Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


58. The true training begin.

Salthemor open his eyes. He was lying in bed. Everything was cold like someone watch him all night. Salthemor slowly moves his eyes over the room seeing nothing but darkness. Yuki would sleep at the bed at his side. Salthemor got up. Salthemor walked outside he walked around:
"That was close." Said Lust. She look at Wrath:
"Sorry if i move to slow." Wrath would say:
"They sleep so relaxed." Lust said as she smiled with a glimt of evil. Wrath cough:
"Lets get going." Wrath said as he vanish with Lust. Salthemor walk up to the alchemy hut and knocked on the door:
"Ahh. Who is out there?" Batt shouted from bed:
"Its me!" Salthemor said. Batt open the door she looked really tired:
"Its six in the morning what do you want?" Batt asked. Salthemor eyes was focused on something:
"The true training begin today Batt." Salthemor said. Batt would rub her eyes:
"The true training?" Batt asked. Salthemor nodded:
"We gonna do so you alchemy can be used in fight." Salthemor said. Batt would slowly wake up as she heard the word alchemy:
"You want me to use alchemy in battle?" Batt asked. Salthemor nodded:
"Yes. We need to use that power you own in battle. Alchemy might be a perfect weapon." Salthemor said. Batt nodded:
"So you wake me up in two hours and lets begin." Batt said with hope:
"Nope. You coming with me now!" Salthemor said as he grab her arm and pulled her with him:
"Noo....Please let me sleep...Im so tired....Please Salthemor!" She said as she get pulled down the city. Batt would yawn as she finally would be woken up:
"Fine whats first." She asked. Salthemor threw a stone at her. She slash it over with the robe:
"What the fuck man!" Batt shouted out. Salthemor took one more stone and tossed it at her once again. She slash it in piece:
"This is first training. You need to stop use the robe. You should be fast enough to turn all the stones i toss at you to water." Salthemor said. Batt eyes widen:
"Wait what? I need to do a thing to turn things into other." Batt said. Salthemor walked up to Batt. He grab her hand and cut a mark into her hand. She screamed in pain:
" this?" She says painfully. Salthemor sigh:
"Its a mark. There now sealed a blood mark on you hand. You can use it as the rune. Now when you hand come in contact with something you can use the alchemy through it. If you strenge it you can use it in a split second. That will be your ultimate weapon." Said Salthemor. Batt eyes would widen:
"How...Do you know all this?" Batt said. Salthemor smiled:
"I read it in a alchemy guide in a book." Salthemor said. Batt eyes widen:
"So now lets try again. We done when you can do hundred without a miss." Salthemor grab one more stone. He tossed it at her. Batt would grab the stone but nothing would happen. Salthemor sigh:
"Focus!" Salthemor shouted. They kept doing this for some time. She caught it Salthemor shouted focus and tossed a new stone. Suddenly after some time she would catch it and at the moment the stone got in contact with her hand it turned to water. She smiled:
"Now that was one next rock coming right HERE!" Salthemor stomp the ground one large rock came up into the air he punch it and twenty five small rocks flew towards her. She screamed and try to catch a rock but just get overrun. Batt looked up angry:
"What was that!" Batt screamed out. Salthemor laughed:
"That was reaction training! You need to know when i throw. We not done before you can do it and move faster." Salthemor said. Batt sighed and took a battle stance:
"Ready?" Salthemor asked:
"Ready!" She shouted out. Salthemor smash one more rock up and unleash the wave of stone. Batt would catch the first three but then get overhelm once again. They would continue. From the bush would two person watch:
"This is below me. Im no mere spy!" Said Pride. Gluttony would sit on the ground:
"All those rocks make me hungry..." Gluttony said. Pride look at him:
"Can you wake up Sloth?" Pride asked. Gluttony looked at Sloth who lied behind them sleeping. Gluttony would walk a step closer to Sloth. Sloth would open one eye and look questioning at Gluttony:
"Pride says...You wake up." Sloth shrug its shoulder and fell asleep once again. Gluttony walked up to Pride once again:
