Death Quest

Salthemor and his friends enter a game by the game developer Sitradoreh Bastion. Inside the game they were happy to see such a new and beautiful world but everything change when the rules change and they found them self trapped inside the game. They face terror in people hunting them and a lot betrayal but is it also here the players find those they really can trust and find the true love? Welcome to the world of Death Quest


69. The AI with a brain.

Dust would fly all around Survie. Survie would sit up a rock. The blast from the woods would have free him from the impale and he would sit looking around. They were inside a underground cave. Survie would cough a lot as he wave his hand so the dust would fly away. He would look around. Parts of the forest would lie here plants trees rocks and more. Survie would look at his health bar. It would be on twenty five procent. He would stand up and look around. There was no sign of Zanto. Survie would walk around the ruins of what there once was a forest. Survie would have his mace prepared he didn't know if Zanto still was alive:
"....Survivalist." Zanto said weak. Survie look towards the voice. Zanto would be smash between two boulders so he could not move. Zanto would bleed from his body and face:
"......What trickery is this. What have you done to my forest." Zanto said looking up at Survie:
"I don't know what happen. I can't break earth like that. I think i know who did it." Survie though back to the red sun member with the broken sword who could shatter the earth with ease. His name was even Earthshatter:
"It was a red sun member named Earthshatter." Survie said. Zanto would try to free himself but only end in more pain:
"Damn it....Seems like...i fight....I can't move....You can kill me now...." Zanto said. Survie look at him sitting down in front of him. Zanto eyes would widen and he would look angry:
"You enjoying see me suffer!" Zanto screamed out:
"No. I have some question i need answered and since i won the duel you will answer me." Survie said. Zanto would be more angry:
"You...You!....I hate you.....fine....i answer." Zanto said. Survie nodded:
"What so precious in this forest...If you defend it?" Survie asked. Zanto would look more and more angry:
"A stone...There a the middle...It glows as the night sky...and shines like the days glance...Its perfect...It precious to me...I was put here to defend it...Its my duty...but now...I can't complet my Duty..." Zanto answered. Survie nodded:
"Why is the stone precious?" Survie asked. Zanto would slowly clam down:
"The stone is the the pyramide at the end of the dessart. You need it to go in there. I need to protect it. I need to!" Zanto said. Survie stood up and look at him:
"Are you red sun or a player?" Survie asked. Zanto tilted his head:
"I am neither. Im Zanto the guardian of the forest! You keep talking about red suns and players...but i know neither. Im just a hunter." Zanto answer. Survie's eyes widen:
"What...are you?" Survie asked:
"Im a tirbalius. A race of tribal men living in this forest. My race died and now i defend the forest and our relic." Zanto answered. Survie would look at Zanto and finally realise something. Zanto would not have a player or red sun health bar but a monster health bar:
"You...are a machine." Survie said. Zanto look at Survie with anger:
"What do you call me scum!" Zanto shouted back. Survie walked up and poke Zanto with his mace. Zanto health bar would drop as a minions bar would. It would show many health bars like a boss:
"You...The boss of this level." Survie said. Zanto look at him back. Zanto eyes relax a bit:
"You no lies....What....are you talking about?" Zanto asked as his eyes would begin to shiver:
"My name is Survie. Im a player in this game. You not real...You a program made by a man. To defend this forest. If we kill you...We can continue our quest. You nothing but a machine." Survie says. Zanto eyes widen:
"You memories....My past...My quest...Its all...just a game..." Zanto asked. Survie nodded:
"You...not real Zanto..." Survie said. Zanto would begin to rage more as his arm would break free from the stone and  he  would charge forward towards Survie:
"Lier!" Zanto said as he charge forward. Survie grab his mace:
"Look behind you." Survie said. Zanto look behind himself. Zanto arm would been ripped off. Small one's and zero's would drop to the ground from his uncut arm:
"My...arm..." Zanto said. Zanto would drop his spear looking at the numbers falling from inside the arm:
"Im...not...Real?" Zanto said as he fell to his knees:
"Im...not...real...." Zanto would get a flashback. Zanto would look out into a room. A man would stand right above him:
"So this AI robot you made...Is gonna go into the game?" Someone ask the man:
"Yes truly. I made him...I call him Zanto. His a machine but...have the brain of a man...His truly a cleaver one. His gonna defend the seventh area and even be the boss. But with his human emotion will it be hard for players to actually hurt him." The man above Zanto would say. Zanto would be back in the cave:
"Im a robot...I was place in the game..." Zanto say. Survie walked towards him:
"You clearly not fully AI....You can't think and talk like a man." Survie would say. Zanto would get up and take a good hold of his spear:
"Stand back...Survivalist." Zanto say low. Survie would stop. Zanto would look at him:
"Don't come closer....I don't need pity." Zanto said as his arm would slowly regenerate on him and the uncut arm would vanish. Zanto would sit down and look up into the sky. There was no escape from the cave and there was a least twenty meters up:
"Seems like we can't escape. So lets wait...Till one of you friends come around and help us." Zanto said. Survie nodded and sat down looking at Zanto. A tear would fall from the tribal mans eye:
"I can remember" Zanto said:
"All these people....are not real.....they are just.....illusions put into i though i was man." Zanto says. Survie sigh:
"You are a man. You act like a man...Have tears...Have though's...and if they in your brain...then there can become AI....we can make a people for you." Survie said. Zanto looked up:
"Why would you act so nice...To the one there tried to kill you...Survivalist?" Zanto asked. Survie look at him:
"Because...You have memories. Though's. Love. You are a human. But now...You fighting spirit is gone." Survie said. Zanto nod:
"Why fight...When all you know is unreal?" Zanto asked. Survie got up:
"Unreal things....can break a man yes." Survie said as he walked up to Zanto and place his hand on the tribal mans shoulder:
"But...hope is hope...Maybe you tribe is out there...on the next level?" Survie said. Zanto shake his head:
"I will never know. You need me death to get to the next area." Zanto said. Survie would tighten his fist:
"No...there must be a other way." Survie said. Zanto shake his head:
"Now lets just wait." Zanto said before he push Survie hand of his shoulder got up and left to sit for himself. 

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