Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


29. The dark flash within.

After the tournament would something bad happen. Some players would go rouge. Would work against the town to come out first and kill everyone in their way. It stop the Cross bane group to advance. Because of the fear of losing one of their friends. The rouge would have made camp in the wilderness and actually survive against the monsters. Salthemor would use a lot of time to think about what they should do to pass the rouges:
"One after one new problems rise..." Said Salthemor to himself sitting with his tea at the inn. The others would be in town. Salthemor would use all day writing on paper. Trying to figure out the perfect approach to the battle. People would come and go but let Salthemor be as he would be more and more frustrated:
"I can't find it..." Salthemor said as he would lie down in his bed giving out a small sigh:
"There to many rouges. We were four hundrad players at start. Some have died and nearly one hundred went rouge and one hundrad and fifty would go passiv. We around one hundrad and thirty adventures left. But i could not ask other to join me on a assault on other players..." Salthemor would sigh as he would take his hat off and look at it. Salthemor smile:
"There is a way i can do this...I don't have to kill the rouges...Maybe just scare them enough. So they would surrender or flee." Salthemor would get up and grab his two hook swords:
"But that means...i need him...The dark flash within me...To scare them." Salthemor tighten his grib on the hook sword and walked downstairs. All of them would be there even Yuki. Salthemor would tilt his hat so his eyes would be hidden behind it:
"Guys...i found out plan. You might not like it." The others would raise their eyebrow:
"We the cross bane is gonna fight the rouges. Only us." Their eyes would widen:
"And i don't want you to attack at start...i want to try my...Technic first." Lothrilla eyes would widen:
"You cannot be serious you gonna...Try the dark flash within you?" Said Lothrilla. Salthemor gave a small nod:
"If that dosen't work then...We assault. But i don't want to kill if i can scare." Said Salthemor as he took a hard grib of his hook blade. Yuki would place a hand on Salthemor shoulder:
"Whats this the dark flash within you all talking about?" All of them goes silent:
"Its a thing Salthemor can. We all seen it once. Its scary and i would not fight such a monster." Said Greyben. Salthemor smiled and got up:
"Then lets go." They would walk into the darker woods and see small tents and many spider corpses. Many knights would walk around their would get a eye on Salthemor and his friends. Their would draw their sword one would scream out:
"Get the leader!" One of the knights would run off. Salthemor would stand with his friends and Yuki. Salthemor would slide down the hill to the camp and step forward. The leader of the rouges would come. It was Bastka. The knight would look at Salthemor with no mercy in his eyes:
"Well well well isen't it the leader of the adventures?" Said Bastka at the sight of Salthemor. Salthemor would place a hand on his hand and tilt it down so only one of his eyes were showing. Bastka would grab his sword:
"Don't even come closer!" Salthemor look up. His red eye turn pure purple:
"Closer...Fine!" Salthemor move fast. He would stop right in front of Bastka. Salthemor hooks blades would be place perfect. The left one would hold Bastka arm back where he hold his sword. The other one would point at Bastka throat. Bastka try to move his arm to attack Salthemor. But it would be locked:
"What the?" Said Bastka. Salthemor would smile and push him back:
"Don't try my patience Bastka..." Said Salthemor as she would swing his hook blade around laughing. Yuki eyes widen as she saw the dark side of Salthemor. Bastka would try to run but Salthemor would move fast forward grabbing his shirt and throw him back to the ground. Bastka would shiver in fear as Salthemor would slowly walk towards him:
"You know...making all of this because you lost to a child...its cowardly." Salthemor grab him by the throat and hold him up:
"Im tired of this....stop blocking the forest or!" Bastka began to cry and fall down:
"im sorry...please don't kill me!" Salthemor would throw him into the dirt:
"Then don't pull such trick again okay!" Bastka nodded and ran away screaming. All his men follow him scared. Salthemor would sigh walk up to his friends again:
"It is done." Salthemor eyes turn red again and he place his hat back as it usually sit. Salthemor would smile and leave. The camp would be close down and people walk back into the village. Salthemor would sit in the inn drinking his tea. Yuki would walk up to him:
"I didn't think you could be that scary Salthemor." Salthemor smiled:
"Well. I just want to keep people safe...even if i have to kill one to safe hundrad!" Answer Salthemor with a smile:
"You truly a great person Salthemor." Salthemor sighed:
"Why are you here Yuki?" Said Salthemor:
"It quite late and you usually with you group now." Salthemor said once again:
"Well..." Said Yuki a bit nervous:
"I want to follow you guys into battle tomorrow. I want to help with the boss!" She said confident. Salthemor would get up and smile:
"So you want to help us tomorrow. Set you life on line for everyone around here?" Salthemor asked:
"Yes...Do you doubt me Salthemor." Salthemor would walk up to her. He would smile and place a hand on her head. She would shiver a bit:
"What...?" She asked:
"I could not be more proud of you Yuki...That you would sacrifice you life for the others. So of course join us. But be prepared that we might die." Salthemor said with a smile. Salthemor smile would make Yuki shiver. A man who could smile in the face of death would truly be scary:
"Yes." She said:
"But im not fighting for them...You are...Im fighting for you...To get you out of here Salthemor." Said Yuki:
"You Yuki...Truly are a lovely person." Salthemor said as he sat down again drinking from his tea. Yuki would shiver:
"So is it a yes?" She asked. Salthemor look up took of his hat to the green hair line would shine up:
"Yes it is...Welcome to the team." Salthemor open his menu of friends and invited Yuki to party. Yuki would accept it and now they were one more to face the evil. Salthemor would drink up his tea and smile to her:
"Now come. Lets go rest." Salthemor would bring her with him upstairs and how her the bed. She lied down in it and fell asleep. Salthemor would go to be to. Ready to face the evil there between him and the next city.

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