Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


56. The igniter

Greyben and the others would finally be out training:
"We don't need him!" Shouted Greyben as he shot his ball of fire at a shark. He laughed. Someone would snap his finger and a giant explosion of fire hit Greyben:
"Ahh!" Greyben landed on the ground. Someone would laugh and jump down a tree. He would have red tattoos over his eyes and arms. He would lick around his mouth the red sun mark would glow from his shoulder. Greyben would get up:
"A red sun member!" All of them grab to weapon. The red sun member would laugh:
"Im burst the igniter be ready for a fine fire show!" Burst said as he prepare to snap his finger. Furov charge forward and try to punch Burst. Burst would dodge. Survie would come from the air and try to strike him with his mace. Burst laugh at he jump to do the side. He would get scratch by a arrow. Lothrilla would have shot it. Tojo would charge forward and try to hit him with the shield. Burst would kick Tojo back. Ariena would move fast forward and try to cut him. Burst would step to the side and kick her in the side. Lothar would charge forward and try to cut him. Burst would laugh and slap Lothar back. His hand would make a flame print on the helm. Greyben would shot ice after Burst. Burst would snap as fire wall would appear in front of him melting the ice. Alexn would jump over the fire and try to stab him. Burst would catch Alexn and throw him through the fire. Mirrei would heal Alexn. They would look at each other again:
"Its true you weaker then Salthemor." Said burst. Greyben eyes widen:
"Don't talk about him!" Greyben shouted as a giant wave of water shot at Burst. Burst would snap his finger the water would explode. Greyben eyes widen:
"You turn water to fire?" Greyben said scared. Burst smiled:
"Truly i did that. Im a red sun after all." Burst said as he began to charge at Greyben. He would smile like a murderer and punch Greyben. Greyben would get hit on the arm. The arm would burst into flame as Greyben screamed in pain. Mirrei would heal him. Greyben would grab to his arm:
"Problem kiddo. Do you not like the heat?!" Burst shouted as he snap his finger and waves of fire shot from behind him towards the friends. Lothar and Tojo ran up in front guarding with there shield. Burst charge forward and use Lothar shield to kickoff. He was flying right above the friend as he snap his finger and a giant wave of fire landed on top of them all. Everyone let out a scream as Burst landed on the ground:
"Pathetic." Burst said. He turned around but didn't act quick as someone slam his back with a shield:
"Tojo no!" Tojo would have charge up to him and hit his back:
"How did you survive!" Burst scream as he landed on the ground and saw that above them was a force field of protection made by Greyben. Greyben eyes was lock with anger on Burst. Burst would kick Tojo back and snap his finger. A giant wave of fire appear behind him and charge towards the friends. Ariena jump up in front:
"Dragon breath!" She screamed as she unleash the giant cone of fire. The fire fought each other and both went out. Greyben charge forward and made a wave of ice to fight Burst. Burst would go hand to ice combat. Greyben unleash spikes of ice towards Burst. Burst would slam his fist down into the ice spikes. Then snap his finger to make a wall of ice to protect him from the rest. Burst smiled. Greyben in anger dash through the fire. Greyben hand was made of pure ice and he hit Burst right in the head. Furov slide under Burst and hit him right in the back. Burst flew up into the air. Alexn would run in the air and slash his knifes right through Burst. Burst scream in pain. Lothrilla would smile grab her bow and unleash a arrow. The arrow would glow and when it hit him a giant massive air force would launch him towards the ground hard. Survie and Lothar together smashed their weapon down into him. Burst would cough up blood as the mace would hit his stomach and sword his arms. Tojo would smile as he jumped and smash his feet down into Burst. Burst in anger snap his finger and a star of fire unleash from his body pushing everyone back. Burst would get up:
"Damn kids. There to many to handle at once." Burst said as would smile:
"Then only one thing to do!" Burst would bite all of his fingers and make a rune on the floor. The rune would stay there solide to the ground. Burst would snap his finger and unleash a wave of fire at the friends. The friends would jump to the side. Greyben would make a giant storm of ice fly towards Burst. Burst would try to dodge but get impaled by one of the ice shards. Burst landed on the ground in pain. Greyben jump right over burst and unleash a giant spike of ice into him. Burst screamed out in:
