Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


15. The date

Salthemor would wake up and walk downstairs. Down in the inn waited Yuki:
"Salthemor. Wanna go with me on a adventure today?" Salthemor look at her:
"What do you mean?" Yukitara would tighten her grib on her katana:
"I want to go into the level one woods. Hope you would company me." Salthemor would smile:
"Sure why not?" Salthemor smilled:
"But i have to say it to the other first." Said Salthemor as he turn around. Salthemor went upstairs and walk into his room he wake up Greyben:
"Im not around today Greyben. Im going with Yuki." Greyben nodded:
"Just be safe okay. If you not return before sunset then we set out for you." Salthemor nodded and left the building with Yuki. Yuki would smile:
"What about we go to the waterfall?" Salthemor nodded:
"Why not." They went into the wilderness:
"So tell me Salthemor how is the next area?" Salthemor shiver:
"Its a more dark forest with giant spiders and these lizards there can make you sleep into a special illusion. You need a focus skill in level two to detect the lizard. If not just wildly swing you weapon at the ground to break it." Boars spawned around them. The boars charge at em. Salthemor draw his blade and kill a boar in a few seconds. Yuki would slash through a boar:
"Deadly second!" Yuki would shed her katana at the moment she did the boar would vanish. She smiled to Salthemor:
"I see you unlock a skill?" Salthemor said with a smile. Yuki nodded:
"I did some time ago. Its called Deadly second I slash a enemy with my blade and after one second they take four times the damage." Salthemor raise his eyebrow with a smile:
"That some strenge right there." The two of them kept walking. Boar spawn but did not stand a chance to the two players. Salthemor laughed as he swung his balde at a eagle:
"Useless pest!" He said as he killed a eagle. Yuki jump forward:
"Honor in death!" She scream as she impaled a boar with her katana. Salthemor look at her. She move so fast. But not as fast as he ever did. Salthemor come from a campigen based M m o. He was know from all lands as the dark flash. Salthemor Smiled to her:
"We nearly there. What do you need there?" Yuki smiled and turn to him:
"I actually brought and drinks...We could sit on top of it...and talk?" Salthemor look at her:
"I see so you wanted a..." Before he could finish his sentence he would be stopped by her shy voice:
"Date with you Salthemor." Salthemor smiled:
"Then i grant you the honor." He laugh as he wink to her walking. She laugh and they continue. Back in town would the cross bane talk:
"Yes...he talked about you yesterday." Said Greyben to Lothrilla:
"He was with Yuki talking about his past and they got into you and Salthemor story." Said Greyben. Lothrilla smiled and sat down:
"So he still remember." Said Lothrilla:
"Where is he right now?" She asked after:
"His with Yuki there on a adventure today." Lothrilla look up then look down:
"oh i see." Greyben sat down:
"I told you so many times you just needed to talk with him more." Said Greyben:
"I know but its just not me." Answer Lothrilla:
"Where are they at." Ask Lothrilla:
"Somewhere in the forest." Answer Greyben. Lothrilla sighed:
"It just hurt he never really realise that i like him a bit and now with Alexn and Mirrei love it hurts me more." A tiny girl voice could be heard from behind Lothrilla:
"Sorry..." Mirrei was tearing up Lothrilla turn around her eyes widen:
"No Mirrei not like that!" Mirrei run away. She ran upstairs the moment Alexn came down:
"Dudette?" Alexn walk up to Greyben and Lothrilla:
"Whats wrong with dudette?" Lothrilla sighed as Greyben place a hand on his face:
"Lothrilla kinda said something there was bad." Alexn sighed:
"I better go cheer her up. Dudette is not cute when she cry...or yes she is but i can't let her cry." Alexn charge upstairs:
"You should really watch what you say. Jealousy is not a good thing Lothrilla." Said Greyben:
"I know sorry. Just...i gonna lose Salthemor to her." Answer Lothrilla and sighed once again. Salthemor and Yuki finally got to the waterfall. They smile to each other. Greyben and Lothrilla talked:
"Where would you take a girl you like around here." Ask Lothrilla:
"Maybe the hills forest but i would take them fore sure to waterfall if it was not  that dangerous..." Both of them turned silent:
"Did you remember to tell Salthemor about the mini boss?" Ask Lothrilla:
"I though Lothar did." Answer Greyben. They charge upstairs and found Lothar:
"Lothar!" Lothar look at them:
"Yes? what is it Greyben?" Said Lothar:
"Did you remember to tell Salthemor about the Everdale sea giant?" Lothar think for a second:
"No that was Greyben job." Greyben and Lothrilla turn silent then Greyben scream out:
"Salthemor taking Yuki to the waterfall with the mini boss!" The three of them charge into the forest. Salthemor sat on the top of the waterfall he grab her hand and helped her up:
"here you go." Yuki smilled they sat and talked a bit with a meatball on a stick both. Slowly the waterfall would begin to shake. As the giant sea snake would appear from the waters." It would flash in front of there eyes Salthemor read out slowly:
"Secret mini boss. Everdale sea snake?" Salthemor grab his hook swords and Yuki her katana:
"A mini boss?!" Yuki charge forward:
"Deadly second!" She slash through the snake but it would only take four procent damage. Salthemor would grab its mouth with the hooks and force it down with head first into the ground dealing six procent damage:
"Only ninety procent to go." Said Salthemor with a smile:
"Yes do you think we can do it?" She said a bit nervous. Salthemor look at her and smiled:
"We promise not to die so if you die i will not forgive you!" He laughs after charging at the snake. The snake look up Salthemor grab the Snake in the neck and force its head into the rocks. Yuki came right behind him:
"I got this." She slam the katana down into the snake and draw her blade over the snake slowly down it. Its health dropped fast for every step she took the beast lost two procent." The snake scream out and nearly vanish. It push Yuki off Salthemor ran fast and catch her. The snake vanish into the water. They could see he regenerate health. Salthemor jump into the water at the same time Yuki scream:
"Salthemor no!" The three others came running:
Where Salthemor?" Ask Lothrilla. Yuki point into the water:
"There!" Salthemor grab the snake in the mouth with the hook:
"Dark flash!" He run fast up the water and up into the air pulling the snake up removing its head from it body. The snake vanish. Salthemor landed on the ground. A dark deep voice could be heard all over the forests and city:
"A player have killed the rare secret mini boss. There Discount on all shops with twenty procent the rest of the week." Salthemor laughed. So that what we get" He realise the others were here:
"You guys came but its not sunset?" Lothrilla sighed out:
"We just knew the snake was here and we got beaten by it. But you two killed it?" Said Greyben. Salthemor nodded:
"Yes easy peacey!" Yuki smiled to Salthemor:
"Well i am gonna go back." Lothar turn around:
"Me too come Lothrilla." Said Greyben. Lothrilla hesitated but then turned around and left. Salthemor smilled at Yuki:
"Sorry should we try another day?" Yuki nodded and they both headed back.

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