Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


46. The New army

Salthemor would relax with his tea. He would be the only one up. It would be early he would keep looking out the window:
"First and formost how do we get there in time." Salthemor softly said. He would look forward to his tea:
"We have one hour to pass so many monsters. Giant crystal boars. Crystals sharks and crystal worms." Salthemor sighed. He would tap the table softly. He would slowly get up from the chair and walk over grabbing some food and walk back. He would eat some meat softly. His attention was turned to the stairs as someone came walking downstairs. Tojo would walk down and see Salthemor with a smile:
"Oh morning chief." Salthemor smiled back and give a small wave from his hand. Tojo would grab something to drink:
"I now know how hard you body get to use when you use Hirikari." Tojo said. Salthemor laugh under his breath. Tojo would sit down to him:
"I heard of the mine. A one hour vision buff huh?" He said. Salthemor nodded once again:
"One hour. But i think the buff attract the monsters." Salthemor answered:
"Then there is two things we can do chief." Tojo said. Salthemor would look up:
"And that is?" Salthemor asked:
"First we could fight the monsters enough times to know they pattern and kill those we need to kill to past faster before the times up or..." Tojo hesitate. Salthemor raise a eyebrow:
"Only few of us take the buff so those with the buff hold back the monsters and the others would be guided by those with the buff to the portal. If not everyone have the buff we not attract so many monsters and if time runs out the others would take their buff to see and guide those who just used it." Tojo explained. Salthemor would widen one of his eyes:
"Interesting idea. But one flaw. We don't know if the boss have the same no vision range as the mine." Salthemor said:
"Its either that or the pattern." Tojo said. Salthemor gave a nod:
"I must think about it and maybe talk with the other about it. Its really risky." Salthemor said as he got up from his chair and walk out for a walk. One by one would people wake up. Tojo took the time to explain his part of the plan to Greyben. Greyben seem to understand the risk but still think it was a good plan. Yuki would wake up last:
"Morning everyone. How are you all?" They all would smile:
"I think we all good we just try to figure out what plan to use in our next assault on the mine." Greyben answered. Yuki would take a hold of her blade:
"Tell me what plans we thinking about." Tojo would take the time to explain it once more. Yuki would nod:
"That would be a really good plan. What do Salthemor think about it?" She ask. Tojo would tilt his head:
"I don't know he left some time ago."  Salthemor rush into the building. His eyes widen:
"Bad news. Look at you inventory!" The friend would check it but nothing:
"There is nothing Salthemor." Said Furov. Salthemor open his inventory:
"I found this in my inventory right before i got here and i listen to it." Said Salthemor as he open it and a machine would land in front of them. Salthemor would press the button and the already hated voice of Sitradoreh would sound:
"Hello players. There something new coming to the game. I send in my own game developers to the world. They all will be seen with a mark on their shoulder. This mark." The machine would make a holographic picture of a red sun:
"They will hunt down players now. You can fight back if you want but these people are strong. They can't hunt you in towns. But in the wilderness will they. So be on watch. They will be known as Red sun. They super soldiers. You might ask why? Well this project was to see how gamers would react.....Never mind just have fun in there and watch out for the symbol. The first fifty red sun have already been send in. So be careful. Now have fun." The machine would stop. All of the colour was vanish from the friends faces:
"Red...sun?" Mirrei said softly shivering. Alexn would place his arm around her. Salthemor would nod:
"Means that i got one must mean guild leaders only get it and maybe solo players. But its important that we more careful now as these red sun might not be just a joke." Salthemor said softly:
"That means we settle now. We do the risky plan. So we faster can get out of here." Salthemor said. The friends would nod:
"So lets go!" The friends would run out. When they came to the border could they see many players rush out to train. They would head for the mine and when they got there would hear fighting. In front of the portal to the mine would the necromancer fight one of the sharks. Salthemor would watch him:
"So that is him?" Salthemor asked. Greyben would nod. The necromancer would kill the shark by sending the bones around his arm forward impaling it. The shark would vanish and the necromancer would level up:
"A so called solo player. One of these who don't join groups and fight alone to get the most exp." Said Salthemor as he walked towards the necromancer:
"The so called Dark flash Salthemor. The man there brought hope to these towns." Answer the man:
"The bone caller Xelsior. Was that not the name you gave to my friend?" Salthemor asked. Xelsior nodded:
"Yes why do you ask?" He asked:
"Just curious. You seen the new to?" Salthemor asked. Xelsior gave a nod:
"Red sun." Answer Xelsior softly. Xelsior would wear a dark coat the white bone would be twisted around his arm. The kama would be ready in his belt. He would have one red eye and one purple eye and have black hair with white stribes. His shirt under the coat would be purple and his pants just normal black pants. Salthemor would walk up:
"As a solo player do you still think you can kill the red sun?" Asked Salthemor. The necromancer would just shrug on his shoulders:
"I don't know. I might find out one day." Xelsior says. He would turn around and head towards the village:
"Bone caller. Stay safe." Salthemor said. Xelsior nod and vanish into the rocky hills. Salthemor and his friend prepared and headed inside. 

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