Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


44. The mine

It was early morning. All of the friends woke up. Salthemor and the others would eat breakfest. Someone would knock on the door to Tojo room:
"Come in." Said Tojo. Lothrilla would open the door and come walking with the plate but then see Tojo standing:
"Tojo?" Lothrilla place the plate looking at him. Tojo would smile to her as he would take his orange shirt on:
"Hello Lothrilla. I can finally move again." Lothrilla smiled to him:
"Maybe you should rest in bed one more day? To be sure you okay." Lothrilla would softly say. Tojo would shake on his head:
"No i think im fine." Salthemor open the door:
"You gonna stay here today Tojo with Lothrilla." Tojo look at Salthemor:
"Why? I fell better!" Tojo said. Salthemor shake his head:
"Rest one more night like i did or you might over use you hurt bones." Salthemor said leaving. Tojo would lie back in bed:
"Fine!" Lothrilla would sit down with him:
"Im gonna keep him company!" Lothrilla shouted:
"Okay!" Shouted Salthemor back from downstairs. The friend would begin there travel. Salthemor would finally go with them on a mission again:
"Finally. Time to see whats past the stone leviathan." Salthemor said and walked. Ariena, Furov and Survie would already run in front killing things shouting numbers here and there. Yuki would walk slowly still looking sad. Salthemor would rush at her he would pick her up:
"Wow?!" Salthemor would place her on his shoulders and walk with her sitting there:
"There you go!" Salthemor said. Yuki look down at him smiling. Lothar and Greyben would walk and talk with each other. Mirrei and Alexn would talk about medicine and healing spells. They would pass though the portal into the next area. It would be completely dark. A new item would appear in there bag:
"Torch." Salthemor read out loud. Salthemor press the button and summon the torch he would get a effect on him and he would begin to see. They were in a cave. No not a cave a mine. The light effect would only work from one hour:
"This wilderness have a timer. We need to be out of here in one hour or we will not be able to see...This might be a problem as we don't know if the boss share the same effect. So don't hesitate out and train!" The guys rush out. They walk through the cave. Crystal land sharks come smashing though the earth attacking. The guys quickly fight back:
"Crystal land sharks!" Shouted Lothar as he block one of them with his shield. Furov Ariena and Survie charge at one:
"Kill it!" They smash it at the same time killing it. Right under them the earth would rumble. A giant crystal worm came up smashing them to the side:
"Mirrei healing eight 'o clock!" Salthemor shouted. Mirrei threw three heal balls and hit Ariena Furov and Survie. Alexn charge forward and jump up to the worm head. He would stab it and slide down it dealing massive damage per second. Killing it fast. The sharks keep coming. Yuki would slash one. One of them would jump up from the ground and nearly bite her:
"Dark flash!" The shark split in two as right in front of Yuki would Salthemor stand. Greyben would wave his arms around:
"Fire storm!" Fire fell from the sky hitting the sharks. A worm would appear at Greyben side. His eyes widen right before it would attack. But right before he could get hit would Lothar shield be between them. Salthemor would slash a shark down and look around. So many sharks would come from all sides:
"Impossible." Salthemor said softly. A sound would come from behind him. He would turn around. Yuki would have killed a shark there was gonna attack him:
"Watch out next time okay?" She says softly. Salthemor nod and  dash out again. Ariena laughs as she dash fastly around:
"As a true dragon. I can fly!" Ariena would begin to run on the walls. The shark would follow her up on the wall. Furov and Survie eyes widen as they saw her:
"Dragon breath!" She shouted and turn around. Pure fire shot out of her claws in a cone burning all the sharks down. She turn around again and continue to run on the wall:
"Watch out!" Survie shouted and smash a shark right behind Furov:
"Oh thanks." Furov answer and began to run again. Furov look at his fist:
"Ariena!" Furov shouted. Ariena stop laughing and look down to him:
"What now?" She asked:
"I won't let you beat me in strenge!" Furov said. His fist start to glow:
"LIMIT BREAK!" Furov shouted shouting his fist in front of him unleash a force of wind and power to hit the sharks. Ariena eyes widen:
"Wow! Furov that was amazing!" She shouted. Greyben would throw ice spikes at some of the sharks while Lothar would keep them away from him. Alexn would jump into the air:
"Woo!" He shouted as he would spin around:
"Moon walking!" Alexn would place his foot on the ceiling and stay stuck. He would be upside down. He began to wave his arms:
"Moonstrike!" Alexn shouted. Giant beams of light shot down from the ceiling hitting the sharks. Mirrei eyes would widen. Between all the light and screams of pain would Alexn stand. The glow would hit him perfectly so his red hair would shine in the cave. Mirrei would smile and then keep her healing up. The shark would keep coming and the torch effect would slowly fade:
"We need to run now!" Salthemor shouted. All of the friends would begin to run. they were close to the portal when a giant crystal tusked boar appear in front of them. The friend would stop. The timer would say two minutes. They could not run past it. Salthemor grab his hook blades:
"Yuki with me!" Yuki ran after him:
"We gonna do it...The thing we talked about!" Yuki nodded. Salthemor dash forward and place shoulder to shoulder with Yuki. They charge forward both their blades began to glow:
"Deadly Flash!" Both of them shouted they both travel with amazing speed slash the boar after a second would it vanish. The friend would run back. They would rest at the inn and talk:
"What was that?" asked Greyben and looked at Salthemor and Yuki:
"It was a combo skill." Salthemor answer sipping thereafter from his tea:
"Combo skill?" Greyben asked:
"We though about this. Skills are really strong and powerful. But what happen if you combine skills. We talk about it for some days when i could not move and realise it possible. We talked about how to do it and just now we tried it out." Salthemor explain. The friends would look around at each other:
"But be careful not every ability can combo. So please be aware." Salthemor said. The others would nod. One after one would people go to bed. Salthemor would sit alone in the inn:
"How...Can we beat that timer?" Salthemor asked himself before going upstairs to bed. 

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