Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


43. The challenge of life

"Twenty five!" Ariena shouted as she fought some of the giant snakes. Furov and Survie was fighting with her:
"You so fast Ariena!" Scream Furov as he slammed his fist into a boar killing it:
"Yeah why you so strong?" Said Survie as he smashed a land shark to death:
"Well i was a part of a strong group called Legion. We could easy clear this our self but then..." She turn silent. Survie look at her:
"I know...I know." Survie said. Furov would launch forward and smash a snake. He would break right through and kill two other:
"Three kill streak fifteen bonus points!" Said Furov. Survie look at him:
"Hey don't say such thing cheater!" Ariena look at the two who was screaming at each other and giggled. They were on the way back:
"So how many did you guys get? I got like thirty." Survie smiled proud:
"Today i got twenty!" He said proud:
"I got fifteen." Said Furov annoyed. Ariena threw her hand up into the air:
"I won then!" Said Ariena. The two boys would talk at the same time:
"Again." The three of them would laugh:
"Why are you so strong Ariena?" Furov asked. They had just arrived inside Lotus:
"Training." Ariena answer. Survie would look at her:
"You never really took the time to talk about you guild." Said Survie. Furov would hit his arm the moment he said it as Ariena face would turn pale at the mention of her old guild:
"Its okay Furov. I better tell it soon or later." They walk into the inn and sat down:
"Well we was a powerful death quest guild like you. We were called Legion. It was me as vice leader. Our leader was a mage called Phantom. He was much like Salthemor kind and creepy at the same time. Every time he made a new avatar he always would have the same mask. It look like the phantom of the operas mask. He always like that kinda stuff. Im now gonna tell you the story about the three days before the...death." 


Ariena would wake up. She would lie in the girls room they were four girls and four boys in the group:
"Morning ARI!" Said a girl as she jump unto the bed. Ari would fall down:
"Ahh Michy not so early!" Said Ariena as she would climb back in bed. The little thirteen year old kid would tilt her head and look at Ariena:
"But im bored Ari!" She begin to jump in Ariena bed. Ariena would get up from bed:
"Lets go down then. Come girls." Said Ariena. Two other girls would climb up bed. All of them would meet downstairs. Michy would run around the inn happy. Ariena would sit and talk with the man with the mask:
"So soon we go kill the spider?" Said Ariena. Phantom nodded:
"Indeed my friend. We can't let those Cross banes be the heroes every time." Said Phantom with a smile. Ariena look around all prepared their weapon. Michy had her sword. The other had a bow, a katana, a boomrang, a staff and a club. Ariena had her old claws and Phantom his cards. Lately it was strange because Phantom wanted to create a sword and worked on it for some time. We all just saw through it. They all train together:
"Michy Tinum left!" Scream Phantom out. The two of them would kill the beast to the left. They all fought like one. They all was kinda in debt to the cross bane they brought hope to the world. A hope of freedom. They would return that evening. All laughing but Ariena:
"Whats wrong?" Said Phantom walking to her side:
"Just another day in here is a day lost. We need to clear the next boss quick." Phantom eyes widen:
"True. Isen't it. Sometimes i just want to die. To be free again." Said Phantom. Ariena eyes widen:
"Maybe...Its easier for us to die. But we not playing this game on easy mode do we?" Asked Ariena with a smile:
"True again you light up our day Ari." Said Phantom and walk a bit forward and into the inn. Ariena would lie in her bed that night and listen. She could suddenly hear a sob:
"Michy?" Ariena look up. Michy was curl up into a ball:
"Im not crying." Michy said. Ariena got up from bed and they left the room and walk down into the inn:
"What is wrong Michy?" Ariena asked:
"I wanna go home. I miss mommy and daddy." Michy said. Ariena eyes widen:
"Don't worry we gonna be home soon." Ariena said placing a hand on the kids head. The kid would lean up Ari:
"You remind me of my big sis. I miss her to." Said Michy. Ariena eyes widen once more but she just smiled:
"Do i really? I always wanted a little sister." Michy look up with a smile:
"" Ariena smiled and nodded. Michy charge hug her:
"Sis!" Ariena smiled. She was happy for once. They went up and lied back in bed. There would go five minutes before Michy voice once again could be heard:
"Ari?" Ariena look over to her:
"Hmm?" Ariena answer:
"Can..I Sleep with you?" Ariena nodded and Michy charge over and lied by Ariena side. The next few days were the same but a change in Phantom would be seen. His smile was more and more gone. His emotions more and more unstable. Then day came:
"Hey Ari come on?" Shouted Phantom. Ariena would look at to the sound of Phantom:
"im coming don't worry. Thanks for the chatter Salthemor but i better get going we going into the darker woods today." She began to run over to the man in the mask. She look at him while they walked:
"Is it today you gonna test you new sword?" Ariena asked:
"Yes." Phantom answered. They began to walk into the woods slowly. When they arrived in the darker woods Phantom would talk:
"Guys i want to ask a thing." He said:
"Why are we here?" He asked. Ariena look at him:
"Because we captured in a game and want to get out?" Ariena answer. Phantom shake his head:
"No. There no reason for us to be here. Im sorry. But i want to help you guys." Phantom drew his sword. The swords name would be seen as they look at it:
"Last savior." Said Ariena. Phantom dash forward and slash down one of their teammates. The buzz would be heard:
"PHANTOM! What are you doing?" Ariena scream. Phantom blew some powder at them. Five of them would be hit but Michy. Fear effect powder. All five of them drop their weapon and began to walk backwards. Phantom cut down one by one while talking:
"I can't take this anymore. I just want to save us all. From this death quest. I just want to live again. Outside the game." He cut down one more:
"I just want to smile not be scared. I want to fell alive again." Cut down one more:
"I just want to be loved. Want you all to be happy." He cut down one more. His voice now more crazy then normal:
"Please stop Phantom!" Ariena said with fear in her voice:
"Stop my little Ari. NO! I will not stop. I will kill you!" He dash forward but a player would jump in front. Phantom look at the two last standing:
"A sacrifice. Now there only little Michy and Ariena." Michy would grab her sword:
"I won't let you pass Phantom." Michy said. Phantom slowly walk forward:
"Stop this Phantom!" Scream Michy right before she would be cut down. Ari would see Michy smile right before she fell:
"Thanks...Sis." She said and fell to the ground. At that moment Salthemor would arrive.


