Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


31. The overmind

Long slimy tentacles would twist around the trees. They would start from behind them two tentacles. They would go each of their way in the ring. Their would meet each other at the big tree in front of the friends. Their would connected and become one big eye. The eye would blink and a name would flash in front of the friends eyes:
"The overmind." Read Lothar loud. The eye would look around and then focus on Salthemor:
"Welcome." A dark creepy voice would come from the forest. Salthemor would look at it:
"You can talk?" Said Salthemor:
"Yes i can Salthemor...Welcome to my arena." The voice said creepy again. The friends would grab their weapons:
"What are you?" Asked Salthemor:
"Im the overmind....The last boss of forest." Salthemor tighten he grib of his weapon and charge at the being:
"Keep to the plan guys and attack." Shouted Salthemor. All of them would rush to their place. The overmind would look at them curious:
"Seems like you all want to fight." Said the overmind. His eye began to glow as it shot out a giant beam from its eye socket. The beam would nearly hit Salthemor. He jump to the side and look at the overmind:
"Lasers!" Said Salthemor chocked. The overmind blink again:
"Yes lasers." Answer the overmind cold. The overmind eye would glow as a lot of corrupted humans would come out from the woods and attack the friends:
"Its a ambush!" Shouted Salthemor as his friend would begin to battle the humans. Lothar would block a sword of one of the humans and then stab him:
"Their to many!" Shouted Lothar. They kept coming it was not a ambush it was a overwhelming. The corrupted humans was weak but their were just to many. Salthemor would look around scared he didn't know what to do:
"All gather together at the entrance and make a chock point. Survie i need you tank again. Three tanks while the archer will shot and you other kill them. The tanks will hold them back. NOW!" The friends would do as Salthemor said. Salthemor eyes widen as he look at the eye:
"Wait don't!" Shouted Salthemor. The eye would glow up and unleash the beam again. The friends would all be hit losing twenty procent of their health and get shot out to all sides. Mirrei fast cast a mass heal spell and all was good again:
"We can't stack up and we can't scatter. Just do as the spider boss and keep on the move while fighting!" The friends would do that. It was the best solution for now. Salthemor grab his hook blade tight and charge out as the other did:
"Tojo keep close to Mirrei and keep her safe." Tojo nodded and jump back to Mirrei:
"Lothar come with me!" Lothar charge up to Salthemor. They would charge side by side up to the eye. The eye glow up and unleash a beam. Lothar would grab his shield and hold it up:
"Holy palm!" The beam would just only be hold back. Salthemor took the chance and jump up slashing the eye. The eye only had one life bar. But i was large. It was like three times a big as a normal player. The eye would lose five procent to a normal slash. Its health weak but its defensive ability was high. Salthemor jump back:
"It have like two hundred ninety five procent left. Its weak in health!" Salthemor shouted out. The other would shout out:
"Okay!" Salthemor would get attack from behind. He would fall forward. He would look up as all his friends slowly would be overwhelmed by the humans. Salthemor would be hold down by five humans. He would see his friends slowly get tackle to. They all would get brought up in front of the overmind. The eye would look at them:
"That...was fun." Salthemor eyes widen:
"Fun? How...what are not just a npc or a monster!" Said Salthemor chock:
"Took you so long huh? Well im a AI. I more complex then a simple program." Said the overmind:
"I was send here to guard this forest and to kill any intruders. But i see so much joy in your suffering. The master talk much about you Salthemor." Said the overmind with the same cold voice:
"You master...Sitradoreh!" Said Salthemor:
"Yes...My quite unique Salthemor. You brought hope here...what master when i kill you off...everyone in the city will lose hope.." Said the overmind:
"I would slowly torture you friends." Said the overmind at the same time a corrupted human would stab Lothrilla arm:
"Stop!" Shouted Salthemor:
"You don't understand do you? You have can't save them...their in my grasp now." Said the overmind:
"You just gonna join my army of slaves... Join my corrupted human army." Salthemor eyes widen he look to his left and then to his right. All of his friends would be captured:
"Salthemor don't listen to him!" Shouted Lothrilla:
"Don't lose hope! We all here together and fall together!" She said:
"Pathetic!" Said the overmind as once more the human would stab her but this time the shoulder he would leave the blade in her twisting it around making her bones crack and her health bar drop slowly. The human would finally stop as her health was on twenty procent she would cry in pain:
"Stop..." Said Salthemor weak:
"Please don't hurt them." Said Salthemor once again. His friends look at him. The overmind look at him to. There would be no hope back in Salthemor eyes:
"Please don't hurt them...if its me you after...please let them go and just kill me!" Salthemor look up. His friend eyes would widen. The tentacles on the tree would break off as the eye would slowly move forward up close to Salthemor:
"So this is it...The emotion of fear...Interesting...Or is it care...You care for them and fear for their you will sacrifice yourself?" Salthemor nodded slowly to the overmind voice:
"Fine...I will only torture them!" All of his friend would break out in pain at the same time as they get stabbed. Salthemor look back and forward between them. Pain in their hope was left. Salthemor just close his eyes and all turn silent.

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