Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


8. The herb.

"Hurry up!" People was collected in Salthemor rooms next day. Salthemor lied in bed. He was growing ill. Mirrei was healing his mind so he would calm down:
"What happen." Asked Lothar:
"We woke up dude and could not wake up chief its like he just....died." Lothrilla hit Alexn back:
"Don't say that moron. Its chief...he can't die." Mirrei focus:
"We need some herbs from the woods. Who wants to get them we only sending three!" Lothar and Greyben pull there hands in the air. All of them did. All cared for Salthemor. All care for each other:
"Fine then i chose. Lothrilla, Greyben and Lothar go get the herbs at the waterfall. Be quick about it." The three answer together:
Yes!" They ran off after:
"Alexn you my assistance!" Alexn stood up:
"Yes dudette!" Alexn answered:
"Furov and Survie go into the woods Together kill some boars get some gold and get some water for chief!" Furov and Survie ran off:
"Tell me what sickness he have dudette." Mirrei tenses up her body as she try to hold the spell:
"Its a virus from the dire wolf claw there infected the wound." Alexn nodded:
"What you need doctor dudette?" Mirrei smilled to him:
"Give me a mana potion and then just be prepared here for anything." Alexn nodded and ran into there storage room. He came back after a minute:
"Here you go dudette." Mirrei was tiring up:
"Please i can't... drink it myself can you...feed me it?" Alexn got up and remove the cork from the potion flask:
"Sure dudette." He feed it slowly to her:
"Say if it goes. To fast dudette." She nodded as she drank it up:
"Th thanks." She studder shy as she kept up the spell:
"Its hard to stand like this." She was standing in a position witch make her back hurt and her arms weaken faster:
"Dudette. Let me take over the spell for some seconds then you can change position." Mirrei eye widen:
"Can you do magic." Alexn nod:
"I level up healing magic one point dudette for safety." Mirrei eye widen:
"Wow that something Alexn." Alexn got up took position:
"Im ready Dudette." Mirrei stop the spell and Alexn started:
"Alexn mana fell down fast. But Mirrei was fast sat down took a new position witch was better and began again as Alexn stopped:
"Damn...that magic hard...Dudette." Mirrei smilled:
"Thanks dude." She answer. Alexn eyes widen with a smile.

Furov and Survie ran into the forest:
"No challenge to day. This is about Salthemor we can't let him die!" Said Survie. Furov nodded. Survie stopped and pointed between the trees:
"Isen't that the girl Salthemor talks with. That Yuki girl?" Furov look and it was her. She was going back to town with her group. Furov ran over to her:
"Yukitara!" Yuki look at Furov:
"What now. Aren't you from Salthemor group?" Furov nodded Survie ran to his side:
"Chief is sick and really bad in bed. Do you have some spare gold so we can buy some water for him?" Yuki eyes widen:
"Come boys." Furov Survie and Yuki ran together into city:
"Yuki." shouted her friends but she was gone.

Lothar and the others was fighting some boars:
"For chief!" Lothar slammed his sword into a boar. They continue to run towards the waterfall in the distance:
"We can make it right?" Ask Greyben:
"Yes easy now guys." Said Lothrilla:
"Shes right Greyben." Said Lothar. They charge with all there speed Lothrilla as the person with most speed and Lothar the most slow. They finally arrive at the Waterfall:
"I heard there should spawn a rare mini boss here." Said Lothar:
"We get the herb and leave!" Said Lothrilla. A warning sign flash for there eyes as up from the pound of water came this sea snake. A name displayed in front of there eyes. Lothar read it out loud
"Everdale sea giant." Lothar grab his sword:
"I hold it at bay get the herb from the top." Greyben nodded and Brought Lothrilla with him. The snake charge forward as Lothar trigger a spell at the right moment. A barrier appear in front of him. The snake hit it and broke it. It hit Lothar hard he fell back. His health bar lower to fifty procent:
"He needs help." Shouted Greyben and turn around:
"Lothrilla get the herb i help him." The snake move its head back and was about to charge into Lothar again. Lothar cast the spell again. At the same time would Greyben slide behind him:
"Force push!" A giant force hit the snake so it would slow down and hit the barrier without breaking it. Lothar look at Greyben surprised:
"A skill!" Shouted Greyben out:
"I got myself  a skill." Greyben was happy. Lothrilla was climbing the stones to the top of the waterfall. The snake took sight of her. She could not use her bow on the side of the mountain. Lothar saw that and shouted out
"Lothrilla watch out!" The snake charge at her. Lothrilla tried to climb faster. Lothar hold up his sword and shouted out:
"Enough!" The sword began to glow but not like the others glow the sword broke into two. The left side of the sword became a shield and the other a one handed sword. He grab the shield and charge at the snake:
"Holy palm!" He jump in front of Lothrilla. The shield glowed up and took the slam from the snake. It would hold it back. Lothrilla kept climbing. The snake try to slam its head unto the shield again but he just blocked it again. Greyben was charging a spell:
"Force push!" He shoot out the giant wave of force again to the snake. The snake hit the waterfall and got hurt. The force make the waterfall shake and made Lothrilla fall:
"No!" She was falling she pointed her hand at the top:
"Hookshot!" She shoot out a rope from her hand it landed on the top and was like locked to the ground. She began to climb the rope faster then the rocks. Lothar look at the snake as i went into the water again. He could see its health bar go up again:
"Lothrilla get the herb fast. The snake regenerate its health under water. You have fifteen seconds." Greyben charge up one more spell. Lothrilla got up and greb the herb. All three of them charge back to village.

