Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


80. The first encoutner.

The friend would have left for the oasis. Zanto had joined them. They walked into the oasis:
"This is my oasis. I know every corner. So if we find gem to unlock ninth boss area. Maybe it can unlock gate to next area." Zanto said. The friends nodded. The moment they enter the oasis began monster to spawn. Giant rhinos charge towards them. Zanto would laugh and jump forward hitting the rhino down in one hit. Everyone would fight the rhinos. Suddenly would giant bugs come flying and attack them. Lothrilla grab her bow and shot arrows towards the bugs. The bugs would get hit one by one and fall down to melee range. Salthemor would grab one with his hookblade and smash it down into a other bug. He would rush forward and slash right through one of them. Furov would hit one and jump forward slamming a rhino into the ground. Survie would smash his mace into one as Zanto jump from Survie shoulder forward and slam his spear down into the rhino. The giant beast died. Lothrilla would look at the air and then down as a giant rhino rush towards her. Tojo jump down in front of it and hold up his shield:
" no no." Said Tojo to the rhino as the horn and shield collide and Tojo would not move a inch. The rhino would try to hit his shield again and again but Tojo would not move a inch. Tojo smash his shield into its horn. The horn would break and the force it own way into the skull of the rhino. The monster kept coming and the friend laughed. Furov would dash forward and smash its hand into the Rhino head. The rhino spine and bones in the head would break. Ariena would jump forward from Furov and shot fire towards the rhino. The rhino would scream in pain and then vanish. Lothar charge forward and swung his blade hardly at the bug. The bug would die. Lothar would look around him. Batt would smile as she place her hand on the ground and a spike of earth came forward. She shot it towards the bugs. Yuki came running with Salthemor:
"Ready?" Salthemor asked:
"Yes im ready." Yuki said. They both began to swing their swords. Yuki shot the dark winds at the rhinos. Salthemor whirl his blade around and began to slash the rhinos. They looked around and smiled:
"Seems like they retreating." Salthemor said as they saw the beasts stop coming and ran away. They lower their guard:
"We become so strong!" Furov said cheering. Ariena jump into his arms and swung around:
"Yeah. They have no chance!" Ariena shouted:
"You doing good love." Salthemor said. Yuki blushed:
"You too love." Yuki said. Lothrilla eyes widen:
"oh..." Lothrilla said:
"No don't be sad!" Tojo said:
"You guys fight like true warrior." Zanto said:
"Yes we quite strong." Survie said:
"Yeah and you weak." Zanto said. Survie sigh:
"Come on Zanto." Survie said with his sigh:
"Wow my alchemy is quite strong." Batt said with a smile:
"Yes quite formidabel alche..." Lothar said right before he would fall to the ground. Salthemor eyes widen. As a spike of blood would have come from inside Lothar through his heart. Lothar fell to the ground then vanish. Salthemor eyes turn into pure anger as he saw him. The man. Blood drinker stood from a distance with his already evil grin:
"Hello. Salthemor." Blood drinker said. Salthemor eyes widen he grab his hook blades and dash towards him:
"YOU!" Yuki eyes widen as she saw her love charge forward alone towards a captain of the red sun. Blood drinker place his hand over his mouth. Blood came out of his mouth forming a blood red sword. Salthemor and blood drinker blade collide a giant thunderclap could be heard. Yuki eyes widen:
"such.....power." Yuki said. Salthemor kept swinging his blade again and again. Blood drinker relaxed would just keep parrying the blade. Lothrilla would look at Salthemor:
"Stop. I don't want you to die!" Lothrilla ran towards the two men fighting. Salthemor would keep fighting the captain. Lothrilla would grab Salthemor arm and pull him back right before Blood drinker would try to impale him. Salthemor eyes widen at the speed of the captain. Lothrilla pull Salthemor back:
"Please....Don't....die...we just...lost one more." Lothrilla said looking at Salthemor sad. Salthemor look at Lothrilla. Blood drinker would stand a bit away from them:
"I see. You still to weak to avenge you friends." Blood drinker said. Salthemor shotued out mad:
"IM GONNA KILL YOU! I WILL FIND YOU. I WILL AND WHEN I DO. YOUR DEAD. BLOOD DRINKER!" Salthemor shouted in pure anger. Blood drinker would laugh as he walked away. Salthemor fell to his knees in anger:
"Why!....One more....One more!" Salthemor said. The other would look at where the blood from Lothar was. Lothrilla would sit down next to him. She wrap her arm around him. Salthemor would rest up her:
"Lothar......We lost Lothar." Salthemor said. Lothrilla smiles and pet his hair. Yuki stood from a distance and saw them. She chose to walk up to them. Salthemor got up and looked at Yuki leaving Lothrilla on the ground. Yuki hug Salthemor and Salthemor would hug back. Lothrilla eyes widen. Tojo walked up to Lothrilla and help her up:
"...You tried..." Tojo said. Lothrilla nodded. She sob one time before wiping away the one tear and walked with them. They head back to the tavern. Salthemor locked himself in his room. He sat down in bed and grab his hat looking at it:
"Why James....Why." Salthemor said. He looked at his hat:
"James Coxyn." Salthemor said. Someone knocked on the door. Salthemor looked up:
"Salthemor." Yuki said as she try to open the door:
"Salthemor come on open up." She said. Salthemor got up and open the door. Yuki looked at him. Salthemor would be silent. He walked back to bed and lied down into it. Yuki looked at him:
"Im sorry about that with James. Salthemor." Yuki said and walked over to him. Salthemor would stay silent. He turn around so his face faced the roof. He placed down the hat on his head so it would hide his face:
"Salthemor please answer me at least." Yuki said sad. Salthemor sigh:
"Everything went so well. We all just survived such a big fight and then." Salthemor would turn silent rolling his fingers into a fist as Yuki clearly could see he was mad:
"Then blood drinker. That man. Im gonna kill him." Salthemor said. Yuki sat down at his side petting Salthemor hair:
"Easy now Salthemor. We gonna find him. But don't rush into battle like yesterday. He was clearly out of you league." Yuki said. Salthemor sigh:
"I should thank Lothrilla for saving me. If she haven't got the courage to dash into the battle to stop me i would have been dead." Salthemor said as he sat up in bed grabbing his hat and place it on his head. Yuki looked at him:
"That is true. But shes not here. Shes walking around town with Tojo Furov and Ariena." Yuki said. Salthemor sigh and lied back in bed:
"Well. Im gonna relax a bit." Salthemor said. Yuki nodded and sat down next to him petting his hair:
"Im gonna be here for you." Yuki said. Salthemor smiled:
"I know....I know."

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