Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


82. The Gem of the oasis

Salthemor would finally have gotten up they had made a grave for Lothar and would now be ready again to fight the game. All of them even Zanto was headed for the jungle:
"So i think the gem i protect might let you skip boss battle. As you will have it reward after killing me. But if i hand you it. Maybe the game will think you pass me?" Zanto said. Salthemor gave a small nod:
"I see. Its worth a try." Salthemor said. They walked in the oasis. The rhinos and bugs start attacking. The friends kept fighting them until they got to a small pound in the oasis. In the middle was a small island with a stone pillar on it. On the pillar was a gem. The gem was a half sun and moon gem. Zanto jumped over the water and landed on the island. He grabbed the stone and jumped back to Salthemor. He handed Salthemor the gem. The gem would enter Salthemor inventory but nothing happen. Zanto looked around:
"Something coming." Zanto said. The moment he said it a giant Rhino even bigger then the others came running. It swung his head as a beam of heat shot out of its horn. Everyone was about to get hit but Tojo step forward:
"No!" Tojo screamed and hold up his shield. The beam would hit the shield and Tojo would move slowly backwards. The force of the beam would push him slowly back. Zanto jump forward and place his hand on Tojo back to help him balance. They would stop move:
"I got you shield bearer." Zanto said as he help him holding the beam back. Salthemor heard laughing as he looked up and saw someone stand on the Rhino. It was a man with chains around his arms and a metal blade in front of his face. Behind him stood five people:
"Hello down there!" The man yelled. Salthemor looked at the red sun marks on their shoulders. The man with the metal plate sat down and looked at Salthemor:
"My name is Prisoner. Im on of the five generals of the red sun. We will be taking that gem." Prisoner shouted with a evil laugh. Salthemor grab his hook blade:
"This gem is ours. We need it!" Salthemor shouted and grab his hookblade. Prisoner stood up and point his hand at Salthemor. Salthemor arm would move on their own as they grabbed the gem and threw it to him:
"What are you doing sword man!" Zanto shouted:
"I can't move my arms!" Salthemor shouted back. Prisoner grabbed the gem:
"Lets make it fun. Shall we?" Prisoner said as he hold the gem and created five copies of it:
"I will give a copy of this to all of my allies. Witch one is the real haha. Find us in the dessart." Prisoner said before they ran away. The gateway to the next zone appear instead of the pillar there was there before:
"So we can continue now. But we need the gem for the ninth boss. I see. So we need to chase them." Salthemor said as he sigh:
"Lets get going." Salthemor said as he move through the portal and appear in a dessart. Sand in miles and miles. Salthemor looked around:
"Seems like we need to scout the dessart for those six." Salthemor said as he began to walk:
"Lets split up. They seem to be six and we are....Twel.....i mean eleven. So if we split up in two and two and one stay alone?" Salthemor asked. The other nods:
"Fine then. Lothrilla and Tojo...Alexn and Mirrei...Furov and Ariena...Survie and Zanto....Yuki and Batt...And im alone." Salthemor said. Yuki tighten her fist:
"Why always you! Its like you look down on us as we weak!" Yuki shouted. Salthemor raise a eyebrow:
"Is it really time to argue or is it time to move before the monster start spawning?" Salthemor said cold. Yuki eyes widen a shiver went down her spine as she saw into Salthemor eyes. Salthemor eyes would be cold as he began to move into the sun ligt dessart. The other would shrug and begin to walk. Batt walked up to Yuki:
"What...was that." Batt said nervous:
"I don't know. But that was not Salthemor behind that word." Yuki said as she shiver in the warmth. Batt wrap her arm around Yuki:
"Come on lets go." Batt said as they began to walk. Zanto and Survie would walk towards some ruins:
"I already miss me jungle Survivalist." Zanto said. Survie nodded:
"Yeah. Behind a oasis is a dessart." Survie said. Zanto laughed:
"We head to Ruins?" Zanto asked:
"Yes. Its kinda like a way point. If someone should be hiding it should be there." Survie said as they kept walking. Tojo and Lothrilla walked together:
"What...a twist.." Lothrilla said nervous:
"What do you mean. We knew the red sun was here?" Tojo said:
"No the voice of Salthemor. These words was not his. Its like he wanted to be alone." Lothrilla said. Tojo shrug his shoulders:
"Don't mind him come on lets head for those rocks over there." Tojo said as he pointed on some large rocks in the dessart. Mirrei and Alexn walked together:
"I never seen him so mad before dudette." Alexn said. Mirrei nodded:
"Yes he was quite scary." Mirrei said:"
"That is not the Salthemor i knew. Well lets head for that cave over there." Alexn said as a small lurking cave poke up the sand. Furov and Ariena was getting chased by monsters:
"I can kill most!" Said Ariena as she killed her fifteen monster. Furov hit one:
"No im on twenty." Furov said and killed one more making it twenty one:
"Over there a small forest oasis." Said Furov as he pointed:
"There maybe one of them there!" Said Ariena as they ran towards it. Batt and Yuki had gotten quite far now:
"Endless sand pilles." Batt said. Yuki narrow her eyes:
"Over there see. A...building?" Said Yuki. A small hut in the middle of the dessart rested on the sand:
"Seems like a sandstorm coming up. We should seek shelter." Batt said as they ran towards the building. The storm would wind up and Salthemor would walk slowly over the sand. He looked at a temple in the distance and walked towards it:
"Prisoner....." Salthemor said low as he began to run with his amazing speed.

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