Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


79. The Lie

Salthemor would open his eyes slowly. He were in his tavern in Lotus. He would sit up. His body would not be unstable from the Hirikari. He even doubted that it had happen. He stood up and grab his hat placing it on his head. He walked towards the door and grab the door knot. He open it slowly. He stood in the door for a second listening. Suddenly he could hear his friends voices. He sigh out. He smiled at the moment he heard his friends voices. He looked back in the room and saw Yuki Lothar Tojo and Taka lie in the bed not awake. Salthemor smiled at their safety and walked downstairs:
"Morning." Salthemor said weakly all looked at him surprised:
"You can walk?" Lothrilla asked really surprised. Salthemor nodded as he sat down and order a cup of tea from the inn. Everyone looked at him:
"Somethings wrong?" Salthemor asked. They looked at Triza and Traza:
"We might have...Lied to you." Triza said. Salthemor sigh:
"Finally you came forward. You swallow you Pride and still come and talk to me." Salthemor said:
" know?" Triza said. Salthemor nodded:
"I did after the fight with Skyswiper."  Salthemor said as he looked at them:
"There no ability called impact. Its a metal everyone can get." Salthemor said with a sigh:
"You know. You should not have kept it a secret that the impact ability is a metal and not a power." Salthemor said as he got up and looked at them:
"We know. But Taka told us..." Triza said:
"Taka told you! We could all have died. We didn't know impact was such a massive thing." Salthemor shouted out. Triza and Traza would take a step back as they looked at him:
"We know..." Triza said as Traza nodded. Salthemor sighed:
"We didn't wanna tell you as we didn't trust you completely yet." Taka said as he walked forward from the stairway. Salthemor looked at him:
"We trusted you enough to take you with us and see now. Three of my men are up there completely knocked out!" Salthemor shouted and looked at Taka:
"I apologies Salthemor. But we have other concerns now. Tell him Survie." Taka said. Survie sighed as he looked at Salthemor:
"Come with me Salthemor." Survie said as he took him upstairs into a room. Inside would a man sit. The long bow and spear in his hand gave it away that it was Zanto:
"Who is this?" Salthemor asked"
"Well this is the human boss. Called Zanto the guardian. His a Living AI." Survie said:
"We were caught in the pit and i found out that Zanto is the boss of the oasis but his human like. His not a program to the game his like the overmind with his own will." Survie said. Salthemor looked at the green haired man. Zanto would look at Salthemor:
"So you are the boss of the seventh area?" Salthemor asked:
"Yes...Im Zanto. Guardian of oasis." Zanto said and looked at Survie:
"Can i trust him survivalist?" Zanto asked as Survie nod:
"Yes. His a really nice man." Survie said. Zanto looked at Salthemor:
"I see....Then i trust you." Zanto said and jump down from the bed and looked at him:
"I thank you for hospitality but i will get going. I have forest to defend." Survie grab Zanto hand:
"We can't let you go." Survie said and stopped Zanto. Zanto looked at Survie:
"Whys that survivalist?" Zanto asked raising a brow:
"You the boss. If people kill you. You will vanish. We can't let you go. Because i want you to survive." Survie said with a smile. Zanto chuckled:
"I see. Well then. I better stay for now." Zanto said and sat down in the room again. Salthemor left the room Survie following him:
"Im sorry sir. But i can't let you kill Zanto." Survie said. Salthemor shrug his shoulder:
"I don't really care. We find out something." Salthemor walked downstairs again and looked at the sabers:
"You five have disappointed me. So i will now break our alliance. Leave." Salthemor said. The five of them look chocked:
"Wait. Consider this one more time Salthemor." Taka said. Salthemor hold up his hand:
"You kept infomation away from you allies. So you not worth my time. The metal could have been useful so leave!" Salthemor said. The five of them would sigh and head out. Salthemor tighten his fist as he walked upstairs and open the door slowly into the room where Yuki would lie. He sat down at the bed and looked at her. She would have been healed but she still blackout. Salthemor pet her hair and smiled:
"You fought one of the Lieutenants and survived." Salthemor said and pet her pink hair. She open her eyes slowly:
"Sal...Salthemor?" Yuki said and sat up in the bed. Salthemor smiled to her:
"You really strong aren't you. You took on Earthshatter on you own." Salthemor said. Yuki smiled:
"I did yes. I still fell weak. He took a good hit on me." Yuki said. Salthemor pet her hair and smiled. She would rest a bit. Salthemor would smile to her as he tilt his head:
"Your really become strong. You match a lieutenant. Im so proud of you." Salthemor said. Yuki smiled:
"Don't talk to me like im you child." Yuki said with a grin. Salthemor laugh:
"You like a praise you." Salthemor said. Yuki blushed and nod slightly. Salthemor laughed:
"You know im worried when you alone." Salthemor said. Yuki nodded and smiled. Salthemor reach out his hand and place it on her cheek. She blushed. She was not use to Salthemor being so nice. In the other room would Lothrilla sit with Tojo. Tojo would yawn and look around:
"Its funny. I can fell my legs right now." Tojo said in his yawn. Lothrilla giggled:
"Well. You maybe grew stronger." Lothrilla said. Tojo smiled back:
"I heard what happen downstairs that we push the sabers away." Tojo said. Lothrilla nod. Tojo shrug his shoulder:
"I don't know." Said Tojo. Everything would turn silent over the tavern. Survie would walk up to Zanto. Survie smiled to Zanto:
"You felling better Zanto?" Survie asked. Zanto nodded:
"Thanks survivalist." Zanto said. Survie smiled:
"We glad for having you on our team. We must find a way to pass the oasis without killing you." Survie said. Zanto nodded:
"Lets hope there is one." Zanto answered. Survie laughed:
"Why so sad. If there is one we surely find it!" Survie said determinant. Zanto laugh out loud and they talk a bit. Before Survie went to sleep. 

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