"He won't...Wake up." Gluttony said. Pride gave out a small sigh:
"Fine then. Let the lazy bastard sleep. Blood drinker just told us to watch their every move." Salthemor would throw more rocks at her. Batt would try to catch them once more. Her eyes would move fast around the air so she could see all the rocks coming at her. She only merely touch the rocks as they would quickly turn to water. Her body would still be rusty and could not move fast. But her hands would only need to be close to the rocks to turn them to water. Salthemor would take a pace up. He would begin to throw wood and stone. The wood would hit her but the stones would turn to water. She would fall backwards down unto the ground:
"What the hell. WOOD!" She pick up one of the wood piece. Salthemor laughs a bit:
"Yes. You should be ready to transform everything that comes at you." Salthemor said. Batt took some time then got up:
"Why this kinda training Salthemor?" Batt asked. Salthemor tighten his fist:
"Because the Red sun have a man there can do what you do but in a split second. His name is Kitinaka and his a particle manipulator. He can transform everything to anything. So you have the biggest chance to win over him as you can kinda do the same." Salthemor answered. Batt eyes widen:
"You believe i can do it?" She asked. Salthemor nodded and smiled. Pride smiled:
"I see he use her. I think we need someone closer to them." Pride said. Pride would smile as would pull up his shirt arm. Under the shirt would there be many different rings. There would be six rings carved into his arm. All would have a different word above it. One would say hair. One would say face. One would say body. One would say arms. One would say legs and the last one would say cloth. Pride press his finger on the hair ring. His small blond hair would turn long and red. He would continue to touch all the rings. His face would change to a female face. His arms would be more slim and long. His body would turn female. His legs long and slim and his cloth into a dress with armor around it. Pride eyes would glow red as the transformation was complet. She would now speak in a female voice:
"Time to get into their ranks." Pride would walk forward and smile to Salthemor and Batt:
"Seems like we have someone who are training." Pride smiled. Salthemor look over to her and smile:
"Oh hello miss. Going out to train?" Salthemor said. Pride shake her head:
"No. I heard there was something going on here and i wanted to look at it." Gluttony would lick around his mouth:
"Good work Pride." Gluttony said as he and Sloth would vanish. Pride would smile:
"So who are you two?" Pride asked. Salthemor smiled:
"Well im Salthemor and this is Batt we just training. Who may you be?" Salthemor asked:
"Well im Prideia But people call me Pride." Salthemor raise a eyebrow:
"Prideia. Would a lovely name. Something you want since you seek us out?" Batt asked. Pride would smile and say:
"Well i just want to learn how to fight like you." Pride said. Salthemor eye was locked on the girl. Pride smiled back to Salthemor. Salthemor lower his guard and smiled:
"Well what weapon do you use?" Salthemor asked. Pride eyes widen. She didn't really think this through as he would not usually use a weapon:
"Well...I use my fist." Pride said. Salthemor smiled:
"Fine then spar with Batt." Salthemor said. Pride would shake her head:
"Please no. Im not that strong for now let me just watch the training." Said Pride. Salthemor nodded in agreement:
"True you not that skilled i take it. Fine then." Salthemor answer as he began to throw stone and wood at Batt. Batt would dodge some and turn others to water. Pride would smile and think to herself:
"So far so good. They don't know im red sun. Im one of the red sun members who can hide there mark." Pride though as she look at her shoulder. She would after training follow them home and would prepare to say goodbye to them outside Salthemor home:
"Well goodbye." Pride said. Salthemor shake his head:
"Come join me Batt Koska and my girlfriend Yuki for dinner." Salthemor said. Pride eyes widen:
"Really you don't need to..." Pride said. Salthemor smiled:
"Come on join us." Salthemor said. They would all walk inside Pride would end it all by thinking:
"Humans...So this is care?"

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