Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


9. The gateway

Salthemor rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up in bed. He look to his hand and look to his left. Yuki was lying at his side sleeping. Salthemor eyes widen. He got up from bed and took his shirt on and vest on. He began to walk downstairs. It was earlier and everyone was still asleep he took some time to walk in the city and see what the other players was up to. Many players was around most of them bought item other was heading out into the forest. He haven't heard the death sound so everyone must still be alive. He sat down on the bench once again:
"Today we must find the gateway to the boss room." Salthemor yawned he look at the clock tower. It was only just become 8 am. He try to remember yesterday:
"So after i got better...I left she followed me...We talked on the hill...and then...i fell asleep. She must have taken me home and to bed." Salthemor smiled:
"So that how it is." Salthemor enjoy the lovely weather even if it was a game was the sun still shining and the breeze low so it was nice to be outside. He looked at some players coming back all of them really low health. Like they had fought something really strong:
"What the hell happen to them?" Salthemor kept looking at them. They health began to regenerate while they were in the safe zone. Salthemor walked down the hill to them:
"Hello." Said Salthemor to they leader:
"Hello." Said the leader and look at Salthemor:
"What happen to you guys?" Asked Salthemor:
"We try to clear the first boss. At the big tree." Salthemor tilted his head:
"I see... Well thank you for the infomation i will get going." Salthemor began to walk:
"Wait who are you?" Asked the leader of the other group:
"Im just a player." Answer Salthemor and walked back to the inn. He order himself some tea and sat down in a chair looking at the other groups around him. Some of them had fun and talked. Some of them planed out the day. Some of them were...really scared. They just sat all silent drinking and eating. IT was like there had gotten paralyzed. Salthemor look to the doorway to the rooms. Alexn and Mirrei came walking. It look like Alexn said something funny and Mirrei answer with a giggle. Alexn and Mirrei saw Salthemor and waved. They walk up to him:
"Yo dude how are you?" Salthemor smiled:
"I could ask you two the same. Do you guys know how i came home yesterday." Alexn nodded:
"Yeah dude. This Yuki girl carry you home place you in bed and sat by you side for the night hoping you would just be fine. Then she fell asleep with you." Salthemor nods and answers:
"I see." Salthemor smilled:
"How nice of her." Salthemor said to himself. Alexn and Mirrei look at each other before smiling then looking at Salthemor. Mirrei took the time to ask:
"Are you beginning to like her chief?" Salthemor shakes his head softly:
"No...or maybe i don't know. Shes nice." Alexn pat  Salthemors shoulder:
"Wow getting kinda happy for her." Salthemor laugh:
"What about you two?" Alexn look at Mirrei and the other way around. Mirrei blush and Alexn laugh:
"I don't know dude that what we wanted to talk about. Is it okay we...become love?" Salthemor nodded and answers:
"Why not? Why would it effect...the team?" Alexn sigh as Mirrei explain:
"Maybe we want to protect each other more can't that effect our tactic?" Salthemor nods and answers:
"Maybe but you can't hide love. So i approve of it but please stick to the plan." Alexn smilled happy as Mirrei nod as she hug Alexn happy. Salthemor smiles. One by one would all of Salthemor friends come down:
"Okay you have thirty minutes before we brief out plan today okay?" Salthemor said to the others the others nodded most of them was smiling happy over Alexn and Mirrei. Salthemor got up from his chair and walked upstairs. He walked into his room sat down next to Yuki. Yuki slowly open her eyes. She smiled at the sight of Salthemor. Then blush a lot as she realise where she slept:
"So-sorry!" She scream out. Salthemor laugh:
"Don't worry about it. Alexn told me what you did for me." She got up from bed and smiled:
"Oh?" She answered. Salthemor nodded:
"Thanks a lot. For helping with water and with bringing me back." Salthemor got up from bed and place a hand on her head. She freeze at the touch:
"I'm happy i got to know you Yuki. But i might not return today." Yuki eyes widen:
"What do you mean?!" Salthemor smiles:
"We gonna go after the first boss today." Yuki got up:
"You mean! You gonna try out the one thing no one had the guts to do!" Salthemor nods leaving the room. He walked down the corridor. Yuki stormed out the room and grab his arm:
"Don't do it!" Salthemor would stop:
"Whatever you do don't do that. We had a promise Salthemor. We had a promise!" Salthemor nodded and turn around place a hand on her shoulder and answered:
"Don't worry...if you hear the death buzz...its not us." He turn around released himself from her grib and walked downstairs. Yuki would leave the building. Salthemor would talk to his friends:
"Okay today we...kill the first boss." All of them turn silent and focus on Salthemor:
"We all use to these Death Quest. We know tactic fast acting and more. If someone can prove its possible its us! So who are with me." Lothar got up from his chair:
"I am." Greyben the same:
"I am to chief." One by one would they get up and say it:
"We all believe in you chief." Said Lothrilla. Salthemor smiled:
"Then lets go." Salthemor began to walk outside. All of them follow him. They fought they way through the boar, dire wolfs and eagles all the way to the giant tree. At the tree was a portal:
"There it is. The gateway to first boss." 

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