Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


4. The woods

In front of there eyes flashed a name as they got outside the village:
"Everdale woods." Salthemor read it out loud:
"Okay guys ready you weapons." Everyone draw there weapons and prepare for the worst to come. Boars start spawning. They look at the friends and charge at them. Furov charge in front and hit the boar with the metal glove. Salthemor charge into battle with all the melee users. They all battle the boars. In the background was Greyben, Mirrei and Lothrilla. Furov didn't see a boar from the side and got hide. His health bar lost five procent. Mirrei healed the five procent as Greyben used a ice spell on the boar so it could not move. Then Lothrilla hit it perfectly in the head and it vanish. Salthemor sat the hook swords into the boar throw it up into the air. As Furov slam it into the ground and Survive smash it with his mace. The boar vanished. The last boar charge over to Lothar. He slam the sword down into it:
"Woo!" Alexn backflip right unto the boar and slam his daggers into it:
"You dead duuude!" The boar vanished. The eight friends cheer over there first victory. They all got some experience and some gold. They kept going Salthemor could hear battling as he look in between the forest he could see some other players one of them stand out:
"Yukitara?" he could see Yukitara wield a katana. She was a fast fighter and kill a boar on her own but she took damage to. Salthemor smiles and continue his adventure. They walked into the woods as Lothrilla stopped them:
Guys...someone watching." The friends grab there weapons ready to fight. They look around:
"Are you sure dudette?" Said Alexn. Lothrilla nodded:
"Yes i have already twenty five points in focus. I know if people near us." Alexn smillede:
"Wow there cool dudette." Lothrilla look around. She suddenly look up:
"Above us!" The others looked up. Above them circled five giant eagles. The eagles begin to fly down fast:
"Its a Talon attack!" Shouted Salthemor out. Salthemor parried the Claw with his hook swords. He look around at his friends. Alexn laugh as he grab the claw of the eagle and began to get flied up:
"Wooo dudes and dudettes i am flying!" Salthemor place a hand on his head:
"How are you gonna come down dumass!" Alexn just released his hand of the claw:
"I just fall dude!" Salthemor rush forward and catch Alexn:
"Dumass don't do that!"  Alexn laugh:
"Relax dude." Lothrilla fired arrows at the eagle in the sky:
"Its to hard i need to use more focus but will take more time!" She scream out to the others:
"Furov Survie Lothar take left. Me Alexn and Greyben take right. Mirrei keep us alive. Lothrilla take the birds down!" Scream Salthemor out. The 6 of them would block every time a eagle flied down. Lothrilla knelled down:
"Okay." She close her left eye and focus up into the sky:
"Focus..." Lothrilla heartbeat slowed down everything began to go in slowmotion for Lothrilla. The eagle move slowly over the sky:
"Okay...3." she aimed:
"2." She took sight on a eagle:
"1." She released the Arrow
"Focus arrow!" The arrow began to glow at the same time her bow did. The arrow hit the eagle perfectly as it vanished. She continue this until all the eagle was gone. Salthemor kept the eagle at bay:
"Furov switch with me!" The two switch side as it would be more easy that way. Salthemor was a great leader. He was a strong man but he sometimes just forget he have a responsibility for the others safety as he makes the commands. The eagle was gone after a while. The eight friends breath out happy:
"No damage done. You good at this Mirrei." Said Greyben:
"Th-thanks!" She smilled happy:
"I think we call it a day. Go back buy some food and two rooms at the inn!" Said Salthemor they began to walk back.

Salthemor took a evening walk around the village:
"So this is...our life now. Trap in a video game... New member come soon or later..." A image of Salthemor sister flash in front of his eyes as he tighten his fist:
"I will be back sis." He sat down on the same bench again. He smillede at the water from the fountain:
"Whats up chief?" Greyben sat down next to Salthemor:
"Oh hey Greyben." Greyben grab his urn of water:
"You think about her huh?" Ask Greyben. Salthemor look at Greyben:
"Yes...shes so alone and who say how long we in here?" Salthemor tighten his fist a bit mad:
"Relax chief its gonna be okay." He place a hand on Salthemor shoulder:
"She still smiling where she is. Waiting for you to come with the money." Salthemor smiles:
"Yes...Thanks Greyben." Greyben stand up:
"So what do you say join me and Alexn in a drinking contest?" Ask Greyben. Salthemor sat a bit then got up:
"Sure but you two gonna lose!" The two laugh as they left. From the corner of the street would Yukitara stand. She smiled:
"Good happy." 

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