Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


50. The alchemist

Salthemor would hit a nail into a piece of wood. Yuki would paint some wood. There would pass a week since Salthemor left the cross bane for his new mission:
"Can you take care rest of the bounty board. I will begin to write about Kitinaka." Salthemor asked. Yuki smile to him:
"Yeah sure." Salthemor smiled back and began to write on paper about the particle manipulator:
"Say Yuki. Do you think you can get cameras in here?" Salthemor asked. Yuki would poke her chin:
"Maybe. But we need someone who can turn materials into other materials and also be a tinker." Yuki said:
"I see so we need someone there clever and magic full." Salthemor said. They would both think for a bit:
"A alchemist!" Said Yuki suddenly:
"Not many choose that road but it lets you turn some garbage into materials and also tinker with it. So if you want a camera you should seek up a alchemist." Yuki said. Salthemor smiled:
"Well if you say they rare it might be hard but i will try." Salthemor said with a slight smile:
"Why a camera doe Salthemor?" Asked Yuki:
"Well if we find some of the red sun we can take picture so the people know how they look." Salthemor answered. Salthemor would write down the last letters on the paper and then lay down the paper:
"Well i will go out and see if i can find someone." Salthemor said and walked outside. They would have bought a small workshop just at the start of the village to rest in while they in Everdale valley. Salthemor would walk around the town. There would be players all around the place. They would work and some prepare for adventure. Salthemor smiled as he walked up to a taveren and walked in. He would sit down by the bar and look at the bartender a elder man who also was a player:
"Hello sir what do you need?" The man asked:
"I need infomation. Do you know if there any alchemist around this place?" Asked Salthemor. The bartender would hold out his hand. Salthemor look at it and gave out a sigh. He grab some gold from his pocket and place it down in the man palm:
"I hoped you would give it for free but i guess all need to make a living." Salthemor said with a smile. The bartender smiled and gave out a laugh:
"That is true sir. Im Koska. I hear everything and see everything. I know many people so if you need info i will give it for a price. Who may you be?" He asked:
"My name is Salthemor." Answer Salthemor:
"Salthemor you say. Pleasure to meet you. Well about a alchemist we have one in town. Shes not the best but she can do the job. She live on outskirts of town just to the side of our junkyard." Said Koska. Salthemor nodded:
"Thanks Koska." Salthemor said as he left:
"Sir!" Said Koska. Salthemor look at him:
"Shes not the most friendly person so you might watch out." Koska said. Salthemor shrug his shoulder and walk out. He walked back to the workshop:
"Seems like there a alchemist here in town. She live at the junkyard im going there now."  Salthemor said. Yuki look at him:
"Can i come?" Yuki asked:
"Im already done with the bounty board and we can set it up in town tomorrow." Yuki said after. Salthemor smiled and look at her:
"You really fast. Sure come." Salthemor said. Yuki ran to his side and they walked. They got to the alchemist shop. It was a small hut. Salthemor walked up to hit and knocked on the door. There would be no sound inside. Salthemor would try again:
"Hello?" Salthemor said. Someone grab the knot of the door. The person would try to open the door but the door would not open that easy:
"God damnit. Ah Damn door. Why won't you work!" A girl voice could be heard. It was light and soft:
"Oh im done!" The girl voice would say. The door would begin to glow and then turn into wood and stone. The girl would look at Salthemor and Yuki. She would wear an bandanna there was black. She would have blond hair some of it black because of oil. She would have light blue eyes. She would wear a black leather jacket with black shirt and shorts. She would wear a tool belt and bare food. The thing there most stand out was her fingers on the left hand was metal:
"Are you just gonna stare at me or talk?!" She shouted. Salthemor would sigh:
"Hello are you the alchemist?" Salthemor asked. The girl would look at him:
"Yes why do you ask?" She answered:
"Well i need you alchemist powers to make a camera." Salthemor said. The girl would look at him:
"Who are you stranger?" She asked:
"Im Salthemor and this is my friend Yuki. Who are you?." Salthemor answered:
"Im Batt the alchemist." Answered the girl. Salthemor nodded:
"I have gold. Can you make me a camera?" Salthemor asked. Batt would think for a few seconds before nodding:
"Sure. Follow me." She said before going into the hut. Salthemor and Yuki would follow. They would come into a house of a mess. Wood and stone lie everywhere. Metal hanging on the walls. Tools lying everywhere. No light at all. They would walk up to a table:
"Sit down!" She said commanding. Salthemor would nod and sit down by the table. Yuki would sit too. Batt would walk up to what look like a desk and begin to make cups of water:
"Sorry i can't offer anything else. I don't get that many customers." She said before returning to the table and place down the cups of water in front of them. Batt would sit down and look at em:
"So why a camera?" Batt asked:
"Well im making a bounty board on the red sun members here in town. To warn all players about there powers." Salthemor said. Batt would nod:
"I see and you need a camera for pictures of them." Batt said. Salthemor nodded:
"Yes." Salthemor answered. Batt would nod:
"Okay it will be around three thousand gold. As i need a lot of materials and electricity  fragments to make it." Batt answered Batt. Salthemor nodded and open his menu a pouch of three thousand gold would appear on the table. Batt would take it and nod:
"Fine you have a deal." Batt said. She would get up grab the materials she needed and grab small piece of glass from her chest. The glass would glow with lightning. She bite her normal finger and blood would drip down on the earth. She would whisper something and the blood would flow around the floor forming a red rune on the floor. She place down the materials and glass on the rune. She would smile as the rune would glow and suddenly a black hole over the rune would appear and suck in all of the things on the rune. Everything would flow and out of the black hole would a camera land on the ground. The rune and black hole would be gone. She grab it and hold it out to Salthemor:
"Here you go Salthemor." Batt said. Salthemor grabbed it and smiled. He would leave the building with Yuki. Batt would sigh and sit down on a chair:
"A customer. That was my first customer." Batt said to herself. Someone would walk into the room and look around:
"Hello." Said a dark voice. Batt would look to the voice. A man fully in bandage and a coffin on his back would look at her:
"I want to ask what the man order from you?" Said the mummy. Batt look at him:
"Who are you freak!?" She asked. The mummy would smile:
"Im Toya the gravedigger." Said the man. Batt would sigh:
"He just wanted a camera." Batt said. The man would smile and turn around walking out. Batt eyes widen as she saw the red sun mark on his shoulder and backside of the chest:
"Wait you are!" Said Batt. The Toya would stop her from talking by saying:
"A red sun member. Correct." Said Toya as he left the building. Batt would place her metal finger on her forehead:
"Oh no no no. I brought Salthemor in danger." Toya would already be gone. Batt would charge out the building and into the main street. No one would be around:
"Where is he?" Batt would run around and soon give up as it was to late to find him at this time. She would wait for tomorrow. She would head home she would make a new door and place it where the old one was and begin to screw it in place. She would walk around in the dark over to a rotten bed with a oil tainted blanket. She would lie on top of it:
"One more cold night." She said as she closed her eyes in the dark. 

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