Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


36. The bone caller

Lothrilla Tojo and Lothar would walk around in the city preparing for their adventure. They did not know what to face this time but they were a bit scared. After the overmind would none of them be to confident:
"Hirikari. Hmm do you think we can unlock it?" Said Lothar as he walked:
"I don't think so soon. As Salthemor would be destory so much after using it for such a short time. We would probably die if we tried to use such power." Answer Lothrilla. Lothrilla would think back to what she saw. She saw the mana in Salthemor just hide but suddenly unleash not into his body but out into the open. It would be all around him like a massiv shield. Lothrilla would snap out of the though and keep walking with her friends:
"I took all night but i upgrade all you armor by five levels. You should have great armor now." Said Tojo tired. Lothrilla and Tojo would stop up as they saw him. Twist would walk slowly up to them the crazy grin on his face:
"Well isen't it Lothrilla and the kid." Said Twist with his cold voice:
"What do you want skull face!" Said Tojo:
"I don't want anything from you...midget...I want just to wish you good luck on you adventures today." Said Twist as he would keep walking. Twist footsteps would be silent but at the same time you would just know if he was near. The friends would shiver and keep walking. All of them would meet right in front of the border to the wilderness. They would look around. In front of them laid a plain area. Their would walk down and come into the plain area in front of them. A name would flash in front of their eyes:
"Lotus valley." Said Tojo as they would see that their would stand on top of a hill and don't would be a valley. They could see the portal to the boss room at the end of the valley. They would begin to walk over the silent area. No monster would be there. Its like someone already cleared it. They would take a break in the middle of the canyon and talk:
"Its strange." Said Greyben:
"its like all the monster vanished." Said Lothar looking around:
"No challenge." Said Furov:
"No victory." Would Survie continue:
"Its dumb. We can't grow stronger!" Said Ariena. They would relax:
"Now now now...What do we have here." Twist said when he came walking with fifteen other players:
"Isen't it the cross bane?" Continue Twist. Lothrilla and Tojo got up the second their heard the voice:
"See now... This is how we do it. You hand over all rare and worth money items...Then you gonna battle each other to the death for us and the last one standing can run back to little Salthemor and tell him what happen." Greyben got up and look at him:
"Who are you?" Said Greyben grabbing his staff. Twist would look at Lothrilla and Tojo:
"That hurt guys...Did you not tell you friends about me?" Said Twist looking at the two:
"Twist.." Said Lothrilla grabbing her bow. Greyben look at Lothrilla:
"Do you know him?" Asked Greyben. Tojo nodded:
"His a player killer...I knew it...We in danger guys!" Said Tojo. The friends would take a hold of the weapons. Twist would laugh:
"Oh so its so clear that im a player killer. Well you are only ten...We are sixteen. You gonna survive." Twist snap his finger as the fifteen people would slowly walk towards the friends. Tojo and Lothar jump forward and grab their shield:
"What are we gonna do?" Asked Ariena:
"Only thing we can do. Defend yourself." One of the enemy would charge forward. Tojo would catch his sword with the shield:
"Fine with me!" Said Tojo as he smash the sword to the side and smash his shield into the man. The man fell back. Lothrilla grab her bow and look at the men:
"Step back or die!" Said Lothrilla grabbing her bow. Before anyone could act would a man in a dark coat stand between all of them. A kama in his hand. But that was not what was most scary. The man had not coated his left arm. Around the arm would bones twist:
"Well hello there." Said the new person:
"Seems like we have some player killers." The man wave his left arm as the bones would move forward and make a wall between them and the player killers:
"Use you teleport stones now!" Said the man in the coat:
"We can't just leave you here!" Said Ariena:
"Go now im gonna be right behind you." Said the coated man. The friends would teleport to town. They would wait for a couple of seconds before the man in the coat would appear. He would begin to walk:
"Hey wait!" Said Furov:
"Who are you!" Said Survie. The man in the coat would turn around and look at them:
"Im Xelsior the bone caller." The man would continue to walk and be out of sight soon. Back in the inn would Salthemor be watch over by Yuki:
"You guys don't need to take care of me...I can stand now." Said Salthemor:
"Just shut up." Said Yuki as she would look at Salthemor:
"If you stand up you just fall...again." Said Yuki with a grin:
"You enjoying this aren't you?" Said Salthemor as he would smile to Yuki:
"A bit. Now sit still while i..." She would grab a pen and move closer to Salthemor:
"Don't draw a moustache on me!" Scream Salthemor. He could not move his arms right now so he would move his head around fast. After a few minutes would Salthemor have a moustache:
"You know...Sometimes i hate you." Said Salthemor all lost of hope. Yuki would laugh:
"You look fine love..." more did she not get to say as Ariena walk into them.
"Salthemor do you have..." She see the moustache and begin to laugh:
"Taking advantage of the chief while he can't move that's cruel Yukitara!" Said Ariena laughing:
"You were saying?" Said Salthemor:
"Do you have time Greyben need to talk to you." Salthemor nodded. Greyben walked in a bit after:
"We were assault today by player killers. But someone save us a necromancer." Said Greyben. Salthemors eyes widen:
"You not joking right?" Said Salthemor:
"No truly a necromancer. He had a kama and bones twisted around his arms." Said Greyben. Yuki looked between them:
"Are you okay love?" Salthemor nodded:
"Yes i am. Just the necromancer can be a problem if he becomes a enemy."  

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