Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


10. The first boss

The eight friend would be nervous. Salthemor turned around:
"Listen my friends. This is the biggest challenge we ever gonna face. We die now we done for. This a Death Quest we need to do flawless. For those we care for." Alexn and Mirrei look at each other:
"For those we have fun with." Furov and Survie look at each other:
"And if that is not enough then do it for me." Lothrilla Greyben and Lothar look at each other:
"I might be a coward in the real world. Man i even wanna turn around right now... But I! Can't. You can choose to follow me. But there one way home and that is past this tree. So listen to me my friends. Are we gonna show the other fifty groups its possible to beat this game!" All other seven shouted:
"Yes!" Salthemor continued:
"Are we gonna show those who failed the boss that its beatable?" Again all shouted:
"Yes!" Salthemor continue:
"Then let me ask you one simple question. Are you ready to give me everything you have for the fate of this world!" The other seven smiled and shouted:
"Yes!" Salthemor turned around and then said:
"Then lets go!" They were about to walk in when someone scream out something:
"Wait!" Yuki and her team came running. Salthemor look at her:
"What now Yuki?" Yuki walked up to Salthemor:
Take this." She handed him all her health potions:
"With this you can survive in there we going to wait in the main city until you return. Please come back in one piece." Salthemor smilled:
"Listen i had a promise to you didn't i?" She nodded. Her teammates gave some of their potion to the others. After that they ran away again. Yuki took a second to look at Salthemor before continue to run. Salthemor nodded:
"Okay are we ready now?" The other silently nodded. They all walked into the portal and all went white. They spawned in a green field. A barrier keeping them inside:
"All have teleport stones ready. If you about to die teleport to town and get the regenerate buff!" All of them nodded. All of them grab there weapons. A light shine in the middle a button. Salthemor read out loud:
"Ready check" Salthemor look around:
"Are we ready!" The others smile and scream out:
"Yes!" Salthemor slammed his fist on the button as it vanish all was silent. They were prepared for the worst. In the middle of everything spawned a Minotaur. it was giant. Size of a house. It had a giant battleaxe. It breath out of its nose and fire came out. Salthemor eyes widen as he act in a second:
"Survie Lothar you our tanks. Lothar take the hits with you sword and shield. Survie Knock his weapon away if Lothar can't hold a hit more. Greyben prepare a powerful spell. Lothrilla shot him as much as you can but keep distance. Mirrei keep the good healing up. Furov and Alexn when you see a opening in the boss charge in and attack. The same do i. now lets win!" The eight of them charge to all sides readying their position. The minotaur swung its axe at Lothar. Lothar hold up his shield and protect himself from the axe:
"Its strong but not as strong as the Everdale sea giant!" He hold back the axe. Alexn took the chance and dash over to it. He slash its legs. Its health bar drop. Salthemor could now see the boss had five health bars. Salthemor eyes widen as Alexn slash only took two procent of the first bar. The minotaur scream in anger and slam his axe down again. Lothar ready blocked the attack. Survie slide under him and use his mace to slam the axe away. Furov took the chance and ran forward:
"Here we go!" Furov scream out happy as he hit the minotaur right on the chest." The minotaur took three procent of damage. The minotaur look at Furov and was about to breath out fire of its nose. Lothar jump to the side:
"Holy palm" His shield glow as he block the fire without sweet. The three damagers charge forward and slash the boss feet. The minotaur scream in pain. First i took three procent. Then eight procent and when Salthemor slashed it he took twenty procent:
"I see... Guys we need to hit at the same time. As it have some sort of shield. If one person hit the damage gonna be lower but if we hit him one by one fast. He take more damage!" All of them nodded. Salthemor had heard what all of the skills they had did. So he could plan out of of it. He got a idea:
"Listen up guys! Greyben use Force push To push the minotaur so it lose its balance. Then we all other attack it at same time. Is that understood!" All of them nodded and scream out:
Yes!" Greyben charge his force push:
"Okay i am ready!" Salthemor scream out:
"Now!" Greyben unleash the force:
"Force push!" The minotaur as planed lost his balance. All of them charge at him even Greyben threw a fireball spell. The minotaur lost three health bars and was down on one and a half. The minotaur released the grib of the axe and turn red. Its muscles grew. Lothrilla look at his:
"Focus skill." She said out softly. She look at the giant and her eye widen:
"Its sped and strenge grew its to dangerous to stand close all of you retreat now!" The five in front got slammed with the fist. They flied back. All of them lost eighty procent health. Lothar got up and put his shield:
"Stand back beast!" Salthemor begin to laugh:
"That hurt like shit... Mirrei do you have mass heal?" Mirrei nodded and cast the spell. They all recover fifty procent again. The minotaur charge at them angry. Lothar hold up his shield:
"Holy palm!" The minotaur could not move Lothar out of place. He could hold the monster back. Salthemor got up and began to talk:
"One more seven man attack should take it down. We just need to get close enough." Lothrilla interrupted him:
"Don't. The beast become faster the more people there close to him. We need to find another way." Alexn got up and laughed:
"Then lets be faster then it dude!" Salthemor nodded:
"Yes lets go Alexn." The two of them grab their weapon and began to charge at the monster. They use all there speed and ran really really fast. Salthemor and Alexn slash it before it could act it took down its health bar so it had one bar left. Lothar kept holding the beast at bay:
"Guys my holy palm nearly is over." Salthemor look around:
"Mirrei one more mass heal so we can survive next attack and then guys! Prepare yourself. We all gonna use a skill at the same time all of us with damage skills. Then we gonna slash it at once hopefully killing it!" The minotaur growl and unleash one more wave of fire from its nose:
"Lets go." Alexn, Salthemor, Furov and Survie charge at the monster and unleash the skill at the same time:
"Dark flash!" Salthemor went right through it with amazing speed.
"Force break!" Furov smash its leg hard:
"Survival smash!" HE slam his mace right into the side of the minotaur:
"Moon slash!" A slashed the minotaur and the light shot out to every side. The minotaurs health bar drop seventy five procent. Lothrilla shouted:
"It was not enough!" The minotaur slam the others as they flied back and lost eighty five procent:
"Ahh damn it. We so close!" Shouted Furov out:
"Giving up?" Ask Survie with a smile. Furov smillede back:
"No just saying we were close!" Salthemor look at Mirrei:
"Mass heal!" Mirrei scared say:
"Its charging i can't use it!" The minotaur move fast over to Alexn with fifteen procent health back:
"No dude NO!" Alexn eyes widen as he saw the fist come at him. Mirrei scream out in fear:
"Time warp!" All of her friends move fifteen seconds back in time to where they had full health. Alexn smillede at Mirrei:
"Time spell that's just Grovey dudette!" Salthemor smiled at Mirrei and then look at the Minotaur and charge at it:
"One last attack!" All of them but Mirrei attack it. The Minotaur health hit zero as it scream out and vanished. They all level up and got some items. Salthemor sat down tired:
"That was close." Salthemor began to laugh. Slowly one by one began they all to laugh:
"We did it!" Scream out Lothar:
"We really did it dude!" Said Alexn who charge over and pick up Mirrei happy:
"Yes we did dude." She answer Alexn. They all laughed:
"I never seen you so strong before?" Said Furov to Survie:
"Well i can't let you shine more then me." He answer happy. Greyben place a hand on Lothar shoulder:
"You did good with protecting us." Lothar smilled:
"Thanks Greyben that Force push Was prefect timed." Lothar shed is sword. Lothrilla walk up to Salthemor and hold out her hand:
"Come up chief." Salthemor accept the hand and got up:
"Don't forget chief. His fast thinking brought us to victory!" Lothrilla scream out. All other six look at them and began to cheer:
"You did great chief!" Scream Greyben out:
"You so fast!" Scream Furov out:
"A true leader. Our leader!" Scream Lothar out. Salthemor hold up his hand so they would stop:
"We did this because we Cross Bane. We are one. All of us didn't meet each other by luck. We meet each other by destiny. We aren't cross bane. Cross bane are us. So i could not be more happy to be with such lovely pals. Now lets go home. We got so much gold from the boss. So lets get something to drink and have a good time!" All of them cheered and returned to the inn.

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