Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


2. The rules

The world spawned around them. Salthemor landed on the grass softly. He took a second to fell it. Salthemor look at his friends:
"Are you all here?" He ask his friends. All of them replay yes nearly on the same second. Salthemor was high and thin boy with brown hair with a green hair line over his eye. He had pure red eyes. He had gloves without fingers in them. He had a black west outside a white shirt. He had black pants and patent leather shoes. A menu pop up in front of them asking what weapon they would like to use. Salthemor choose two hooks swords. Two thin swords witch went up into a hook spawned in front of him he grab them and put them into his belt with a smile.
Lothrilla was stretching it always take a bit of time before you get use to a virtual body. Lothrilla was a girl. She had black hair with green eyes she had a red tunic on with a black chest plate around it. She to had black pants on and brown boots. She choose a few different weapons. A bow firstly as she always did. She was the precision hunter. In all games she was the sniper of the team. She could hit a ant from thirty meters distance. She chose a dagger and a small sword to for defends.
Lothar had already chosen his weapon a two handed sword. Lothar was a bit older around the twenty one years old. He had black hair and glasses. His armor was a giant brown armor suit. Witch protect him from top to toe. You could only see his face a bit of his hair and glasses.
Greyben was always the wizard if he could. He had given himself knowledge og magic and a staff with a ruby gem on top. He had a blue clock on with a purple cape. Greyben always had gray hair and as always purple eyes. He was practicing his magic by spawning a little magic bolt in his hand.
Alexn was laughing he was the most chill and relaxed of us. He didn't wanna look cool but only have a good time. He spawned himself two daggers. He had red hair sat up into small spikes. A leather jacket, shorts and sandals on. He was always so chill he was just standing there look at his knife exited and he was laughing.
Mirrei was practicing her healing spell on a little wound she had on her finger. Mirrei was our second girl. She had long blond hair. She was always smiling. She had dark blue eyes and a long dark blue robes on. She had a staff and a book of healing. She smilled to the others before continuing her spell.
Furov had spawned himself two metal gauntlets. He had his judo uniform on and outside was it armor plated. He had even bare feet. But the most recognizable about Furov was his blue hair. He was practicing punches in the air.
Survie had long black hairs and a bag on his back.  He had a axe in his belt. He had a green T-shirt on. He had black pants with small holes here and there on and walking boots. He wielded a mace. Survive was always the one to keep them alive he was so good to survive.

The eight players was relaxing as Salthemor tighten his gloves and finally look around. There were in a french like city. It was lovely. Salthemor suddenly said:
"Map." The map open and he could see the village:
"Everdale valley. I see." He smilled:
"Okay guys lets have fun and test this game are you with me!" Shouted Salthemor. The other seven throw there hands in the air happy and shouted at the same time:
"Yes!" The eight of them was about to leave the city as they hit a invisible barrier:
"What the?" Said Furov confused:
"Whats this...a barrier?" Mirrei said while trying to push to the barrier. They look at the other groups around them they had the same problem. The sky turn dark as someone voice could begin to be heard:
"Welcome players to my game." It was Sitradoreh. The players all sat down into the grass even cross bane did:
"Its only a part of the start i think." Said Survie to the others:
"As you know i ask you to try my game today right? Well how do you like the world?" Salthemor look around happy. It was a beautiful landskab. He just wish he could explore it:
"As you know i created Everdale as the perfect game for you guys. It have all what you wanted will you do me a favor then and honor my rules?" All of the players shouted:
"Yes!" Or nearly all of them some of them was trying to make fun and shout no. Alexn was one of them:
"Good to hear my players. The rules are simple. You here started in Everdale valley. In the other end of the world is the end of the game. Get there and you win. What do you win? You freedom!" Lothrilla eyes widens:
"Wh-what?" All the players was a bit nervous now:
"The game will refuse you to log out. You need to complet it to get out but don't think you all can team up. Only the winning team gets free then the game restart and then the next team again and again." Some small screams and gasp can be heard all over the field. Salthemor eyes was widen he was shaking. Really scared:
"And about dying. If you die here in the game i am gonna kill you in real life. This is no joke players!" Salthemor scream but at the moment he did he get hit in his back head by Furov:
"Relax man!" Salthemor health bar went down a bit not much:
"The game is fair. I would not cheat you from you freedom players. But if you health bar hit zero. Its over no more life or freedom and don't think you parents or friends will find you. I ask you all to keep this a secret. So you all part of my game now. You are fifty teams from all over the globe. But the game make all speak english and understand it. So don't worry you all will understand each other. Killing other player is allow but not in safe zones. Each town is a safe zone and each field of battle have three bosses witch each team need to kill for them self. So you can't just wait for others to kill them. You can team up with a other team for a boss but would be bad as you can never trust the others and now the most important rule. rule there will keep coming more players to the world slowly. As i keep doing this trick to gamer groups. So be prepare to hear the death sound. Every time a player hit zero this sound will play." A giant buzz sound can be heard in the air:
"But most of all have fun players. Now i will leave you to my landskab. Leave you to Everdale!" The sky turn normal. Our eight heroes was sitting speechless:
"What the fuck is this!" Said Salthemor out of nothing:
"We capture in a death game." Said Lothrilla:
"What are we gonna do." Said Mirrei sad:
"You guys know what this is." Said Greyben as all look at him:
"What do we call these kinda quest. The quest there really hard and nearly hundred procent chance for our avatars to die. What do we call them!" All of the other said in fear:
"A Death Quest!" Alexn got up:
"We the group who always clear a Death Quest. So who is with me!" Six of them got up and said:
"I am!" Only Salthemor kept down:
"You guys think this is funny?" Said Salthemor and got up:
"This is real! We can die! This is no game anymore. This is survival! You guys know i am a coward. I can't fight only if i know its a game!" Lothar step forward:
"But Salthemor it is a game." Salthemor scream out in fear and anger:
"No! Its not a game. This is one quest a Death Quest! We can die. I got family i got a sister." Lothrilla began to think:
True. Salthemor care for his sister the only reason he got here was for the price. The winner of the game got a lot of money. His sister is on the hospital with a sickness. He wanted to pay for her medicine. That why he wanted to win this:
Salthemor easy now." Said Lothrilla and place a hand on his shoulder:
"We gonna save you sister and we gonna clear this game!" Salthemor sighted:
"Just give me time to think!" Salthemor begin to head into town:
"I guess that give us time to check out town and how it works." Said Survive. All of the others gave a small nod. 

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