Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


74. The gas challenge and Batt and Taka versus Stingswarm

Survie would sit in the hole. He would yawn and look around:

"No ones around huh Zanto?" Survie said. Zanto would be silent sitting on a rock:
"Someone here." Zanto said. Lust would look down the hole:
"Ah. I see. Zanto the guardian and a player. Seem like im lucky." Lust said as she point her hand down there and began to gas the hole:
"You can survive one of you." Lust said as she grab a mask from her side and threw it down:
"This will keep the gas out. See who's strong enough to get it." Zanto looked at the mask and then charge towards Survie:
"Die!" Zanto said. Survie would block the attack with his mace and push Zanto back:
"What are you doing?" Survie shouted:
"Im surviving!" Zanto said as he charge forward again and kick Survie before he smash his spear down into the ground next to Survie head:
"Just fight a bit. She will think we really fight. Then you grab the mask...Im machine i can't get hurt." Zanto whispered to Survie. Survie nodded and push him off him before he hammer him with the mace. Zanto would laugh then fall to the ground before blackout. Survie grab the mask and put it on. In the other side of the jungle would bees been heard. So many swarm clouds of bees would fly around. Stingswarm would fly after Taka and Batt. Taka would growl:
"I hate running!" Taka shouted:
"Im a proud Saber warrior." Taka said as he looked at Batt:
"Yeah and i hate bees. So keep running kitty!" Batt shouted as she look back at the bee man. Taka would growl three times before he turn around and charge at the man:
"Im gonna kill you!" Taka shouted as he jump up and swung his claws at the bee man. The stings would collide with the claws. Batt would sigh and grab her rope. She threw it out as the rope. The rope would bind itself together in the air and bind around The wings of the bee man. The spikes in the rope would make him scream in pain. Taka would take the chance:
"Impact claw!" Taka shouted as he scratch the man with his claws. The mans body would shiver as he cough up blood. Stingswarm would get up and shot out more swarms of bees towards them. Taka would jump back:
"If you can hold him still his a goner. I will use my X10 impact smash. Taka said as he tighten his fist:
"this is gonna be a devilish spell...but its worth it." Taka said. He look up and saw Ariena and Furov come running in the other end. Batt ran forward and threw a rope at Stingswarm. Stingswarm would smile and point his sting at Taka:
"Sting ray!" Stingswarm shouted as he sting would shot out towards Taka. The sting would go right trough his shoulder and leave a hole:
"Ahhh." Taka shouted in pain as he fell to the ground holding to his wound. Batt ran up to him and place her hand on the ground as a wall of earth would come up. She look at him:
"Are you okay?" Batt said. Taka nodded and sat up:
"That hurt. It was like a giant bee sting." Tak said as he looked behind the wall seeing the man point his arms at them. The bees would fly on the other side of the wall and begin to sting them. They would scream and run away from the cloud of bees:
"God damnit!" Taka shouted. Taka would tighten his fist:
"Fast get him i will use my power...I might take a a lot of damage so please take care of me." Taka said. Batt nodded. Batt touch the ground as the earth under Stingswarm would come up and twist around him. Taka would take the chance and jump forward:
"Time to die insect!" Taka screamed as he leaped forward place his hand on the man forehead:
"X10 impact smash!" Taka shouted as he unleash a giant impact wave through Stingswarm. Taka arm would spray out blood as he flew back slowly. The stone twisted around Stingswarm would break and the earth under him shatter. The man would bleed from his hold body and fall to the ground dead. Taka would land on the ground blackout. Batt walked up to him and hide them behind some stones. Back at the hole would the ground begin to be his by the gas:
"Zanto?" Survie screamed out in the fog gas. Survie could still breath and he looked around. He began to walk in the gas as he found Zanto lie on the ground his loosing life:
"Zanto!" Survie said as he grab him. Zanto push him away:
"Don't....I chose this....Survivalist." Zanto said. Survie eyes widen. Lust would laugh as she continue to pour gas down. Survie would look at the AI:
"But you can't die yet...You haven't found you kingdom yet!" Survie shouted. Zanto look up and grab his spear:
"If you won't let me die...i just make you." Zanto said as he charge forward and swung his spear. Survie parry with his mace. The ground under him would break slowly by the pressure. Zanto would kick Survie back. Survie would still not swing back:
"I won't harm you Zanto!" Survie shouted. Zanto laughed and jump forward:
"Weakling!" Zanto shouted as she smash Survie into the ground:
"If im gonna die you too....Human!" Zanto said as he began to punch Survie hard. Survie took all the punches. Zanto would grow more and more weak by the second because of the gas. Zanto would cough as he looked up at the pink cloud of poison:
"Im sorry...Survie...seems like...we gonna die together." Zanto said. Survie look at him:
"No im safe..i got the mask..." Survie said. Zanto shake his head:
"No. The mask is a buff. Only works for half and hour...then you gonna get poisoned too." Zanto said. Survie eyes widen:
" gonna die." Survie asked and look up into the cloud. Zanto nodded:
"Yes...Survivalist." Said Zanto as he slowly would sit up:
"A few minutes and then you fell the pain too." Zanto said as he looked up there too:
"Tell me...How is the world outside?" Zanto asked:
"Its boring. This is true fantasy even if i die.......Doe me and my friend always had so much fun." Survie said as he smiled. Zanto laughed a bit:
"World sounds amazing. Please....Survive." Zanto said as everything down there would be cover in gas. Suddenly four voice could be heard up there:
"What are you doing!" Ariena screamed:
"Someone down there." Said Furov:
"Can you two take care of it?" Ariena asked:
"Yes we can." Trico answered:
"Gust!" Said Trico and Traco at the same time while they unleash a giant air force down and remove the poison from the hole.

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