Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


75. Trico and Traco versus Sloth.

Trico screamed as she ran as fast as she could:
"Traco protect me." Trico screamed. Traco would run right by her side screaming as loud as her:
"Trico protect me." Traco screamed out at the same time she screamed her talk. They would soon realise that they would not be follow. Sloth would walk slowly towards them and talk in a slow tone:
"No.....Come.....back...." Sloth said slowly. He reach out his hand towards them as he ran in slowmotion. Trico and Traco would look at the slow man "running" towards them. Trico would smile to Traco:
"This is gonna be easy his really slow." Trico said. Traco nods as they pressed their palms together and look at him:
"Ready?" Traco asked:
"Ready!" Trico answered as they push their hands forward:
"Air gust!" would they scream together and unleash a wind towards Sloth. Sloth would get hit and fall a bit back:
"We got him!" They said at the same time. Sloth slowly got up and looked at them:
"" Sloth said as he look at them relaxed. Trico and Traco smiled as they place their palm together again:
"Seems like this is gonna be a piece of cake." Trico said with a laugh:
"Yes seems so." Traco said as they look at Sloth. Sloth suddenly charge forward with inhuman speed. Trico and Traco gasp as Sloth would be up in their face. Sloth arm would become metal as she slam its hands down into them. Trico and Traco flied backwards and landed on the ground:
"Seems like we jinxed it." Trico said. Traco just nodded before he shot a small gust forward. The gust would not even push Sloth. Sloth smiled and charge slowly forward again once again. Trico would look confused and Traco would look at Trico:
"His both slow and does this work." Traco asked. Trico shrug and press her hands on his:
"Lets blow him to dust." Trico said. Traco nodded and press his hands on hers:
"Air cutter!" They scream and unleash a sharp wave of air to cut him. Sloth would move up his arm and turn them to normal. The air make a loud noise with the contact of the metal:
"Try....again....small....once..." Sloth said as he slowly walked towards them. Trico would jump unto Traco shoulder:
"Lets just use it already and finish this." Trico shouted. Traco shake his head:
"NO! Taka gave us command not to use air ground zero." Traco answered. They looked at Sloth walking towards them. Trico jump down from his shoulder:
"Fine then lets use a more powerful air magic!" Trico said and press her hand on Traco. A giant ball of pure air came in their hands:
"Gust ball!" Trico and Traco shouted as they unleash the giant ball of pure air. The ball flew up to the side of Sloth and exploded into a giant wave of slashing air. Sloth would be shot into a tree. Sloth would laugh and jump forward in a massive boost of speed. His arms would smash down into the two kids to they would hit the ground hard after that would he kick them to each of their direction. Trico would land around twenty meters away from Traco:
"Traco!" Trico shouted and began rush towards him. Traco got up too:
"Trico!" Traco shouted and began to rush towards her:
"No!" Sloth shouted his arms would become metal as he would be between them. As soon as they were about to reunite would Sloth hit them away again. Traco would look at Trico and look at sloth annoyed:
"Just let me get to her you dumb man!" Traco shouted. Trico would get up and run a circle around Sloth. Traco would do the same. Sloth would move quick forward and slam they away from each other again. Traco would fall into a tree and Trico into a rock:
"Damn it....You dumb!" Trico shouted before she press her hands together. Traco would do the same:
"Trico we haven't try this yet!" Traco shouted. Trico shrug:
"Now or never." Sloth look at them and prepare his arms:
"Lets use it now...And then air ground zero!" Trico shouted. Traco look at her:
"But Taka said..." Traco said:
"I don't care what he said now...This is life or dead. So lets do it already." Trico shouted back. Traco sigh and nodded. They unleash a gust to the ground to shot them towards each other. They grab each others hand in the air and smiled:
"Now lets do this. Air ground zero!" They shouted together. The air around Sloth would begin to empty from oxygen and they could see Sloth begin to hack and cough trying to gasp for air. He try to run out from the field of no oxygen but the field would move with him:
"Now. Force gust!" They threw a ball of air down into the field and the moment it unleash would all the pressure hit Sloth. Blood would shot out his mouth and he fell down to the ground. The two kids could hear talk nearby. They ran towards it and found Ariena and Furov with the dying Lothar at a giant hole full of gas. Lust would lie dead on the ground. The two kids would look at them:
"What are you doing!" Ariena screamed to the now dead lust:
"Someone down there!" Furov shouted and look at the two kids:
"Can you two take care of it?" Ariena asked:
"Yes we can." Trico answered:
"Gust!" Shouted Trico and Traco at the same time while they unleash a giant air force down and remove the poison from the hole. The bodies of Zanto and Survie would be uncovered:
"Survie!" Furov shouted:
"Can you two get them up?" Ariena asked. The two kids nod and unleash a wave of air shouting them up. Furov and Ariena grabbed them. Furov lied Survie down and began to pump the gas out of his lungs by pressing his stomach down. Ariena would look at Zanto:
"Who is this?" Ariena asked:
"Don't know him." Said Furov:
"Is he a player?" Trico asked:
"No he have a monster health bar." Traco answered. Survie coughed and open his eyes:
"Zan...Zanto..." Survie said low. The green hair warrior would cough a bit and then say:
"Survivalist..." Furov would sigh and sit them down:
"We should bring these three back to the village." Furov said as they began to head back. 

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