Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


41. The stone leviathan

Salthemor would stay in bed for two more days because every time he would try to get up Yuki would grab him back and put him back in bed. Tojo would lie in bed and talk with Lothrilla most of the day. The others would with help of Yuki guild walk this day down to the boss and take it on. Salthemor would know of it and wish them luck before their leave:
"So i have like five minutes before Yuki know im gone from bed. So today you fourteen will fight the so called boss of the Lotus valley. They would head down. On the way fight giant snakes boars and sand sharks. Yuki team was much simple all of them would use swords but one there use healing. Alexn would fly around. Yuki group would be a bit scared of Alexn acting. He would fly around happy in the air and strike down the enemy:
"Dudette a healing here!" Mirrei would heal him and laugh:
"Go dude!" Alexn wink to her before he would strike down a stone shark. Furov Survie and Ariena would count their kills on the way down:
"Five!" Scream Furov out. Survie would jump on Furov back and launch himself forward and strike down a boar:
"Six!" Survie said. Ariena would dash between the two and claw down two at once:
"Ten!" She said with a smile. Greyben would rain ice from above killing beast there come to close to some of them. Lothar would stay close to Greyben and protect him. Yuki group would not have a chance to battle as Cross bane would react in such a fast way. They would stop in front of the portal:
"Okay listen!" Said Greyben:
"Our chief is still bed lied because of Yuki so we need to follow my orders today. I don't know what beast we gonna meet today. But we can do this we a lot of skilled players. So as long as you follower order we gonna do this!" All of them nodded:
"lets do this dude!" Said Alexn happy. Yuki group would look a bit scared and nervous they look over at Cross bane all of them smile and really prepared. All of them would walk inside. They would end the same place just without a way up the valley and no portal only the button. Everything would be silent. Greyben would walk up to the button:
"Are we ready!" Cross bane all shouted:
"Yes!" Yuki group would be a bit silent:
"Sure." One of them said. Greyben smash the button and everything turn from a normal silence to a creepy silence. The word warning would start flash in front of their eyes. They would all get a chock as out from the mountain a giant stone snake would come out hissing and smashing its head around. Furov would take the time to read the name out loud:
"The stone leviathan." The snake look at them:
"Welcome to my den!" Said the snake with a creepy voice. Greyben eyes widen as the snake would smash it head into the mountain again and move out and in the mountain. The snake was long enough to cover the hold valley. Greyben eyes widen as he would scream out:
"Two groups does with range and does with melee. We need a tank at both groups!" Survie and Lothar run to two place:
"Range at Lothar melee at Survie go go go!" Scream Greyben out. Everyone would move. The snake charge down to them and try to bite em. Lothar block the snake with his shield. Lothar had enough strenge to hold it back. The snake move back and look at them:
"You..." The snake said:
"Annoy me!" It charge forward and swallowed Lothar. Greyben eyes widen:
"NO LOTHAR!" The snake spit him out and he smash down into the ground. Yuki group would attack it all at once:
"NO wait!" Scream Greyben. The snake tail would rattle up in the mountain. It would charge at the seven of them. Scream after scream would they fall a sound could be heard every time. The buzz. All seven of them would lie completely still. The snake laughed.
"Useless!" The snake said:
"Mirrei!" Greyben scream. Mirrei would try to heal them:
" late!" She scream back. The body of the men would slowly turn to stone. The snake laugh and charge at the seven of them. Lothar jump forward and block again:
"No you don't!" Lothar said. Greyben would charge a spell:
"YOU BASTARD!" Greyben scream out:
"Everyone charge up a skill. We gonna hit this snake hard!" Greyben said mad all of them nod:
"Force break!" Furov said smashing the snake. Its shield broke down:
"Moon slash!" Alexn would hit it and unleash a wave of light dealing more damage to it:
"Frenzy!" Ariena said as she charge at it hitting it again and again faster and faster. The snake would not lose so much health:
"Its not enough!" Scream Ariena. The snake tail would swipe her back. Ariena would get healed before she lost to much health:
"Thanks Mirrei!" Ariena said looking at the stone leviathan. The snake life bar would be big and its armor amazing:
"Its like its immortal!" Furov shouted out. The leviathan would laugh loudly looking down at its enemy's. Greyben would still charge a spell:
