Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


16. The truth about love.

Salthemor would begin to spend a lot of time with Yuki. Every time he wasn't in the wilderness with his guild he would be with Yuki. Only a bit of his guild got hurt. Lorthar and Greyben talked about the monster and weaknesses. Furov and Survie usually did there small challenges. Mirrei and Alexn practiced healing magic together. But Lothrilla was all alone. She sat waiting for Salthemor to return. Sometimes would Greyben and Lothar use some time with her. Lothrilla felt all alone:

"Why her...why could he just not use time with us anymore." Lothrilla tighten her grib on her shirt:
"You steal him from me...from us. That day...I saw his smile. He love....but not in me." Lothrilla curl up in her bed crying a bit:
"He did so much for us. He save me and my brother...he said..he would stay and protect us." The door to the inn open:
"I am back." Lothrilla looked up and hide under her bed as she would not like Salthemor to find her crying. Salthemor could be heard walk around greeting everyone. Lothrilla lied in bed and remember back:
"Its like he forgot."


Lothrilla and Salthemor was fighting in a gun game. They were killing bandits with guns. Salthemor laugh as he move around fast:
"You dead and you. And you. And you to." Salthemor always had focus. Lothrilla laugh at Salthemor and sniped a bandit. Salthemor smiled and was really relaxed. Already back then were Lothrilla in love with Salthemor. Salthemor impaled a bandit with his gun:
"I never knew i could use a gun as a sword." He laughed. Lothrilla giggle and sniped one more:
"You so amazing girl. You have a focus there is better then mine." Lothrilla blushed.

He never knew i liked him. But i kept it a secret

They were playing the role play game again. They were killing demons again...Together. Lothrilla was smiling they had such fun times together. The more they played the more she fell for him. Salthemor was a relaxed nervous but nice guy. He always had time for his time he didn't have time was when he visited his sick sister. Lothrilla was watching Salthemor close always. Enjoy him. Salthemor look a lot like himself in all games. Salthemor in real life had the green line and brown hair. He also walked around in vest and white shirt. His cloth was the same the facial features was not the same. Lothrilla liked Salthemor a lot

Time grew...and he still didn't see me in the same way...Im so sad he don't see us as we could be...he sees us as friends for so long.

It was in the real life. Salthemor sat outside. Salthemor had a small brown beard at his chin. It only was right under his lip like a tiny goat beard. He would sit on a fence at a beach. They were on Hawaii visting Alexn. They all were inside but Lothrilla took her time to go to Salthemor. Lothrilla in the real life had black hair in one big pony tail. She had always this lipstick on this bit pinkish one. She had long nails and this black skirt on with a brown t-shirt without arms. She sat up to his head:
"You okay Salthemor?"

I wanted to tell him it that day. I wanted to be something got in the way.

Salthemor nodded with a smile:
"Yes just resting its quite hot here in Hawaii." Lothrilla gasp for air:
"Salthemor i wanted to tell you somethi..." Alexn got out from the door:
"Yeah dudes...Who wanna surf." it was evening and Alexn was not visible in the dark:
"Why not!" Salthemor got up he stop as he was about to run:
"You wanted to talk Lothrilla?" Lothrilla shake her head:
"No its fine go have fun."

Never really got the chance from there. To tell him...that i love him...I....Im to scared today and now he have Yuki. He likes her...i should be happy...but i just can't...i just can't be happy!"

