Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


25. The rare call

They woke up. All met in the inn. Salthemor open his menu. His name was not "Salthemor (cross bane)" anymore but it was just Salthemor. He press his friend button and add all of Cross bane to his friend list. Then they all party up. Salthemor took the time to add Ariena and Yukitara to. Salthemor smiled. He look at the friends menu. You could see Health mana of friend near him and location of all friends:
"Now we a group again and today the rare monster gonna spawn somewhere in the woods i want that phone call. Anyone else wants it?" Salthemor said as all of his team mates shake their head:
"No chiefs that yours to use." Said Greyben:
"You deserve it dude." Said Alexn:
"Its yours commander." Said Lothar. Salthemor smiled:
"Thanks now lets go out and search!" Their were on the way out when Ariena came down:
"Wait!" Ari said and walk up to Salthemor:
"Please...let me join you." Salthemor look at the others. They look at Salthemor. Salthemor smiled and place his hand on the head of the girl:
"Sure..." She smiled. Salthemor open the menu and invited her to the group. She was about to press yes when Salthemor grab her arm:
"One thing first. You listen to my commands on the battlefield and you don't die... and last thing. This call we get mine to use." Ariena smiled back:
"Of course...chief." Salthemor smiled:
"Then you welcome." He released her hand. She press the button to accept the party. The other seven smile up and rush to her:
"Welcome." Said Furov:
"Claws that quite awesome." Said Lothar:
"You really look pretty." Said Mirrei:
"One more dudette Woo!" Said Alexn. Ariena would laugh at them:
"You guys really are funny." Ariena said giggling. The nine of them was about to head out when Yuki came:
"Salthemor!" Yuki ran up kissing Salthemor cheek. Salthemor smiled:
"Hey Yuki." Said Salthemor:
"Where you...nine?" Salthemor look at Ariena:
"Yeah Ariena over there joined Cross bane." Ariena wave her hand softly. Yuki smiled:
"Nice so you one more now?" Salthemor nodded:
"I didn't want Ariena to be all alone." Said Salthemor looking at Ari. Yuki smiled to Salthemor:
"So what are you nine gonna do today?" Salthemor sighed:
"We going after the rare phone call monster." Yuki nodded:
"Good luck then. Come to me when you come back." Salthemor nodded. The nine of them headed out:
"By the way Ariena what skill are going into?" Asked Furov:
"I upgrade agility and focus." She answered. Salthemor then said:
"Any skills?" She nodded:
"I got one called Frenzy! I mark a target every time i hit it i get a boost in agility and focus for four seconds." They were now inside the dark forest:
"Lothrilla use focus and try to find the monster." Lothrilla sat down:
"Focus!" Her eyes move around:
"Its over there." She pointed at some trees as a large corrupted minotaur step forward. A name flash in front of their eyes:
"Fissel the Corrupted minotaur." Salthemor said. Their charge at him attacking. After some time they got the beast down on one health bar. Salthemor charge forward:
"NATTY!" He swung his blade:
"Darkness slash." Salthemor hit the minotaur once again would the darkness travel up the beast then exploded. The minotaur fell down. The loot menu came up. Salthemor got a rare item:
" time use..." Salthemor smiled:
"I got it!" The others Cheered. Salthemor smiled to his new item. When he got back he sat down in the inn. The others would go their room. They bought a extra two man room so Lothrilla and Ariena could sleep there and if Yuki got on visit their had a spare bed. Salthemor use the item in his hand was a phone:
"Where do you wanna call?" Said the phone. Salthemor breath out:
"Tikihasi hospital." The phone begin to call a girl pick up:
"Tikihasi hospital who am i talking with." Salthemor breath out:
"Names Salth Hijikunu. I would like to speak with my little sister Natty Hijikunu." Said Salthemor The girl in the phone answered:
"Give me a moment sir." Salthemor would sit nervous:
"She have time to talk sir." Said the women and handed over the phone. A cute little voice hit Salthemor ear making him tear a bit up:
"Hello?" Said the voice. Salthemor answer:
"Hey sis..." The girl answer:
"Salth?" Salthemor answered:
"Yes its me are you." She answer:
"Im says i soon can go home...just need some medicine...but mom don't have money to it...where are been gone for so long." She said. Salthemor sob as he answer:
"Im at the video game area...the man capture us in we need to complet get out...this is our little secret okay...don't tell anyone...but when i get out...i will come to you sis." The others would sit upstairs hearing Salthemor. All of them shivering in sadness. Ariena would ask:
"Who did he deside to call?" Lothrilla look up:
"His hospilsit little nine year old sister." Ari eyes widen:
"Bro...Just come soon okay." Salthemor laugh:
"This is a phone i found in game....let me do one call...i just so much wanted to hear you voice sis." The little girl giggled:
"Are you crying?" The girl voice said:
"Yes...a bit..i just miss you." Said Salthemor. Yuki walk into the inn:
"Hey Salthemor." Yuki then saw Salthemor with the phone. Salthemor crying. Yuki realise what was going on:
"Who's that...Salthemor? Its not one of you other eight friends. I know their voice." Said the girl. Salthemor replied:
"This is Yukitara...a girl...i love." Salthemor said:
"Can i talk with her?" Ask Natty. Salthemor nodded and looked up:
"She wants to speak to you Yuki." Yuki eyes widen:
"Not only her. Put me on speaker and let me talk with everyone. But first just me and this Yuki." Said Natty. Salthemor handed the phone to Yuki. Yuki put it up to her ear:
"Hello?" Said Yuki. Natty giggle:
"You sound so nice...will you do me a favor...and watch over my bro now when i can't...i really care for him..." Natty said. Yuki smiled with tears in her eyes:
"Yes of course." Answer Yuki. Natty laughed in the phone:
"Now put me on speaker." She put the phone on speaker and let the little girl talk:
"Cross bane? Said Natty. All of them headed downstairs:
"We are here..little dudette." Said Alexn. Natty laughed:
"My bro can be a moron sometimes. So please watch over him for me...I really put my trust in you all need to come home soon...visit Japan soon so you can come visit me again. I remember when you first came visit me. We had so much fun you eight are a fun bunch...i really care for you all." The phone would make a noise. Salthemor thereafter said:
"The phone is about to go down. So...i will speak to you later." Salthemor said. The little girl in the phone would begin to cry softly:
"Bye...Salth...I will be waiting." The phone would vanish. All of them silent. Salthemor place his head on the table. Tears steaming out his eyes fast. Yuki hug him. The other eight would cry. Even Ariena:
"She...believe in us...dude." Said Alexn to Salthemor:
"She trust your life in our hands." Said Lothar:
"She believe that we can save you." Said Greyben:
"She trust our strenge." Said Survie:
"And our speed." Said Furov:
"That we can take care of each other." Said Mirrei:
"And that she misses us all." Said Lothrilla:
"Even if im new...she...was so nice." Said Ariena. One by one would they stop crying and head upstairs to leave Salthemor alone. Salthemor would sit there for hours just...crying:
"My so....brave." He said suddenly. Yuki look at him:
"She sweet...i promise her something i will do." Yuki said:
"And that's watch over you." She said. Hugging Salthemor tight. Yuki brought Salthemor to bed. She sat by his side petting his hair until he fell asleep. 

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