Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


81. The meeting

On a hill out in no where would a black castle lie. The castle would have a burning red sun above it and it would shine all over the hills. In one of its dark corridors would someone walk. Blood drinker would walk in the hall as he smiled:
"The boy grow more and more strong." Blood drinker said to himself as he open a door. Inside the room would twelve human stand. In the end was a throne turn around so the one sitting in it was no visible:
"finally. We have been waiting for you blood drinker." The man in the throne said. Blood drinker shrug and walked up to the others:
"Yeah yeah...I had some business to do." Blood drinker said as he walked up to the side of a women:
"Now lets begin. General prisoner and you two Captains. Ice breaker and Molten core. Are you here?" The man in the throne said. A man stood in front of two others. The man in front would have chains around his arms and prison balls around his legs. He would have no shirt on and have a metal plate over his mouth his eyes bright red:
"Yes we are here Sire." Said the man with the chains around his arms. The two other behind him would be a girl in a light blue dress from top to toe and ice as fingers. The other be a man big and strong man with gauntlets on. He would have shoulder pads on his shoulders were lava would flow through:
"Next in line. General Particle manipulator and his two Captains. Gorewing and Skyswiper?" Said the man in the throne. Kitinaka would step forward and talk:
"Gorewing is here but Skyswiper died in the battle with Salthemor." Said Kitinaka. The man behind him would be a man bat. His giant black wings would loom with a void power:
"I see. Skyswiper failed. Then we must find a other way to stop Salthemor." The man in the throne said with a creepy hase voice:
"Next in line. General Mistblade and your Captains Prowler and Voidreaver." Said the man on the throne. A man in a robe with a green line twisting all the way down the white rope. He would have a long sword on his back and have green hair and a green eye the other eye would be cover with a eye patch:
"Yes we are here. Sire." Said the man with the green hair. The two behind him was a boy and girl. The boy was cower in leather and fur from different animals and have two primal knives at his side. He would wear a beast skull as his helm. The other would be a girl with two purple blades at her side and one purple glove on:
"Next in line. General Hardscale and your two captains. Seabringer and Poisonmaker." Said the man on the throne. A man with blue skin and long fangs would stand in front of two people. The man would have large scales down his arms and claws. He would have a tail and his legs would seem to have scales to as small spikes peak out of his pants down his legs:
"Yessss we are here Ssssire." Said Hardscale. The two behind him was both boys. The one to the left was a man with green pants and bare stomach. he would have rings all up his arms and a trident on his back. The other one would be a man in a coat. Purple bombs all down his coat. He would have his hands inside the sleeves:
"And lastly. The man who are always late. General blood drinker with his captains Gravedigger and Spikelancer." Blood drinker sigh:
"Yeah yeah. Gravedigger is dead. So yeah i only got Spikelancer now." Said blood drinker with a smile. Spikelancer was a girl she would have long spikes as hair and would be cover in spikes all over her arms:
"Okay we all here good. As you know im Emperor Red sun." Said the man in the throne before he turned the throne around. The man would be a young man with long red hair with white lines in it. His eyes would be red sun marks and his chest would be bare with a red sun tattoo on it. His arms cover in the same tattoos. His pants would be red with white lines and he would have a creepy smile:
"We all gather here today as the threat of Salthemor and his company befriended a boss. We even send Captain Skyswiper and his two lieutenants with the sins to kill them and his friends. They all failed. In the start were we fifty one members now we down to thirty nine. We can't let this continue. I now set one of you to go after them. A captain." Said Red sun and looked at his men:
"Now all of you tell me why i should chose you." Said the emperor:
"Soooo it can't be usss for now. Asss the next zone is warm and my powersss are quite ussslesss in sssuch terrain." Hardscale said with anger. The emperor nodded:
"I can't either as it needs to be both cold and warm in my terrain." Said Mistblade. Red sun nodded once again:
"I do it." Said Prisoner and got up from his chair. Ice breaker and molten cote follow him:
"I haven't allow it yet prisoner!" Said Red sun but already to late as the three of them was gone:
"Damn them. We gonna lose more men now. In all we are fifty one. twenty underlings. Fifteen lieutenants. Ten captains. Five Generals and one emperor. There five groups in all with in all six in every group. In all. One general. two captains and three lieutenants. The underlings is the use of all. We already lost three lieutenants. Who are The Igniter. The Earthshatter and the Stingswarm." Said the Red sun as he looked at the others:
"We must all now fight okay. Go out there hunt players and bring me the head of Salthemor." Said the Emperor before he turned around in his chair and looked away once again.

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