Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


71. Triza and Traza Versus Gluttony.

Triza Traza Trico and Traco would run through the forest. They look behind them as no one would really follow:
"This is strange sister." Said Triza:
"Truly is sister." Traza said. They grab their weapons looking at the jungle:
"Swallow!" A red line shot though the forest. They just barely dodge it as it would hit a tree and a giant bite would hit the tree taking a chunk of it. Trico and Traco eyes widen:
"What was that?" Trico and Traco said at the same time. Triza look at where it from from. Two person walked towards them. They nearly look identical. One of them just had no shirt on but have pants on and had red eyes though the long hair covering it face. Spit dripping from it mouth and it would smile. The other one would have hair covering its eyes you could not see anything on its face and it would have a shirt on and pants. They look at them:
"Now sloth...Take care of two small once. I take care of the girls." The spit full one said. The other one nodded and walked towards Trico and Traco:
"Run!" The two kids would say before running:
"Wait Trico Traco!" Triza said but it was already to late and they were gone:
"Damn those kids. Fine so this is the monster we need to fight?" Said Traza. They looked at the monster. Sloth would grab a branch and swing to the other side of the sisters and keep running. Gluttony spit would drip to the ground. Triza grab her sable and Traza her morning star. Gluttony would lick the spit away from the mouth it would stop for a second before it would start again:
"I see...two lovely...dinners ready for me." Gluttony said as he open his mouth showing his teeth. The teeth would be sharp as a sharks. Triza would not hesitate and run forward:
"Take this you freak." Triza said as she slashed out after the monster. Gluttony tooth collided with the sable and his tooth would start to spin around really fast. Sparks would start flying everywhere. Triza would jump back looking at her sable. Small scars would be over the metal. Gluttony would laugh as his tooth would stop spin around:
"You have no chance on surviving." Gluttony said with a smile:
"Eat this!" Traza said as she launch the morning star towards Gluttony. Gluttony would laugh and move to the side he would look at Traza:
"Swallow!" Gluttony said as his tongue would shot out a red beam. Traza would drop her morning star and jump to the side. The beam would hit the tree behind her taking a big bite of the tree. Traza grab her morning star and pull it to her:
"Damn you. Sister you okay!" Asked Triza. Traza nodded:
"Yes i dodge it in time sister." Traza said. The two of them would look at each other and smile before focusing on Gluttony once again. Gluttony would look at them:
"You move fast..You move quickly...You still to slow." Gluttony said as he suddenly stood in front of them his fangs would stab down into Triza as he would spin his teeth around and then throw her to the ground:
"Sister!" Traza shouted as she ran forward swinging the morning star at Gluttony. Gluttony would jump to the side as Triza would slowly get up. She would get hit by the morning star:
"Ah!" Triza shouted as she get smashed into a tree and blackout:
"Sister!" Traza shouted. Gluttony laughed as he open his mouth:
"Swallow." He said as the beam shot down towards Traza. Traza hold up her morning star and the beam would hit it. The sound of razor sharp teeth hitting metal could be heard. Sparks fly every where as Gluttony would bleed from his mouth and fall to the ground. Traza would sigh and look at him:
"I promise Taka i would not do this. But if i don't then we might lose and i won't let Triza die." Traza said as she began to twist the metal chain around her arm. The spikes of the ball would go into it again as it would begin to glow:
"Time to use my strongest attack...The enforce ball." Traza said:
"No...sister don't do it...." Triza said weakly. Gluttony charge forward and jump towards her trying to bite her. Traza swung her morning star and the moment the ball hit Gluttony a thunderclap could be heard. Gluttony teeth would break his face all destory blood flying every where. But at the same time would blood drop from Traza arm:
"Enforce ball." Gluttony would lie dead on the ground as Traza would kneel down and grab to her arm removing the chain from her arm:
"My...arm....i can't move it...its broken." Traza said as she look at her sister. Triza smiled to her:
"You got Gluttony at least.....Taka was right sister." They went into a flashback. They were in Osiris. Taka was talking to them:
"I know tomorrow that we gonna work with Salthemor and his gang. But whatever you do. Do not show our secret weapons. Triza don't use time slash...Traza no enforce ball...Trico and Traco...No air ground zero...and i won't use X10 impact smash. We must promise not to use such powerful abilitys is that understand!" They all nodded. The flashback would stop:
"He would understand. We not facing Rhinos or monsters we facing people and red sun. We can't really let them win can we sister?" Traza said. Triza nodded:
"I see sister. But please rest. All of us secret weapons hurts us but we won't die by it as long as we use it only one time at full health. You didn't have full health but you okay now." Triza said as she got up and help her sister:
"Lets see if we can find anyone else there needs help shall we sister?" Traza said. Triza nodded:
"Yes sister." 

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