Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


12. The speech

Salthemor woke up late. The others was moaning in pain from all sides:
"Damn a headache dude." Said Alexn. Salthemor got up and walked into town. He walked downstairs. Alexn would get up he knock softly on the door to Mirrei room:
"Yo girl you in there?" Mirrei would scream softly:
"Y-yes gi-give me a m-moment!" Alexn sat down in front of her door. Greyben woke up softly:
"Morning Lothrilla. Lothrilla would look up:
"Why wake up me up nooow!" Greyben laughs:
"Headache?" Ask Greyben softly. Lothrilla nodded. Mirrei left her room and found Alexn waiting on the ground:
"Yo dudette!" Mirrei smile and grab Alexn hand as they walk downstairs. Furov and Survie woke up:
"Ha i woke up faster then you!" Said Furov:
"No you didn't!" Scream out Survie:
"Yes i did." Furov was already up meditating." Survie fall down into bed:
"Im defeated!" Lothar look up from bed:
"Are you guys gonna do that every morning?" Survie and Furov nodded. Lothar sighed and lied down again:
"Remember now Lothar that Salthemor wanted to meet us this morning." Lothar got up from bed and headed down with Furov and Survie:
"I hope its important!" Says Lothar. Greyben was dressed and ready:
"Come on Lothrilla!" Lothrilla lied in bed:
"NO!" She said childish. I want... just...give me five more minutes." Greyben grab her and push her down on the floor:
"Fine i am up!" She got dressed and they all headed down. Salthemor sat in his chair with his cup of tea. He smiled as all arrived:
"Today we gonna ring the bell of meeting in the city so all of the players near here will come and see us." Lothar tilted his head and asked:
"Why is that chief?" Salthemor smiled:
"We gonna tell them how we kill the minotaur so all can advance." Salthemor got up:
"I want you seven behind me as i talk so please come with me." The other seven got up and follow him into the main street. Salthemor got up to the bell and rang it. The bell sound loud:
"DONG DONG DONG." All players look at Salthemor and walk up to him:
"Players. Im Salthemor leader of the Cross bane group. Yesterday we did what some though was impossible. We clear the first part of the forest and kill the minotaur. We fight for the same course. To come out. Every time my group kill a boss we gonna share all info we have on it. So all can clear it and advance. Why do i do it you might ask. Well its simple. We all want to get free. So we all advance. I don't only wanna bring my group to the end of this. I wanna bring everyone and when the game restarts and the first group is out. Just remember we gonna write down on stone what the boss is and does and place it here in the main town. So all can see it. I ask you to do the same. If you clear a boss just do this simple thing so everyone can see the normal world one day. I am only a gamer like you. But i had the guts to try to sacrifice not only my own life but also those of my friends behind me. They still care for me. Im willing to sacrifice my life for all of you! So those who willing to sacrifice them self for everyone sake. Don't fear. I know we are the fifty strongest gamer groups out there. So don't let the game win. We usually win the game! We are what they call the Death quest guild and i am Salthemor Dark flash. But in the real world...Im a coward in the real world. I have a sick sister and much more just to blame myself. I know you all have a reason to be here and a bigger reason to leave. So lets not let Sitradoreh win! Lets all win this together in our groups. No one died yet and i am proud. I made friends with one other group here. But we are experts in Death quest games. So come to one of us if you need help. You might think. Maybe this player is bluffing trying to kill us. But no i am not here my proof. Salthemor open his inventory and summon the minotaur head. The head landed in front of them all. We killed it. We now have acces to next part of the forest. Three bosses live in these forest. The minotaur isen't easy you need a great healer. A good tank and some quick Damage dealers. But i know we all can do this together. This is not a game anymore. This is real life. So lets all do as we want to do. Have fun and win the game!" The crowd start to cheer happy. Salthemor friend cheered to. Salthemor looked in the crowd and saw Yuki smiling tears in her eyes. Seems like she got hope finally. Salthemor grab his hook sword hold it up into the air:
"I Salthemor here by declare war. War against Sitradoreh Bastion!" Salthemor step down from the bell and walked away. His friends walked after. Yuki came running:
"Salthemor...where you going." Salthemor look at her serious:
"Next zone!" Salthemor and his friend walked into the woods leaving Yuki speechless. They walked to the portal and walked through it this time they ended in another forest. This one was more tight and dark. The trees was cold:
"Be prepared there could be new mobs around here." Salthemor move his hand forward and said:
"Lets go!" 

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