Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


70. Yuki versus Earthshatter

Salthemor Yuki Batt and Taka would run though the forest. They had Stingswarm Earthshatter and Skyswiper after them. Salthemor would sigh:
"Okay we split up here. Batt go with Taka. Taka take care of Bat. Yuki follow me!" Salthemor shouted. The three other nod. They split run to each direction:
"Stingswarm go after the girl and cat. Me and Earthshatter will take care of Salthemor and the girl." Skyswiper said. The bee man nodded and ran after the others. Salthemor and Yuki would run as they had Skyswiper and Earthshatter after them:
"I need you. To take care of one of Earthshatter for me Yuki." Salthemor said. Yuki look at him:
"Is it not easier if we didn't split up?" Yuki asked. Salthemor shake his head.
"No! Take care of him. You run to the right up here and i run forward. Good luck love." Salthemor said as he ran faster and into the jungle. Yuki turn right:
"Shatter. Take care of the girl." Skyswiper said as he would speed up making his rocket legs fly faster into the jungle. Earthshatter would run after Yuki:
"Stop running girl. I won't work FOREVER!" Earthshatter said as he smashed his blade into the ground unleash a fissure towards her. Yuki would jump to the side and draw her katana:
"Fine then. Fight me shatter!" Yuki said. Earthshatter smiled:
"You face me head on. You don't know what you up against." Shatter said as he ran towards swinging his blade with all his might. Yuki would parry the blade. She could fell a shiver though her body as they blade collide. She would cough up blood:
" this?" Yuki said as she jump back. Earthshatter smiled:
"My blade makes thermostatic impacts. So when i hit you or anything it will shake like a earthquake." Earthshatter would save. Yuki eyes widen as she began to think:
"So...I can't come in contact with his blade because that will just destory me slowly?" Yuki though to herself before she took a good holding on her blade. Earthshatter would laugh:
"This is a survival game. All here fight. There no one who get spared. You will too die. As you fight one of the red sun. Even the boss of the oasis is fighting. His against you survivalist. The man named Survie." Earthshatter said. Yuki eyes widen:
"Is Survie against a boss all alone?" Yuki asked. Earthshatter smiled and nodded:
"He should already be dead by now." Earthshatter said. Yuki charge forward:
"You fiend!" Yuki shouted as she swiped her blade back and forward slashing towards Earthshatter. The man would laugh and then hit her with the flat side of the balde. All of her body would shiver even more then before as she could fell her bones crumple a bit. She would cough up bone dust and blood falling a big back. She would cough as she sat up:
"I can't...even get close." Yuki said as she look at him. Earthshatter would laugh:
"A swordswomen that can't come close to me....You not even worth my time." Earthshatter said. Yuki grab her blade:
"I can't get close...So i need to hit from it even possible?...I don't but i will find out." Yuki said as she grab her blade and lower her guard. Earthshatter would laugh at her words:
"Hit me from a a swordswomen! how will you even do it?" Earthshatter shouted with a laugh. He smashed his blade into the ground as a fissure would move towards her. She would jump up into the air and breath out slowly as she place her sword in her holder and close her eyes. Earthshatter laughed:
"You even wanna die huh. Take this!" Earthshatter said as he ran towards her preparing to slash her. She in the last moment opened her eyes and slash the air quickly with her blade. The air in front of her turn purple and shot towards Earthshatter cutting him right through his stomach. He would cough up blood and fall back:
"Dark winds....will kill you." Yuki said as she slashed again and again unleashing magic into the air to make it sharp and cut him. He would keep getting slashed. He would scream in pain and after some time would Yuki need to get some power back. Earthshatter got up and laughed:
"You will die...girl...Fell the might of my!" Earthshatter shouted as he lifted his blade up and with full force smashed it into the ground:
"World shatter!" Everything around them would break and stones would break into fissure all of the left side of the jungle would be effect by this massive destruction. Everything would break. Yuki would jump into the air and land on a branch. The tree would get destory and the two of them would get hurt by the rubble's power. Dust would fly around in the air. Yuki would sit up and look around. Earthshatter jump from the dust and swung his blade towards her. She jump to the side. The broken blade hit the stone behind Yuki and pulverized it. Yuki shot one more magical slash towards him. He would get hit and take a step back. He charge towards her. You could see the anger in his eyes as he jump up and slash her with the blade. Yuki would hard hit the ground all of her body would shake as she cough blood and bone dust up. She spit out blood for a few seconds before she got up:
"I think. I only can take one more hit." Yuki said to herself before she prepared her katana. Earthshatter would look at her:
"You so dead...No one can win over the Red sun...." Earthshatter said as he look at her:
"You underestimated us red sun...We aren't heroes nor evil....we are just players." Yuki said as she let her right foot slide a bit back and place the blade in a laying angle looking right at Earthshatter:
"No...Your dead meat!" Said Earthshatter as he charge forward. Yuki would breath slowly:
"One sword...One target...All i need...Is one second...To break...The iron will...Of this man..." Yuki said low to herself. Earthshatter grab his blade and swung it towards her. Yuki moved forward her blade began to glow. Earthshatter and Yuki blades collided. They continue forward standing back to back:
"Will breaker." Yuki said before she cough up blood. Earthshatter eyes widen as a giant purple slash would hit him over the stomach and blood shot out of his mouth. He would fall to the ground:
"Seems...Like i won." Yuki said before she sat down on a rock looking around:
"How...are the others doing?" Yuki asked herself before she lied down on the rock relaxing.

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