Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


65. The Sabers

Salthemor and Yuki was on a shopping trip in Osiris. Salthemor would walk with a large bag of food and supplies. They would talk and smile but suddenly a kid came running he grabbed the bag and rush away. Salthemor look at him:
"Hey!" Salthemor shouted. Yuki look surprised:
"Go get him!" Yuki shouted. Salthemor nod and vanish from sight. The boy would quickly climb a building and jump from rooftop to rooftop:
"Seem like i lost him." The boy said right before Salthemor appear at his side. He grab the kid and stood on the building holding him:
"Hey let me go!" The kid screamed. Salthemor laughed:
"You took my stuff kiddo." Salthemor said before he reach out with his hand to get the bag. The moment he was about to do it the kid shouted:
"Trico!" A girl would come running grab the bag and keep running. Salthemor eyes widen as the boy would laugh. Salthemor rush after the girl:
"Damn it. I didn't wanna do this." Salthemor said right before he unleash his full speed and grab the girl and boy in a split second. He hold them both up both wiggled around try to get free:
"Let Trico go!" Said the boy:
"Let Traco go!" Said the girl. Salthemor now could get a good sight of them realise something. The two kids was cats. The boy and girl would have small cat ears and fangs. They also had claws and a tail. Yuki would get up to them:
"You got them?" She asked. Salthemor nodded. The boy would wiggle around and try to reach out for the girl. The two of them would seem around twelve years old. Suddenly a girl voice would be heard:
"Release them!" A girl would stand on a building in front of them. She would have green hair and was also a cat. She would smile placing her hand on the hilt of a sable. Salthemor look at her:
"Triza!" The two children shouted. The girl would smile:
"I don't want a mess so please just let them go." The green hair girl said. Salthemor look at her and slowly place down the kids but still grab his supplies:
"These kids stole from me." Salthemor said. Triza eyes widen and the kids would seem scared suddenly:
"Oh i see. Sorry for threatening you sir." Triza said. Salthemor smiled the green hair girl walk up to the two grab their ears and drag them with her. Salthemor sigh and look at it:
"Sorry for the trouble sir." Triza said before jumping down from the building with the kids. Salthemor handed the supplies to Yuki:
"I need to check something out sorry Yuki." Salthemor said. Yuki nodded and left. Salthemor walked after the three of them:
"Excuse me!" Salthemor said. Triza look at him:
"Yes?" Triza said. Salthemor look at them:
"You cats...How?" Salthemor asked. Triza laughed:
"Well in Osiris there a custom shop. You can become other races now. We choose the cat people." Triza said. Salthemor nodded and walked with them:
"So you name is Triza...The girl there name is Trico and the boys Traco?" Salthemor asked. The green hair girl nodded:
"Yes we are five in all. Oh there my sister." Triza said as she point at a purple hair girl. She was also a cat and had some kind of morning star:
"Hey Traza!" Triza shouted. Traza looked over to them and smiled:
"Oh hey" Traza said. Salthemor smiled:
"Hello names Salthemor." The moment he said his name they would look at him:
"You mean the Salthemor. The hope giver?" Triza asked. Salthemor nodded:
"Yeah that what they call me." Salthemor said. The four of them look amazed at him:
"Wow. You look like a loser." Traco said as Trico would giggle. Triza would hit them over the head and look at him:
"Sorry for that. I think we just amazed that we can meet you in person." Triza said:
"You should come meet our leader." Triza said as she motion him to follow. Salthemor nodded and walked with them. They ended up in a building when they open the door a small house would show just enough space for the five of them. A man would sit on a chair. He had paint in his face as a dragon around his eyes. He was a cat too but more sabletiger. He had two long fangs down his mouth. He had pure white fure and long claws. The dragon tattooed eye would have a eye patch. He would look at them and smile:
"Oh Triza Traza Traco and Trico....good to see you...We got guests?" The man said. Salthemor smiled and waved:
"Hello im Salthemor." Again before he could talk would the saber get up and look at him:
"I see...The so called hope giver...What the pleasure of you so called visit?" The man would say:
"Well you friends here told me you would like to see me." Salthemor said:
"Oh so they did...Well i actually want to yes. I want a duel with you." The man said. Salthemor eyes widen as he smiled:
"I see so that why. Well i will accept if you tell me your name." Salthemor said:
"Im Taka. The leader of the sabers." Taka said. Salthemor look at him and nodded:
"Then lets do it." They head outside and began their duel. The four other would look at it:
"You can do it Taka!" Traco shouted:
"Go Taka!" Shouted Trico:
"Go chief!" Shouted Triza:
"You can do it!" Shouted Traza. Taka would smile:
"I know i know." Taka said before he prepare for fight. Salthemor only grab one hookblade and took of his jacket to move more free showing the fine white shirt and vest. The duel would begin and Taka would charge forward trying to slash Salthemor with his claws. Salthemor would parry and then kick him back. Taka would growl and place himself on all four jumping forward wildly:
"Take this!" Taka shouted. But as he came closer Salthemor took the chance slide down and force his foot right up into the cats jaw. Taka flew back growling even more. The four others would keep motivating Taka. Taka would lick the blood away from his mouth and charge forward:
"I show you the true power of the saber." Taka said. Taka launch himself forward. Right before he came close to Salthemor kick would he redirect himself in the air and be at Salthemor side. Salthemor eyes widen as Taka place his hand on Salthemor head:
"Take this!" A crack sound could be heard as Saltemor hold body would shiver and then shot to the side down to the ground. Salthemor didn't even realise what happen. Taka would growl as his palm would leave a trail of smoke. Salthemor got up and without say anything:
"Nice" Salthemor would vanish and Taka would look around confused:
"Where did he go?" Taka said scared. He would then get slash from the side. Then from the other. He would kept getting slashed from all sides without he even could see Salthemor:
"Taka!" Trico shouted as Salthemor suddenly could be seen and slash his blade right through the cat. Taka would growl and fall to the ground losing the duel. Salthemor remove the blood from his eye and help Taka up:
"Thanks for the duel." Salthemor said friendly. Taka would laugh:
"You have truly the right to be called a warrior of the assault team." Taka said with a smile. The four of them was around Taka fast:
"Chief are you alright?" Triza said. Taka nodded. Salthemor smiled:
"What was that?" Salthemor asked. Taka looked confused:
"What was what?" Taka asked:
"You didn't hit me. But still it was like you hit my whole body." Salthemor said:
"Well its called Impact. Its a spell i pick up. You need to be really high in strenge to pick it up i maxed strenge and nothing else since i came here." Taka said:
"Its like this. A hold lot of force get together in my palm. I then place the force at a body part then release. The force would move though all solide. So though you hold body and then out though the ground. Dealing massive damage to you bones and body." Taka explained. Salthemor nodded:
"That sound neat." Salthemor said. Taka laughed. Yuki came running:
"I heard fighting!" Yuki shouted. Salthemor smiled to her:
"Don't worry Yuki. This is Trico Traco Triza Traza and Taka of the saber guild." Salthemor said. Yuki smiled:
"Nice to meet you. Im Yuki. Salthemor girlfriend." She said. Salthemor smiled. Taka smiled:
"Pleasure. Now then Salthemor. I want to ask a favor." Taka said. Salthemor looked at him:
"Huh whats that?" Salthemor asked:
"I want to help you and your friends at the main assault." Taka asked. Salthemor shrug:
"Okay why not." Salthemor said. Taka smiled:
"We leaving in a hour." Salthemor said as he took his leave with Yuki:
"Meet us at the border north." Salthemor said. Taka nodded and turn around.

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