Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


66. The survival in the oasis

Salthemor and the others would have grab their weapons and be ready at the border to the north. The sabers would come walking:
"Hail Salthemor!" Shouted Taka. The friends would look over to Taka and see the cat people:
"What the! Salthemor you said we gain new allies but not new pets!" Survie shouted. Taka eyes widen:
"Who you calling pet!" Taka shouted back. Salthemor began to laugh:
"Sorry Survie. I should have told you. This is Taka Triza Traza Trico and Traco. They are the five members of the saber guild." Salthemor said. Survie nodded and look at them. Survie eyes them up and down. Taka would still be weapon less other then his claws. Triza would have two sables. Traza would have a morning star. Trico and Traco would both have a magical sign on their palms. Salthemor eyes their weapons:
"I would guess you use you claws and impact Taka?" Salthemor asked. Taka nodded:
"Yes. Triza will use her sables. Traza her morning star. Trico and Traco have some powers they use together so this is gonna be easy." Taka answered. Salthemor nodded and they head out into the forest:
"Osiris oasis." Would Survie read out as they enter the wilderness. Monster start spawning. Giant rhinos charging towards them. The friends start attacking back. The rhino swipe its horn and smash Salthemor into a tree. Suddenly could they hear something:
"Attack!" A man come flying. He had rocket skates all up his legs. But the most noticeable on him was the Red sun mark on his shoulder. He had two axes one in each hand as he actually ran though the air. Salthemor look up:
"Red sun!" Salthemor shouted as two other would come forward. One of them wield a blade. The blade would be broken into piece and be hold together by piece of lightning. The blade would be giant but he could hold it in one hand. The other one would be a man his hands would be giant bee stings and he would have bee wings. He would wear a hat and out of the back of the hat would a beehive rest down his back:
"Go Earthshatter and Stingswarm!" Said the man with the rocket all over his legs. The two men would say together:
"Yes Captain Skyswiper!" Said the two men as they would move forward. The man with the broken sword charge forward and swung it towards Taka. The blade would hit the ground and split it wide open making a giant fissure over the ground. Stingswarm would fly up into the air and bees start coming out the beehive. They shot towards Lothrilla but right before they could hit her would Tojo hold up his shield protecting her. Skyswiper would slowly just levitate in the air a bit above the heroes. He would shake his shoulder as a long cannon barrel would come out of his shoulder he would grab the grib of the barrel and shot a beam of fire towards the friends. Trico and Traco jump forward smashing their glowing palms together and pull them away from each other. In the middle of their palms would a small ball of air rest. They would throw it together forward unleashing a giant wave of air towards the frie sending it up to the skies away from everyone. The friends would look at Salthemor who finally stood up from the rhino smash:
"Split up!" They shouted and ran around in the forest. The three Red sun members would look at each other:
"Sins come forward!" Skyswiper said. The seven sins would appear:
"Help us chase them." The now ten red sun members ran into the forest now after the friends. 

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