"Damn you!" Burst screamed out. Greyben landed down and looked up at Burst. Burst would begin to talk:
"You all dead. Just you wait!" Shouted Burst:
"We dead. Well who are closes to death right now?" Greyben asked:
"My leader General blood drinker on his way here!" Burst said:
"On his way?" A voice came from the middle. A man with blond hair and red rune eyes a long red coat and a magnum in his belt would smile. The white gloves would have red lines and his smile would have some small fangs. The man would look at Greyben:
"Hello. Greyben. Im general blood drinker." Said the man in the red coat. Greyben grab his staff:
"One more red sun member." Blood drinker would look at Burst:
"Burst the igniter. You failed to do you mission and our Emperor given me promission to do to you what i want." Said Blood drinker. Burst eyes widen:
"Kids help me. You can't let him take me. PLEASE!" Blood drinker would walk closer to him and sit down by his side:
"Shh its gonna be okay." Blood drinker said as he hold up his hand in front of Burst face:
"Thanks for capturing the igniter for me kids." Blood drinker said. Blood drinker hand begin to glow red. The moment it began to glow would Burst scream in pure pain. Burst would scream more and more as blood would shot out of his mouth ears nose and eyes. The blood would collect around blood drinkers hand. Burst would keep screaming as bubbles of skin would begin to appear on him and then boom. The body would exploded and all the blood would lie all over the ground and up the ice spike. Blood drinker laugh manically. There nothing like such a sound. A sound of blood dripping. blood drinker glove would drop with blood. Blood drinker licked the blood of his finger. The friends would take a step back:
"See kids. Because you helped me. I will let all of you go....But one!" Blood drinker said. Greyben would turn around:
"Run!" Greyben screamed. All of there bones would not move. Blood drinker eye would glow:
"You blood. I can control it. You like a puppet to me." Greyben bones would crack and snap as he would be force to turn around:
"You...You gonna be my sacrifice." Said blood drinker as he slowly walk up to Greyben:
"No Greyben!" Shouted Lothrilla:
"Greyben nooo!" Shouted Lothar:
"Please no stop it!" Shouted Ariena:
"You can't!" Shouted Furov:
"I will kill you!" Shouted Survie:
"You death!" Shouted Tojo:
"Im gonna break free!" Screamed Mirrei:
"Yo dude run!" Screamed Alexn. Blood drinker had now got all the way up to Greyben:
"I will kill you fast." Blood drinker said:
"Wait! Promise me a thing!" Greyben shouted. Blood drinker raised a eyebrow:
"Sure what?" Blood drinker said:
"If you kill me. Let them go!" Greyben said courageges. Blood drinker would laugh:
"Fine..." Blood drinker said. All of the friend eyes would widen as the buzz sound would be heard and Greyben would snap on the middle. Blood spraying out from his thighs and head. Greyben landed dead on the ground. All of them charge to the corpse of Greyben. All of them with widen eyes and speechless. The girls would cry even Lothar and Furov would. The rest would look at him with fear. Blood drinker would smile:
"I keep my promise. So Underlings take care of this." Blood drinker said. The seven of them walked forward again. The thin one would walk up to Burst and begin to eat of him:
"Fooooood." Said the thin one. A girl would walk up to them. She would smile:
"You pure kids...better run off." The friends would run away:
"Yeah boss always leave the clean up to us. The seven sins." Said the one with golden hands:
"Shut up Greed. Im just jealous over he got to kill him." Said a girl. She would have pure green eyes and green fingers. Her fingers would be long and her hair would swirl like snakes:
"Shut up yourself Envy!" Said Greed. The one the armor would begin to clean up:
"You not much of a speaker are you Wrath." Said the other girl. The man with nine blades and armor would sigh:
"Just do the work Lust." Said Wrath:
"This is so below me." Said the man in fine cloth:
"Fooood. Help me clean foood Pride." Said the one with spit falling out his mouth:
"Still below me Gluttony!" Said Pride as he began to help the others. One of them would sleep up a tree:
"Will someone wake up Sloth!" Said Greed. Lust shrug her shoulder:
"We can't wake him up so whatever just work Greed." The six of them would clean up as the last one would sleep. 

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