. Please take me."

"No just snapchat them and have them come to us and hang out and just have a BBQ and swimming party with u and some people."

"OK Fine." :(

I than ran upstairs and called Ryan and Tyler and TJ on Snapchat nobody answered me only Tyler and he called me back and asked me where. So, I told him and he said ok I'll try.


"OMG Ryan and Tyler and TJ are coming to my house right now. I'm gonna die." I said on broadcast.

I was on broadcast for so long and it was 3:30 and they were coming soon I guess. Then 5 o clock came around and I still didn't see them or here from them. So, I got on my ipad and looked at Ryan on live.me and he was in front of my house and I was freaking out. I just couldn't believe it. I had my friend hold my phone as I opened the door and ran outside and said hey Tyler. He turned around and I ran towards him and he held me under my butt as I was hoping for. I mean I was so fucking happy that I can see him right now. I just couldn't believe that I was in Tyler's arms right this moment and I got it on video on my broadcast. I just couldn't believe it. I didn't want to let go. But, then Ryan put his phone in his pocket and he hugged me as tight as possible because he loved me and he knew how much I loved him. Then I went to TJ and I hugged him and I didn't want to let go of TJ because, his hugs were amazing. I just couldn't believe that they were actually here. I couldn't go to them so they came to me.


After about 20 minutes talking outside we all went into the house. Ryan and TJ went back on broadcast and I took my phone and I sat next to Tyler since he was happy but upset because everyone was broadcasting besides him because he doesn't do it anymore. I went by him and said guys I'm going to leave because I have company here and it's BlameRyanCarter TJOnahue and (I whispered this) one of my favorite people Tyler Donahue that I'm going to make happy because he's gonna help me make my homemade sugar cookies that he wanted to try. So I'll be on soon peeps. I love you all and peace out. I then ended the broadcast.


Tyler looked at me and he was all upset so I told TJ and Ryan that they can walk around the house but don't break anything. I'm gonna go make cookies with Tyler. I grabbed Tyler's hand and we went into the kitchen. I grabbed what I needed to make the cookies. Then Tyler looked at me and when I went to the fridge he came right behind me and without anybody noticing he turned me around and he pushed me up against the fridge and said into my ear.

"I just want to kiss you already."

"I do to." I said back in his ear.

He looked at me all amazed and happy. I was happy to have him here.





What will happen???


What will Sirena and Tyler do??


Will they kiss or will they wait??


Read the next chapter to find out!!!!!!

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