Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


3. The decision

Salthemor sat on a bench in the middle of Everdale valley. He was looking at the fountain. He began to remember something.


Salthemor sat in the chair in the hospital he had brought his sister some food and flowers:
"Bro tell me about you adventures again." Salthemor smiles:
"Yeah me and the cross bane play many games. I'm called "Dark flash Salthemor" Because of my amazing speed in games. We always go on these adventures and try to complet theses dangerous quests called "Death quest." His little sister laughed:
"You really something bro. You really awesome." Salthemor smiled:
"No you awesome sis." Salthemor pet her hair:
"You been here for month still holding on. You not even stop smiling." Salthemor sister smiled more:
"Its because i want to hear you story always cheer me up." Salthemor grab her blanket and snuggle her into it. His sister eyes widen:
"Brother?" Salthemor was crying:
"Sister i'm gonna accept a invitation to a game so i can't come here for a while but i can maybe win some money and if i do i'm gonna pay for you medicine and then i'm gonna take you with me on my adventures." Salthemor sister began to tear up to:
"Thanks brother."


Salthemor snapped out of it back into Everdale:
"We all have our reason to be here i guess...I can't let them down but i can't risk to die...My sister smile because of me...So if i vanish." Salthemor tighten his handed into a fist:
"Who is gonna tell her storys then? Who is gonna take her into the gaming world on adventure." Someone place a hand on Salthemor shoulder:
"Are you okay?" Salthemor turn around and saw a girl. She was a bit small she had pink hair and giant purple eyes:
"Oh yes... I am just getting used to the hold death thing." The girl sat down next to Salthemor:
"Oh we all are a bit scared but there only one way out you see and that the end of this." Salthemor nods:
"You sister precious to you huh?" Salthemor eyes widen:
"You heard me?" The girl nodded:
"Yes sorry for ear dropping. But just though you needed someone to talk with." Salthemor smillede a bit:
"My names Salthemor." The girl smiled to Salthemor:
"I am Yukitara. What group you from?" Salthemor look into the fountain:
"I'm From Cross bane..." More did Salthemor not say before Yukitara stop him:
"You mean the Death Quest group. You perfect for this why you so scared to die!" Salthemor sighted:
"Because i am a coward in the real world." Yukitara pat his back:
"Well i am from Death claw. We were hardcore raiders." Salthemor laughs:
"I heard about you. You leader is one of the best tactic maker out there." Yukitara nodded softly:
"Yes we proud of him." They smilled to each other suddenly could a voice be heard:
"Yuki!" Yukitara looked up:
"That my friends i better get going." She got up and smilled to Salthemor:
"See you in next town Salthemor." She smilled and ran to her group but she suddenly stopped:
"Salthemor?" Salthemor looked up to Yukitara:
"Yes?" She look at him:
"Promise me you make it out to you sister. She needs. This is not about you staying alive. Its about you get out there and cheer her up." Salthemor eye widen:
"Yes you right." Yuki wave to him and began to run again after few seconds was she out of sight:
"Shes right...Oh sis...I am gonna come out of this Death Quest...Then i'm Gonna cheer you up...forever." Salthemor got up and walk into the village slowly.

He walked in the streets alone. Most of the groups already ran to start there quest. Salthemor walked into the middle where all of them waited all of them looking down:
"Okay guys i made my decision." Salthemor throw his hand in front of him:
"We are Cross bane. The Death quest guild. No more coward. Lets get free!" The other seven smilled and throw up the hands jumping happy as they cheered:
"Yes!" The friends headed out into the woods.

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