Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


48. The sun and the moon.

Next morning would Tojo explain what he saw to Salthemor. Salthemor would nod:
"I see a red sun member in the mines." Salthemor slowly leaned back. Yuki would rest up him softly. Salthemor would move his gaze to the outside:
"A red sun member..." Salthemor said. The silent would be broken by a buzz sound. The players eyes would widen:
"no..." Salthemor said. The bell in town would ring. Salthemor would head out. A man in armor would stand at the bell:
"A Red sun attack our group...Our leader died to him." Salthemor eyes widen. The players would see Salthemor group approach the bell:
"I want revenge can anyone go out there and help us." Salthemor step forward. The players eyes would widen:
"You leader you say. Sure i help." Salthemor said:
"Show me the way." The man jump down and begin to walk. Salthemor look at Greyben:
"Use our gold to upgrade everyone armor." Salthemor toss the group gold to him:
"I will take care of this." Salthemor said. Greyben eyes widen:
"Its a red sun you need to watch out! You can't go alone." Greyben said:
"I can and i will." Salthemor said and walked away. The man would still stand at the valley. He would wear a hold white robe and have no weapon. Salthemor step up:
"A red sun member. I should fell honor." Salthemor said. The man would look at him:
"You are Salthemor aren't you. The so called leader..." The man said. His voice would be deep and a bit scary:
"Yes you must be a red sun member?" The man nodded:
"Willingly walking up to a red sun member you reckless aren't you?" Salthemor took a hold of the hookblade:
"Maybe a bit." The man charge at Salthemor. Salthemor ready himself. The man place his hand on the earth and pull up a earth spear of the ground. He would use it against the hook blades:
"What...was that?" Salthemor said his eyes widen:
"We Red sun all have our unique ability's. Powers that players can't get." Salthemor eyes widen:
"That is...unfair!"  Salthemor said:
"No its not. We secret bosses scatter around the areas to kill off players. Im Kitinaka. The particle manipulator." Said the red sun member. Salthemor eyes widen:
"Particle manipulator?!" Salthemor said. The man would smile and force Salthemor back. The man would wave his hand forward. The moister in the air turn into water and then ice spikes launching towards Salthemor. Salthemor slash them in half dodging em:
"That is so strong." Salthemor said. Kitinaka would slowly walk forward. His hands would wave around the air:
"I killed the last player so quick." Kitinaka said smiling more and more:
"He was so easy. I hope you put up a better FIGHT!" Kitinaka said as he swipe his hand over the dirt. Dirt flew in the air but turn into spikes in the air. Salthemor slash them to dust. The player who needed help stood in the bush watching the fight. Kitinaka would smile and look at Salthemor:
"You seem like a worthy fight so i won't hold back!" Kitinaka would stomp in the ground. The earth would turn to lava around Salthemor. Salthemor would jump over it and slash at Kitinaka. Kitinaka would swipe his hand in the air the moist would turn to ice and make a wall to block Salthemor blade. Salthemor eyes widen:
"Enough!" The man place his hand on Salthemor as everything went blurry. Blood flew out of Salthemor stomach as he landed on the ground. He would have like a bullet hole in his stomach. A butterfly would fly out of the hole:
"A...Butterfly?" Salthemor said:
"Yes a butterfly. I turn you skin into it." Said Kitinaka as he walked closer. Salthemor would grab to his stomach in pain. The man walk slowly up to him:
"Still felling like fighting. Salthemor?" Said Kitinaka. Kitinaka launch forward. He would launch his palm at Salthemor. Salthemor would jump up into the air. The ground under Salthemor would turn into dust. Salthemor launch his leg in front of himself and kicked Kitinaka face. Kitinaka would fly back. Salthemor would land on the dust and hold his hand on his wound:
"Damn it...It hurts." Said Salthemor looking at Kitinaka. Kitinaka would bleed a bit from his head:
"Im impressed you actually got a hit in." Said Kitinaka getting up:
"For that i will spare you from now." Kitinaka would turn around and slowly walk away:
"Wait you Red sun! I won't let you shine kill my darkness." Said Salthemor. Kitinaka turn around looking at Salthemor:
"Stand down kid. You nothing without you friends. Don't fight a fight you can't win." Said Kitinaka before he left. Salthemor would head home and get a bit healing on his wound. He would look at Mirrei. She would wear white armor with golden stribes. She would have only a book now and no staff. Her armor would shine like the light itself. Alexn would come in. He would still wear sandals but now he would have this brown leather around his legs and have a white shirt on with shorts. Metal chains in a X over his chest. His knifes hanging in them. With him was Lothar. He would wear a white armor with a red tabard over it. It would have a lion face as it mark. Salthemor would walk slowly downstairs he would look into a room where Lothrilla and Tojo would sit. Lothrilla would have two giant black pigtails as her hair now. She would wear a white tunic with red outlines. She would wear green gloves and have forsaken the dagger and sword and just settle with her bow. Tojo would still wear orange from top to toe. He would have a new shirt. A orange long shirt. It would be from his shoulders to his toes like a coat. He would have long loose Orange pants. He would wear goggles on his forehead. Salthemor would give them a smile before he continue his walk. He went downstairs. He could see the rest of them. Furov Survie and Ariena was together in the corner where they talked. Ariena still had her old cloth. Furov would have change to a small red T-shirt and pants armor by bronze and he would have bare arms with red drawings down it to his new red metal fist. Survie would wear more armor. He would only wear one shoulder pad. The other shoulder was were he rest his new two handed mace when he didn't use it. He would wear steel chest plate and normal pants. He would now have a advance tool belt with many tools. Greyben would talk with Yuki. Greyben would now wear long blue coat with a blue hat. His staff would look more magical now as it was a long metal rod with a blue crystal on top. Small orbs of ice would circle around the crystal. He would under the blue coat have a black shirt on and brown pants with normal shoes. Yuki would have her hair still loose but now wear a purple shirt with black shorts and bare legs. She would have not to heavy boots on so she could move fast. She would have a robe bind around her stomach where her sword would rest in. She would wear a metal plating around her shirt and would have shoulder pads. Salthemor would smile to them as he came walking:
"Hello everyone. Nice to see you all got new armor." Yuki smile to him run at him and hugged him:
"Don't ever be so reckless again you hear me!" She said. Salthemor smiled:
"I got a inside on what the Red sun powers could be. Now listen." Salthemor said. Everyone got together as he began to talk:
"The red sun member get unique ability's that normal player can't get. This one i fought could turn anything to anything. It was like he created stuff out of nothing sometimes. He was really strong. I now know that the red sun is to strong for us now. So we need to train a lot. So who are with me!" Salthemor asked. The others nodded and shouted:
"Yes! We are!" Salthemor smiled:
"Tojo!" Salthemor shouted. Tojo would look:
"Yes chief?" He asked:
"Reforge our weapons get the best stats out of them." Salthemor said:
"As you want sir. Come Lothrilla." Tojo and Lothrilla began to work on the weapons:
"Mirrei and Alexn train you healing skills more. Furov Survie and Ariena. You need to go shop for supplies. Greyben Lothar Yuki and me will do tactics." All nodded:
"We gonna prepare. Because those Red sun player can kill us." Salthemor said while he began to prepare his new plan.

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