Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


17. The Duel

Salthemor was sleeping in Lothrillas bed. Lothrilla and the others was already up:
"I kinda feel bad for make him stay up three hours this night to watch over me. But i can't believe he did it." Said Lothrilla smiling at their sleepy leader:
"True." Greyben answered. Suddenly the bell in town rang. The other seven of Cross bane walked down there. It was a player in black coat and katana at side:
"You!" He scream out pointed at the Cross Bane members:
"You guys nearly killed us!" Alexn step forward:
"Wow dude listen what do you talk about?" The man continue:
"Where is you leader?" Lothar step forward:
"His sleeping." The man at the bell kept talking:
"We were in the dark woods no one told us about the ilusinates and how to break the illusion!" Furov step forward:
"Yeah we would do that today. We had some hard days to man." The man jump down:
"This should be our heroes. Seven freaks and a lazy leader!" Lothrilla eyes widen in anger. But Greyben stop her:
"What do you mean sir?" Said Greyben:
"You leader was gonna save us wasn't he?" Greyben shake his head:
"No he was gonna try to save us all. His only one man he could not promise to take you to the end. You need to do some yourself." Said Greyben. The man in black coat got mad:
"Then i wanna duel him so he can regain his honor." Survie place a hand on his head:
"Yeah but our leaders sleeping." The man walked up to them:
"Im Okotori leader of the Dark hand clan." Lothrilla eyes widen:
"I want a fair duel against you leader. Tell him to meet me here later at Six pm!" Furov step forward:
"Or else?" Okotori laughed:
"Or else im gonna find him in the wildness and get my battle." Furov eye widen:
"Player kill? You gonna kill him if he dosen't accept!" Said Lothar. Okotori nodded:
"Here six pm be here." The dark hands left. Yukitara walked up to them:
"Is Salthemor okay do you think he accept." Furov shake his head:
"No his gonna try to solve it peacefully!" Said Furov. They all walked back. They were talking on they way back:
"I think i should talk with him." Said Lothrilla. Greyben nodded:
"Yes you should." When they come home would Lothrilla head upstairs. She would poke Salthemor:
"Salthemor wake up!" Salthemor open his eyes softly:
"Yes?" Lothrilla would start to explain the thing:
"This man name Okotori has challenge you to a duel at the player bell six pm. His from the dark hand." Salthemor eye open up as he look at her:
"Are you sure?" Ask Salthemor as she nodded:
"You gonna accept and meet up." Salthemor nodded im nodded:
"Im gonna meet up but im not gonna battle him." Salthemor got his weapon:
"But just fore sure will i bring my hooks." The time would pass and hit ten minutes in six pm. Okotori was waiting at the bell player gather around:
"Do you think his gonna show up boss?" Ask a player Okotori:
"No his to much of a coward." Okotori answer as he smilled evil. They could suddenly hear a voice:
"There they are." Salthemor walked in front looking down. The other around him did the same all looking down. The sun would hit perfectly so they could not see there eyes. All were serious in there face but Alexn who smiled. Salthemor stepped up:
"Im here now what?" Okotori grab his katana:
"We gonna duel and im gonna show you all that Dark hand much stronger then this Cross bane." Salthemor look up. His eyes pure cold:
"You wanna fight? What if i said we made it more interesting?" Okotori lower his sword:
"Im listening?" Salthemor smiled and continue:
"What if its to death. Are you willing to kill yourself to fight me?" Okotori look around a bit nervous but then nodded:
"Salthemor then open the menu selected Okotori and invited to a dark duel. A Duel to the death:
"Okotori press accept and prepared himself. Salthemor look at his friends:
"How long?" Lothrilla answer:
"Thirty seconds." After that answer Lothar:
"Forty five." Greyben ended:
"Just pick something chief." They all step back a Circle of players was around the two fighters. The countdown began 3...2...1...fight! Okotori charge at Salthemor at the moment he got close Salthemor vanish he was standing at the other side of the circle where Okotori started:
"I want to offer you mercy...Okotori....Just...lie down you weapon and give up." Okotori got mad and charge at him:
"Like i lose to a loser like you!" Salthemor vanish again standing back at start:
"Listen i don't want to hurt you or anyone." Said Salthemor relaxed Okotori grab his katana and charge again:
"Stand still and just die!" Salthemor grab his hook blade and parry the katana with ease. All the players around them look at it intense. Yuki run over to the cross bane witch all were silent:
"Whats going on guys why aren't Salthemor fighting." Alexn smiled:
"He is Dudette just wait:" Lothrilla thereafter said:
"He just don't like to." Salthemor push Okotori back with one move:
"you thirty seconds are up Okotori." Lothrilla jump up:
"I was right haha." Okotori charge at Salthemor again. Salthemor slam the boys katana with his hook blade. The katana broke into pieces. Salthemor look up. He use the other hook blade to make Okotori fall. He place the blade at Okotori throat. Okotori was shivering in fear:
"Don't ever sacrifice you life in a battle like this." Okotori would tear up as he began to cry a bit:
"Don't kill me please." Okotori shouted. Salthemor push the blade to his throat:
"Say the three words and i don't." Okotori scream out:
"I give up!" the battle ended Salthemor place his blade in his belt and turn around to his team. Okotori got up and walked to his team witch fast left the area. Everyone went into the inn and into there rooms Salthemor sat alone in the inn drinking his morning tea:
"You really are amazing." Said Yuki as she walk in:
"Im not amazing im just a player." Salthemor said. He gave her a patient smile:
"Why you here and not out hunting with you group?" Yuki smiled:
"Leader doing tactics on the boss we gonna advance tomorrow!" Salthemor smiled:
"That's nice Yuki." Salthemor lean back:
"I never really wanted to kill him. I just wanted to see how much he would risk to get his point out. Sure i should update the stone a bit faster." Salthemor laughed. Yuki smiled to him sitting next to him:
"What if i don't return tomorrow Salthemor?" Salthemor smiled and look at her:
"You will i believe in the promise you made to me and in you." Yuki blush. She hug Salthemor. Salthemor hug back softly. She got up and was about to leave but turn around:
"Just wish us luck okay?" Salthemor nodded. She lean forward giving him a kiss on the forehead before running out. Salthemor smiled:
"Haha...she really is a fun one." Salthemor sipped from his tea. Waiting for the others. 

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