Lothrilla was back in the bed. She stop thinking about the thing with Salthemor. She could hear footsteps up the room. A hand took in the knot and open the door:
"So nice to be back." Said Salthemor as he collapse in his bed:
"Oh Lothrilla?" Lothrilla hide behind her blanket:
"Oh hey...nice day with Yukitara?" Salthemor laugh:
"Yes really good day. We walk around the city just talking." Lothrilla hide more under her blanket:
"That's nice i guess." Lothrilla would sadly lie in bed crying in secret. She lied with her head down in the blanket. She suddenly felt his hand on her head it was petting her hair:
"You okay?" Lothrilla looked up showing her red liens around the eyes and the tears:
"Yes...just leave me alone." Salthemor eyes widen:
"What happen?" He would sit down and look at her concern:
" been away with that Yuki girl all week. I miss you around here." Salthemor smiles:
"Im here now come on give me a smile." Lothrilla got mad and push Salthemor down on the ground:
"This is fun to you! You such a moron Salthemor." She charge out the room. Downstairs and Salthemor could hear the door in the inn smash. Salthemor slowly got up. He sat on the ground. Greyben came into the room seeing Salthemor. The dark glance of the room would hide Salthemor eyes only Salthemor mouth showed. There was no smile but a serious look to it:
"She told you?" Ask Greyben:
"Told me what?" Answer Salthemor. Greyben would sit down and explain it all:
"Lothrilla care for you a lot she have done that for so long. but she to shy or scared to tell you. She loves you and now when you run around with Yuki she get jealous and sad." Salthemor nodded slowly he use his hook blade to get up. He began to leave the building. Lothrilla was running towards the hills at outskirts of town. She sat down sad:
"Why is he like that...even when i want to be mad at him..he made me smile." She got a flash from what happen before. She smiled at what he said but got mad still:
"His such a..." A voice behind her said calm:
"Im a what?" Salthemor walked up the hill and sat at her side:
"You to all of us." Salthemor smiled:
"Maybe or am i. Leaving you guys to yourself was not a leader duty and im sorry." Lothrilla look at him:
"I maybe sometimes forget we in a game and yes i like Yuki but trust me...i know what you do now...what you fell. Greyben told me...he think he need to know to handle this situation. Lothrilla can you remember the day you stole from me...the day in the gun the roleplay all of it...because i can. I can even remember you try to tell me in Hawaii...i realise that now...that what you wanted to say." Lothrilla was speechless:
"I remember you all. You all mean so much to me." Salthemor place a fist at his heart:
"But...i never seen you more then friends...for only playing around with Yuki...We just having fun nothing serious...but im happy to know that you like me..." Lothrilla look at him speechless:
"Did i ever tell you this? That...i got a truth about love?" She shake her head slowly:
"Love is a beautiful thing. I wish i could could get it. I feel little for Yuki but shes the only one there waken a bit felling in me. but i really care for you to." Salthemor got up and place his hand softly on her head:
"Because you all is a part of me...i need you all... and if i need to bare our burden and bring us to victory then i will. But i will not leave this world without you guys." Lothrilla was sitting on the ground shivering and crying a bit:
"I see you as the most beautiful girl i ever seen." Salthemor point his hand down to her to help her up. She accept it:
"You so smart and nice and really cute when you mad. But i can't love anyone yet." Salthemor squeeze her hand softly:
"But i know out there is there a guy who would sacrifice his hand for you..." Lothrilla smiled through the tears:
"The truth about my that i don't have any day i might...and ifs its you...then im lucky." Salthemor smiled softly. Lothrilla jump forward hugging him:
"Chief...." She cried out. Salthemor hold her close hugging back:
"Now lets go and rest shall we. You can get my bed tonight and i will watch over you sleep well." Lothrilla nodded. Later would Salthemor and the others go to bed:
"Yo dudes i Mirrei tonight so Lothar sleep in here." Lothar came in:
"If that's okay that is." Said Lothar. Salthemor smiled:
"It is just keep quite please." Answer Salthemor. He had snuggle Lothrilla into the blanket. She was sleeping soundlessly. Salthemor pet her hair softly to make her relax. Lothrilla had Salthemor arm as sleeping toy. Lothar smiled and lied down in Alexn bed. Grayden smiled to Salthemor:
"I see it went better." Salthemor nodded:
"Yes she felt to sleep for a hour ago. I promise to watch over her a bit. Can you do me a favor and change her sheets they maybe a bit feed and nasty after she cried." Grayden nodded and began. Lothrilla relax slowly in bed. She smiled as she rub her head on Salthemor arm:
"Sleep well Lothrilla. You deserve to finally rest." 

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