Salthemor was breathing slowly and weakly. In the door came Survie and Furov:
"We brought water!" Mirrei smillede:
"Good place it here." She point it to Alexn:
"Yeah dude i got it just hand it here." They gave him the wooden bowl of water:
"Where did you get water so fast?" Said Mirrei:
"Well the other groups kinda clear the forest so we ask her for help." Yuki came into the room:
"Hello...I am Yuki friend of Salthemor." Alexn and Mirrei Smillede:
"A friend of Salthemor friend of ours...sit down if you want." Alexn begin to put some herbs into the water:
"Like this dudette?" Mirrei nod:
"Yes you doing good Alexn." Yuki look at them and began to think
They all work so perfect together but only five here. Where the last three? Someone charge down the corridor. Into the room came Lothar Lothrilla and Greyben:
"We got the herb." Mirrei smillede:
"Chief gonna make it. Hand it to Alexn!" They gave it to Alexn who still just grindet the herb to powder and added it to the bowl:
"Okay dudette its ready." Mirrei nod:
"Alexn grab a cup and make a cup of that water make him drink it!" Alexn nodded:
"You got it dudette." All of Cross bane was around Salthemor. Yuki Smilled:
They all work together and really care for each other. lovely to see. Alexn force the water down Salthemor throat. Salthemor drank it all. Mirrei stop the spell:
"Now its up to the herb. I say two is here at all time one to watch over Salthemor other to Keep the other company. I will start as i'm our healer to be prepared." She nodded:
"And i join the doctor dudette." Said Alexn. The others left the room:
"Can i stay?" Ask Yuki. Mirrei nod:
"Yes." The three of them sat and talked Salthemor still silent Yuki finally asked:
"Why do you care so much for Salthemor all of you." Alexn smilled:
"He saved us all Dudette. He brought us all together one by one." Yuki tilted her head:
"What?" Mirrei smiles:
"He is the most nicest guy i know...or next nicest." She blush as she look at Alexn witch just roll around in his bed happy:
"I see i want to know more." Mirrei was about to answer her but then Salthemor open his eyes:
"Wh-what?" Mirrei and Alexn look up and said together:
"Chief?" Salthemor slowly got up and yawned:
"I fell so relaxed." He looked around and saw the three:
"What...are you doing here?" Alexn charge out the room and Mirrei would begin to check Salthemor:
"You seem all fresh again." Salthemor nodded:
I don't feel ill anymore." All the others charge into the room:
"Chief!" All shouted happy. They begin to talk but Salthemor focus his eyes on Yuki. He smilled and move his lips there was so much noise no one pick it up. But Yuki could see his lip move:
"Okay okay now guys relax. I'm awake but not ready to leave be-bed yet?" He felt his stomach:
"My wound gone." He remove the bandage showing no wound. Mirrei eye light up:
"That means we can continue finally." Salthemor nodded:
"Yes we can." One after one would people leave the room to let Salthemor rest. Yuki was sitting there silently watching them. Last one to leave was Greyben:
"Lovely people." Said Salthemor:
"What did you say to me?" Ask Yuki. Salthemor looked at her:
"Don't worry about it now. Its fine." Yuki took a step forward and hug Salthemor:
"I was worried you would not get better. When Furov and Survie told me about you sickness." Salthemor laughs:
"Listen we made a promise i need to hold it don't i?" Yuki nodded:
"Seems like there romance in your group." Salthemor nods:
"Yeah Mirrei and Alexn." Salthemor smilled:
"They lovely aren't they?" Yuki nodded:
"Well i'm happy you back Salthemor." Salthemor smile to her:
"Im happy to. well you better get back to you group." Yuki shake her head:
"No they know i am here tonight." Salthemor tilted his head:
"Tonight?" Yuki nodded:
"Yeah if you got a spare bed." Salthemor smilled:
"Here take mine i lied down to much anyway." Yuki eyes widen:
"don't get up yet!" Salthemor got up and took on his vest:
"Im gonna go for a walk." Salthemor leave the room Yuki followed. Salthemor head to outskirts of village right before wilderness and sat down on a hill. Yuki sat at his side:
"Whats you sisters name?" Salthemor smilled:
"Natty." Salthemor smilled as he hold his fist close to his heart:
"Do you miss her:" Salthemor nodded slowly. Salthemor lie down in the grass and slowly fell asleep.

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