"So that what happen?" Furov said. Ariena would nod:
"Yes i could not protect Michy. My little sister." Survie would look up with a smile:
"Im sorry to hear. But Michy finally free aren't she?" Ariena smiled a bit:
"Thanks but. I wanted to leave this death quest with her in my hand. Together." Ariena turn sad once again:
"Sometimes im really happy for our little challenge because then i finally fell like i meant to be here." Ariena said:
"Im no Cross bane. Im just a player who was lucky enough to get into the group." A familiar voice would be from the corner of the room:
"Lucky?" Salthemor asked. The three of them would look over in the dark corner would Salthemor sit drinking his tea:
"There no luck in what happen. I save you. I could let you die but i didn't. Because you have a vision like us. Michy would have been sad to hear you now. To hear you sob over that you not a part of us. You are a part of us. Even if you came from a group before this. Shes happy that you found peace in this death quest. Found us." Salthemor said getting up drinking his tea walking towards them:
"Im happy to. That you one of us." Said Furov:
"Yeah who else gonna beat us in our challenges?" Survie said. Arienas eyes widen:
"Guys..." Ariena said. Salthemor move his palm forward:
"Im Salth Hijikunu. Im a seventeen year old boy from Central Japan." Furov smiled:
"Im Cyin Tono. A seventeen year old boy from India." Furov Said:
"Im Hogan Phisl. A eighteen year old Canadian boy." Survie smiled. Ariena eyes begin to tear up. She grab Salthemor hand:
"And im Sebrina Lakenson. Seventeen year old Belgium girl." She smiled. Salthemor left them to talk:
"Okay guys." Furov said:
"This is serious so please don't laugh. But i want to ask for a challenge." Survie and Ariena look at him:
"What now?" Said Survie:
"Just trust me!" Said Furov. The two of them nodded:
"I want to challenge you to a race. A race to the finish line. The first of us who step out of the game wins." Furov said. First Survie and Ariena look chocked. But then smiled:
"Okay you on!" Said they at the same time:
"This challenge is called. The challenge of life!" Furov said. The two of them nodded:
"So lets race to the finish line!" The two of them cheered at Furov. Salthemor would head upstairs with a smile:
"Good job Furov." Said Salthemor and vanish in the stairway.  

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