Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


5. The help

Next morning would Salthemor have a headache:
"I can't believe i drank so much and still lost." Salthemor slept with Alexn, Greyben and Lothrilla. While the others was in the other room:
"I can't believe Lothrilla join us." Salthemor sat up in the bed:
"I can't believe that Alexn won with 15 beers without getting a bit drunk." Alexn raise up from bed in one big shout:
"THAT WAS FUN DUDE!" Greyben and Lothrilla fell out of bed:
"Ouch my head." Said Greyben and Lothrilla at the same time. Lothrilla grab Alexn and force him up the wall:
"Why you shouting." Said Lothrilla:
"Relax dudette." Answer Alexn:
"No i'm not gonna relax you moron." Answer Lothrilla:
"Put me down dudette." Said Alexn:
"No i am not gonna put you down you drunk bastard!" Answer Lothrilla. Alexn just laugh while Salthemor and Greyben tried to hold Lothrilla back:
"Easy Lothrilla!" Said Greyben as he hold her back:
"Yeah relax girl." Said Salthemor. Salthemor Greyben laugh as did Alexn. Lothrilla finally calm down and they all laugh together. Later sat all eight of them in the inn eating breakfast:
"So Alexn won the drinking contest he drank us all drunk." Said Greyben to Furov:
"Why not invite us?" Ask Survie:
"Because it was for our room." Said Lothrilla:
"Still we all here together aren't we?" Said Furov:
"Yes dude but didn't had enough gold for you." Said Alexn:
"You use all our money on beer?!" Said Lothrilla:
Yes dudette." Again would now six people try to hold Lothrilla back as she try to attack Alexn:
"Come here you!" Alexn just laugh:
"Relax dudette." All the other six said at the same time:
"Yeah relax girl!" When they had eat there food they set out for the forest again:
"We all ready?" Ask Salthemor. All of them nodded. They began to adventure out into the forest. The boar and eagle attack from all sides:
"Furov Survie Lothar! Take the boars. We other try to distract the eagle while Lothrilla shot them down. Mirrei keep up the good healing." They split up as they began to fight. Furov Smash a boar:
"This is so fun!" Said Furov. Survive slam his mace down in a boar:
"Yes it is." Said Survie. Lothar slash a boar in half:
"Uhh critical hit!" Said Lothar. Lothrilla kept shooting down birds:
"Focus arrow!" The arrow hit the eagle and killed it:
"One more down chief!" Salthemor kept parrying the claws:
"Good work keep shooting." Salthemor look trough the forest and saw a other group. He could see they where..getting beat. He narrow his eyes as he saw Yukitara:
"Yuki!" Salthemor dash to them as fast as he could. Lothrilla look at him and shouted:
"Salthemor?!" Salthemor ignore her and grab his hook swords:
"Yuki!" Yuki look over to Salthemor:
"Salthemor?! Help!" The 7 other of Yukitara team was getting beat. there health bar was below thirty procent:
"I got you Yuki!" There where fighting Dire wolfs. Salthemor grab a wolf by the mouth and throw him. The wolf died:
"Get you team back to the town i got this." Yuki eye widen:
"But Salthemor..." Salthemor shout out before she had time to answer:
"Go!" Three dire wolfs where walking around Salthemor:
"Leave her alone!" Salthemor begin to fight the Dire wolf. He grab on with the hook blade and throw it into the other. The last pounce forward and slash Salthemor. Salthemor fell forward:
"Ahh damn it." Salthemor look at his health bar:
"seventy five procent." The three wolfs got up again. Salthemor got up and place his blade in front of me:
"Enough! Dark flash!" He swung his blade forward. He move with lightning speed as he slash all three of them:
"Dark flash!" The wolf all fell down and vanish. Salthemor grab to his wound:
"Damn it bleeding effect... What am i on now?" Salthemor look at his health bar:
"fifty five procent." Salthemor slide down the tree laughing:
"Damn bleed needs antidote as long as i don't move." Salthemor laugh slowly:
"Sis did i do good? Did you brother make you proud." Salthemor could see someone come running.

Salthemor woke up in the inn. In his room:
"Yo dude that was some shit you did." Said Alexn sitting on a chair:
"I'm gonna get the others dude say you awake!" Alexn left the room. Salthemor had bandage on:
"Damn it...Why was i so reckless." The others came into the room:
"What were you thinking Salthemor!" Ask Furov:
"I saw a hold team in danger seven of them lower then thirty procent. I could not let them die!" The other eyes widen even Alexn:
"Dude you a hero?" Salthemor nods:
"Yes. Now...I am gonna go for a walk." The others try to stop Salthemor:
"No you to weak chief." Said Grayben:
"I am fine. Just...let me go" Salthemor walked around the streets without his shirt in bandage on his stomach. He sat down on the bench:
"One more day survived. I..." Someone talk behind Salthemor:
"Salthemor?" Salthemor turn around and saw Yukitara:
"Oh Yuki?" Yuki smillede:
"Thanks for earlier if you haven't come at that time we would have died." Salthemor lean back:
"I am fine." She sat down next to him:
"What a wound?" She said as she saw the bandage on his stomach:
"Oh yes. Got one hit in. It was a critical hit and make me get a bleed effect." Yuki eyes widen:
"Bleed take damage when you move?" Salthemor nods:
"Yes so i sat still and hope someone would come." Yuki look sad:
"Im sorry you had to come and recuse us." Salthemor smillede:
"Relax it was nothing." Salthemor answers. He lean back:
"How did you end in that mess?" Yuki look down:
"We are raiders. We usually know the enemy tactics and powers before hand and if we didn't we run in die to see mechanics and then come back later. But we can't die now." She tensen up. Salthemor place a hand on her shoulder:
"Fine then we do this." Yuki look scared at Salthemor:
"I promise i won't die...will you promise me you won't die either?" Salthemor said that while smiling:
"Wh-what? umm Salthemor?"  Yukitara look at Salthemor. Salthemor was smiling:
"Just promise me." Yuki smillede:
"Fine i promise you Salthemor. That i won't die as long as you don't." Salthemor smiles:
"Good." Salthemor gets up:
"We know bound by a promise Yuki. So don't die and lets meet soon again." She smiles:
"I better get back to my friends." Salthemor began to walk:
"Salthemor!" Salthemor stops as he look at Yuki:
"Yes Yuki?" Yuki hug Salthemor. It hurt like shit as she hug him:
"Thanks!" Salthemor smiles:
"Y-you to." Salthemor would begin to walk again as he head back to the inn and his friends. 

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