Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


39. Voodoo

Tojo would breath out scared. Twits would smile evil. Twist would hold up his hand:
"Before....we begin let me show you something." Twist grab one of the decks in his belt. He begin to grab some cards:
"This is the deck of life. Lets see you story." Twist would roll out some cards on the floor. There would be ten in all:
"First you came here with a guild of eight." He roll over one card showing eight kids happy:
"Then you realise your true fate." One more card would be flipped showing the eight kids scared in a shadow of a man:
"A shield was you weapon and a hammer you tool." He flip one more card showing a child pick up a hammer and shield:
"But you use you hammer as a fool." He show a card where the kid would throw the hammer away:
"You took up the shield as a sword." Show a card of him looking at the shield while the hammer land away:
"with the shield you was a lord." Show a card of the child with a mighty shield:
"But then you friend fell one by one." A picture of dead kids was on the card:
"And soon the game wasn't fun." Show a card with the child alone:
"You join a crew of many friends." Show a picture of him with Salthemor. He pick up the last card and say:
"This show how this fight will end." He crush the card in his hand:
"Lets not spoil that." Tojo eyes was widen:
"What are you?" Asked Tojo a bit scared:
"A voodoo doctor!" Said Twist as he charge at Tojo. Tojo raise his shield as Twist would move his hand as a dark metal spike would come out of his palm and try to impale Tojo. Tojo would it back. Twist would grab the metal spike and swing it at him. Tojo would keep blocking the spike:
"His to fast!" Said Tojo. Twist move with amazing speed keeping hitting the shield with the spike. Salthemor would look at Tojo. Yuki look down at Salthemor:
"His gonna win don't doubt it Salthemor." Said Yuki. Salthemor gave a small nod:
"Lets hope so." Said Salthemor cold. Twist would laugh maniacally as he swung his spike at Tojo. Tojo would keep his shield and guard up. Twist would begin to talk while swinging it:
"Do you have a problem i don't see you fight back!" When he said back he would move forward and impale Tojo shoulder. Tojo would scream and fall back. Tojo would grab to his shoulder there was bleeding. Twist move slowly forward:
"Reckless little child! You think you have a chance. But you fighting against someone you can't win against!" Said Twist as he kick the child. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"Tojo no!" Scream Lothrilla out. Tojo got up and smiled:
"Don't scream like that....Lothrilla." Said Tojo bleeding from his mouth and shoulder. He hold up his shield again. He would breath slowly. Twist would walk towards him with his metal spike pointed towards th ground:
"Useless little child. Think that you could be a hero!" Twist said as he charge forward swinging the spike once again. Tojo kept up his guard:
"Im not hero im a player!" Said Tojo and charge forward smashing the spike to the side and hit Twist so he would fall back. Salthemor look at Tojo with a tilted head:
"Lothrilla come here." Said Salthemor. Lothrilla walk to his side. She was clearly scared:
"What now chief?" She asked. Salthemor look at her:
"Use you focus skill on Tojo." Said Salthemor. She nodded slowly:
"Focus!" Lothrilla eyes widen:
"It can't be." Said Lothrilla:
"Let me guess. All of his mana hiding. Like his charging." Said Salthemor. Lothrilla nodded:
"He...Is about to." Said Lothrilla but she get interrupted by Salthemor:
"Use Hirikari." Salthemor said cold watching Tojo. Tojo would laugh:
"Got you!" Said Tojo at Twist who was lying on the ground. Twist hand would shot up and point at Tojo. A large metal spike rapidly fly out his hand and impale Tojo. Tojo would cough up blood. Twist would shot one more spike out and impale im again:
"You little bastard. Neddle puppet!" Many spikes shot out of his hand and impale Tojo:
"TOJO!" Scream Lothrilla out. Tojo would breath slowly:
"Bastard!" Said Twist as he slowly got up:
"You think you can harm me!" Said Twist evil. Tojo would fall to his knees breathing more slow:
"" Said Lothrilla slowly. Lothrilla would begin to shout:
"Don't die you bastard....Use that shield of yours...Don't die!" She shouted. Tojo would fall to the ground.

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