Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


55. The nightmare.

Salthemor would slash him again and again. Toya would scream in pain and fall back:
"impossible. You body! Its not broken anymore!" Shouted Toya as he levitated up. Salthemor would whip some blood away from his nose:
"You can see its fully fixed!" Salthemor shouted back. Yuki would look at the lifeless body of Salthemor:
"What happen if this new body of his get unstable or killed?" Yuki asked. Batt tighten her fist:
"That what i was worried about. If Salthemor die the soul will die. But if the body get unstable Salthemor soul would land on the ground. If i don't get it before Toya. Then he will be able to use the soul as he want to. So as soon as i fell the seal break on Salthemor i need to transfer his soul back into the body. But if i act to quick or he die. Then its not possible and he will die." Batt explained:
"Human soul transfer alchemy is really risky. Im not sure if i can act that fast. Lets just hope i sense the body unstable powers quick." Batt said tighten her fist:
"One more thing. If Salthemor struggle the body with to much power the body will just get easier unstable." Batt explained. Yuki eyes widen:
"So you say..." Yuki would said scared but get interrupted by Batt:
"There like only twenty procent chance Salthemor survives this." Batt said cold. Yuki eyes widen scared. Salthemor would breath out:
"I can already fell the body refuse me. Its like its getting unstable." Salthemor said low. Toya would smile with a creepy smile:
"You girlfriend was truly weak. But she still hold her ground." Toya said. Salthemor move up to him at the blink of an eye and slash him:
"Don't speak about her in front of me..." Salthemor said he tighten the grib of his hook blade. Toya would levitate up again:
"Seems like you angry Salthemor!" Said Toya. Salthemor would smile:
"No not at all." Salthemor said. Toya eyes would widen:
"Wh-what?" Toya said as Salthemor suddenly was only a nose tip away from him:
"Im furious!" Salthemor said as he smash his foot down into the head of the man. The man body was force into the ground. As Salthemor would jump off his head:
"Im tired of this Toya! Im gonna end this today. Im gonna prove you Red sun are killer able!" Salthemor said. Toya would laugh and get up:
"Time for this!" Toya said as he scream out:
"Hirikari! hundred procent!" Toya screamed out. The coffin would break. Out of it would a giant slime of darkness rest. It would fly over and into Toya. All of Toya bandage would break. His pants still on he would lick his cheek the darkness drip from his tongue. Toya eyes now all dark his back would be filled of pipes of darkness. His legs too. His fingers was now claws only. Toya would smile:
"This is nightmare!" Toya said. Salthemor left eye widen. The right stay quite calm:
"That is quite scary." Salthemor said. Toya would smile with a evil look:
"I can show you nightmare!" Toya said he open his mouth and puked out pure darkness. Salthemor watch. Everything would be silent as the darkness slowly disappeared. Salthemor eyes widen:
"Why?" A little girl voice would say. Salthemor eyes would shiver as out from this darkness would his little sister stand:
"Why leave me all alone brother...You left me." She said. Toya would look at her:
"You worst nightmare is a little girl?" Toya said questioning. He would look at Salthemor and smile:
"Seems like it caught you." Said Toya. Salthemor would fall to his knees:
"Why did you leave? Why brother." Natty would say. Salthemor would break into tears:
"You bastard." Said Salthemor:
"To use my own sister against me." Said Salthemor. Salthemor would tighten his grib of the hook blade as he would look up at the gravedigger:
"You. You use a little girl to fight a man. That's quite pathetic." Salthemor said. Toya would look at the girl:
"This is you sister? Aren't it. You fear that she blame you for something." Toya said:
"But i don't know what you scared to be blamed for."  Toya finished. Salthemor would shiver in fear:
"Natty." Salthemor said low as he watch his little sister repeat the words:
"Why Salthemor? Why did you do it? Why?" Natty would say. Salthemor would grab his blade. He would get up:
"ENOUGH!" Salthemor shouted he would move with quick speed and in a glimt of a eye he would cut the head off his little sister:
"What?" Toya said scared:
"You own sister." Toya said. Salthemor stomp Toya down:
"That was not my sister." Salthemor said. Toya eyes look at him:
"Did i get the wrong body?" Toya asked. Salthemor shake his head:
"No...It was her. But my sister smiles when she sees me." Salthemor said as he would stab the blade down into Toya. Toya would scream in pain:
"I want answers." Salthemor said as he sat down at the side of Toya. Toya would look at him:
"What?" Toya asked:
"Who are you. How many. How do you order work!?" Salthemor asked. Toya gave out a sigh:
"Why should i tell you?" Toya asked. Salthemor smiled:
"I could leave you here and then when you leader find you. You not worth to them anymore and you will die." Salthemor said. Toya eyes widen then he sighed:
"Fine. We actually not game developers but high psychopathic mass murders from the real world. All fifty of us. We came into this game to hunt players. We are in all fifty one. There twenty underlings. Fifteen Lieutenants. Ten Captains. Five Generals and our leader the emperor." Toya said. A voice came from the trees. A cold and deep voice:
"Not fun if you tell the kid all our secrets Toya." Toya eyes widen:
"General blood drinker." A man smiled in the shadows of the trees:
"Well." The body of Toya would explode. Salthemor eyes widen:
"We didn't need him anymore."  Said blood drinker. Blood drinker open his eye showing a rune inside his eye it was glowing red:
"Die." He said as Salthemor would explode. Salthemor woke up in bed. He look around:
"Wh-what?" Salthemor said. He looked at Batt who just got the time to use the rune to get Salthemor soul back:
"That was close. We could see the darkness vanish from the forest and i though the battle was done. But the moment i transferred you soul to you body again the other body died. Salthemor could fell the pain from all of his wounds:
"That man..." Salthemor said. He remember the rune in his eyes. There was no eye pupil but only a red death rune. He had seen the rune before. Salthemor lied down and relaxed. He breath out relaxed. He would close his eyes slowly and relax. Blood drinker would look at the bloody he had made:
"Seems like there a lot to clean up. Underlings take care of it." Seven voice agreed said:
"Yes!" And seven figure step forward. One would be really thin. Spit would drip from his mouth as his eyes would shiver. One of them would laugh and look around. His hands was made of gold. One of them would wear a dark armor with nine blades on his back he would slowly begin to clean up. One of them would talk while doing it:
"Why did he get to kill him?!" Said the girl:
"I don't know love." Said a other girl who was slowly cleaning up. One of them already lied down and fallen asleep. The last one would begin to clean upa and say:
"This is sooo beneath me." He said while begin to clean up the blood. Blood drinker would smiling as he headed for Lotus. 

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