"Pyro orb!" Greyben shouted. A orb of fire shot at the snake. The snake would take the hit and scream in pain. Its health bar drop a good amount:
"Charge on more Greyben. We distract it." Said Lothar. Greyben would charge again. Greyben would keep charging. This time he would move the orb from in front of him to above him as its size would be enormous. He would keep charging:
"Its...hard to focus..." Said Greyben as he waves his arms around the fire making it larger. The snake would slowly break through the defends and Greyben would be the last to stand. Cross bane would still be alive but just black out. Mirrei would keep healing from behind Greyben. Greyben would unleash the fire:
"Pyro orb!" The orb would be enough to one shot the boss. The snake would break into piece flying everywhere. Everything would be silent as they would leave. When they come back would Salthemor and Yuki wait at the entrance. As the seven of them walked in would only Greyben sit down. The other six to tired to think would head upstairs. Greyben looking tired himself look at Yuki:
"They dead...You might have heard the buzz." Yuki eyes widen:
"no..." Yuki said. Salthemor look at Greyben:
"Earlier we heard seven buzz but we didn't think it was you guys?" Greyben sighed:
"They were to reckless and died to the beast." Yuki would cry. Salthemor would pet her hair as she was crying:
"So they dead?" Salthemor asked:
"Yes truly. Turn into stone in front of us." Yuki would keep crying. Salthemor would sigh:
"Well...Dead is dead im really sorry Yuki." Said Greyben. Yuki would charge upstairs. Salthemor walk after her. Greyben would sit alone in the inn:
"What could i have done. Why did they charge?" Greyben remember how they just suddenly charge at it like it was safe. They all died in one bite each. Like they wanted to die. Greyben eyes widen:
"They wanted to die..." Greyben realise it now. He would tighten his fist:
"Fools. They didn't even think about Yuki. That why they look so nervous they...Agree to die." Greyben would tell Salthemor later:
"I see...How...Horrible." Salthemor said. He would get up his limbs still weak. He would walk upstairs and open the door into Yuki. Yuki room was shared with Mirrei and Lothrilla. But Mirrei was with Alexn and Lothrilla with Tojo. Yuki would lie in bed silent. Salthemor slowly walk up to her. She would look at him approach:
"Salthemor please just let me b-" More did she not say before Salthemor hug her tight. He would be silent but hug her. Her arms would hang softly:
"Salthemor?" She said softly. Salthemor hug her even tighter.:
"Shh." He would softly say to make her be silent:
"Don't...say anything." Salthemor said once again. Yuki would nod softly:
"The truth...Might hurt...But you team was broken inside and they kill them self... You need to know to stay strong because they knew you were the only of them strong enough to survive this Death Quest. So please stay strong for me..." Yuki eyes would widen at his words. But she slowly just begin to cry:
"How can i stay strong alone?" She said crying. Salthemor shake his head:
"You not alone. You one us. A cross bane. We allowed Tojo and Ariena to be a part of this group. So you welcome to." He said softly:
"We all here. Together. Group or not. But i know that you not only care for me but also the others. So stay strong. Not only for us. Not only for you. But for all. We all capture here. In this death. But we all gonna leave together. I promise." Salthemor said smiling. Yuki eyes widen at his words. Salthemor looked into her purple eyes. Salthemor demon red eyes would scare many but not Yuki. She would smile and grab his hand:
"I really care for you Salthemor." Salthemor smiled:
"I care for you to Yuki." They hugged. In the other room would Alexn and Mirrei tell Tojo and Lothrilla about what happen:
"I wish i could been there." Said Tojo. Lothrilla would sit at his side on a chair. Mirrei would be lean up Alexn who would sit in bed smiling. Lothrilla would look at Tojo. Tojo body tensen up as he would be a bit mad:
"Don't be mad Tojo. You can't move so how could you help?" Lothrilla asked him. Tojo laugh:
"I could flop like a fish and hold my shield in the mouth." Lothrilla giggle to Tojo words. Mirrei giggle to Alexn giving a small laugh:
"Would be awesome to see dude. Like you flying around the battlefield as a fish trying to protect us...But not fun as you could die dude." Alexn said:
"That snake was so big its like it could be all over the valley at the same time." Mirrei said. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"That is quite big yes." They all laughed. That night would they have lost seven more in this Death Quest. 

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